Goodbye Singapore, Hello Italy!

greetings from Italy!

as i type, it is currently only 7pm in Turin, Italy, but it’s almost 1am in Singapore and my eyes are starting to feel heavy already! yes, here i am in my comfortable little hotel room at Hotel Astoria in Turin, and it has taken us the better part of the last 24 hours to transit all the way from Singapore, to Italy!

flights are so tiring and always make me feel so parched and dehydrated, i really wonder how all the flight attendants do it day in, day out! we had an 18 hour flight, and i think i barely slept 3 to 4 hours in total, plane seats definitely don’t make for a good night’s sleep! thankfully, we have all arrived safely with no mishaps, and the hotel is lovelier than i expected, the best part of course is the Wi-Fi connection! 😀 i will do my best to update frequently, with snippets of Italy, whenever possible! also, so that the memories stay fresh and alive in my heart and head. i always regret not chronicling all these wonderful experiences and memories while they’re still vivid and tangible, so here’s me making a conscious effort to!

thank God for my dearest boyfriend who chauffeured me to the airport and helped me with my huge luggage (21kg hahaha i really think i packed too much rubbish!) and sent me off with hugs and kisses!

he really hates it when i go overseas, so i truly appreciate his fortitude and tolerance when it comes to my overseas trips. thankfully, having Wi-Fi here also means we can Skype and talk on the phone for free while we are 10000 miles apart! i love technology.

our last meal together at Paradise Inn at Terminal 1. my flight was at midnight, so we had dinner together before i checked in!

flew Emirates for the first time, and we had to transit from Singapore to Dubai, and then from Dubai to Milan. one of the beautiful bird’s eye view from up up and above.

i have a secret confession to make: i actually enjoy airplane food, hehe. some people hate airplane food with a vengeance, but i love having meals onboard and i can never turn down a meal while in transit. we had FOUR meals in total during our two flights, over a span of 18 hours! lol. i felt like all i did was to eat, doze off, wake up again for meal time, and then doze off to sleep again. wonder why we always feel extra hungry when flying/travelling!

hello woon!

other travel companions! i spent most of the time reading on my iPad or dozing off while half-heartedly watching in-flight entertainment. not much of a selection for movies though, but i enjoyed Toy Story 3!

catching the dawn’s rays over the sea. i love how surreal it feels, suspended in time and air.

Pinkberry froyo at Dubai airport! sooooooo shiok.

finally reached Milan airport after 18 hours! queuing up to go through customs!

my two favorite travel companions, sans one Aini. all of us looking pretty tired and shagged out after two tiring flights!

and yay, finally in Italy, on the coach to Turin! notice anything different about my hair? 😛 went back to Salon Vim the day before to do a touch up! will talk about that in a separate blog entry!

Fish and I 😀 we’re roomies too! yippee!

cruising along the quiet streets of Turin. it seems like a rather sleepy and laid back city!

and this is right outside our hotel, which is a tiny apartment facing the streets.

checking in!

and the first thing we do upon arrival at our hotel room: consolidate our cup noodles “pantry”! 😀 YAY. it’s a tradition to stash cup noodles in our luggages for our late night girl talk parties overseas!

our very cosy little room for the next 9 days or so. very simply furnished, but clean and comfortable!

the view from our 4th level room window!

the choral festival/workshop starts tomorrow, and we’ll be singing and singing all day long! going to get a good night’s rest tonight to escape from the jet lag! hehe. but first, cup noodles party for tonight’s dinner!

oh, ending off with my make-up haul from DFS shopping! got all these highly raved products and i can’t wait to use them. tried the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair during the flight and it feels amazing! wheee!

hope all you are having an awesome time in Singapore! will update again super soon!

enjoy your weekend!!!


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