Review: Cure Natural Aqua Gel + Give-away!

you know that a product is good, when ZERO advertising dollars have been spent on it to date, and it’s been ranked #1 best selling skincare product on popular Japanese beauty website COSME! one bottle of this magic flies off the shelves in Japan, every TWELVE seconds!!

if you’ve not heard of Cure Natural Aqua Gel already, you’re definitely missing out on one of my favorite exfoliating products of all time! (REAL ONE, I NEVER BLUFF) i’ve been using Cure Natural Aqua Gel for the past year, and i love it!

Cure Natural Aqua Gel is so highly raved, due to it’s amazing ability to remove dead skin cells gently and effectively to help in skin renewal for softer, smoother and
brighter skin! it is made of 90% water (revitalized hydrogen water), and natural plant extracts from aloe vera, gingko and rosemary. Cure Natural Aqua Gel also doesn’t contain any preservatives, fragrance, artificial coloring and alcohol!

what i love about Cure Natural Aqua Gel is that it doesn’t have any of those harsh exfoliating beads that feel so abrasive and rough on the skin, but yet does its job to slough off those dead skin cells miraculously!! 

all it takes is a couple of pumps of Cure Natural Aqua Gel to be gently massaged for 30 seconds (do this after cleansing and drying well!) to instantly see brighter and smoother skin! and because it’s so gentle, you can even use it daily!

look at how the liquidy consistency of the gel transforms into little white bits after being gently massaged into the skin D: this is actually the revitalized hydrogen water reacting to the unwanted protein (which is our rough/dead skin cells), causing it to bind together and solidify into white particles that’s easily rinsed off! it’s super shiok to feel all the white rubbery bits forming as you massage your face! 😀 once you rinse off all these white particles, your face will feel satisfyingly clean and smooth! 

Cure Natural Aqua Gel costs $42 for a 250g pump bottle (retails at Watsons!) which is really reasonable for such a generous-sized product. in fact, i couldn’t even finish using my bottle of Cure within a year (it has a 1 year use-by date due to its natural ingredients that are preservative-free!) but the cool thing about Cure is that other than using it on your face, you can use it on other body parts too, like your neck, elbows or knees! 😀 i love love love Cure Natural Aqua Gel, and you ought to give it a try too!

you may also have noticed the little tube of Cure Water Treatment Skin Cream in the picture above: this cream is an exclusive product that isn’t for sale! Cure Water Treatment Skin Cream is actually a popular lightweight moisturiser that the manufacturer, TOYO Life Service, specially produced in consideration of its staff who suffer from dry hands from dealing with cardboard boxes daily! i’ve tried it as well and it has a watery texture that’s easily absorbed, leaving my skin feeling instantly hydrated, and less dry/wrinkly!

so, to celebrate Cure’s 10th year anniversary, you now get a chance to win a set of the best-selling Cure Natural Aqua Gel, together with Cure Water Treatment Skin Cream!!! 😀

ONE set is up for grabs, and here’s how to win! 🙂

1. Like Cure’s Facebook page here!
2. Leave a comment on this blog post (remember to fill the email address, cos comments won’t be privatized!)

give-away ends on 16th July, midnight! 😀 only open to local (Singapore) addresses!


P.S. CURE is also giving out 600 tubes of the Water Treatment Skin Cream to the public! All you have to do is purchase a bottle of CURE Natural Aqua Gel, and email your particulars (name, mailing address, contact no.) and proof of purchase (receipt!) by 23rd July 2012 for a chance to win! Winners will be announced weekly on their facebook page.

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