Review: Lancome Rouge in Love!

FotD, with Rouge In Love on my lips! oh, the shade goes perfectly with my reddish pink highlights! i really like how it instantly makes my lips look so juicy and hydrated, and it’s good for wear of up to 6 hours! now i really want to try the other shades! (check out Evonnz’s blog post here with swatches of all the shades, they look extremely yummy!) with 27 shades in total, i’m absolutely certain you’d find a shade that you’re going to fall in love with, too.

Lancôme’s Rouge In Love is available in Singapore at all counters island-wide, and is priced at S$40.

i also have gotten my hands on the Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle compact that’s been highly-raved so far!! it’s mad awesome. (don’t you just love this photo i edited on the iPad. photo taken and edited by yours truly)


on a side note, I HAVE BEEN SOOOO BUSY THIS WEEK! it’s been work work and more work, til i didn’t have time to blog ;__; so i’m gonna make up for it with more regular posts the next couple weeks! (i hope.) i have yet to blog about my last trip to Salon Vim still, so i promise that entry is coming up soon! as well as some more beauty shares and also a give-away!

and speaking of hair, my fringe is at a totally annoying stage at the moment, i can’t help but to keep on whining to EVERYBODY. i really want to grow it out, but right now, i can’t do a centre parting without looking cuckoo, but yet it’s too thick and long to do a full side-swept parting like i’ve been doing the past few months 🙁 the best i can do is a semi-centre part which doesn’t work all the time. grrrrr. so tempted to pop by the salon to ask Stephanie to just snip off the fringe for me, but i’m resisting that urge for now, until i really can’t take it anymore! ;__; SHOULD I GO BACK TO BANGS.

here’s another picture of my funky neither-here-nor-there kind-of-but-not-quite centre parting. *tears hair out* howwwwwwww. to carry on growing out the fringe, or not? #firstworldpains

ah well. hair troubles aside, i promise i’ll be back REAL soon with another blog entry this weekend! come back soon!! ^_^

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