New Website Launch + Bloggers’ Dinner!

you just gotta love a website that’s named Argly Duckling, especially when it’s an online beauty  boutique dedicated to bringing in cutting edge brands from around the world, specially for all of us *gly ducklings out there!!! (because the word *gly doesn’t exist in their dictionary. haha! love the concept behind ArglyDuckling!) has just been newly launched, and we were privileged to get a first look at the exceptional variety and range of products that’s being brought in by ArglyDuckling, at a cozy bloggers’ dinner session some time ago πŸ™‚

Ling (Evonnz) and i at the dinner, which was held at Food For Thought! she’s become my “official event partner” of late, hahaha.

we were introduced to many of the cult products and brands available on ArglyDuckling, and even got to bring back a specially put together beauty box each! thank you Jazlyn!

ArglyDuckling carries products from skincare, body care, makeup to hair and nail products, even!

i like how ArglyDuckling keeps things personal, with little touches like a handwritten message.

they are also extremely thoughtful too, just take a look at this sticker specially printed so that you can keep track of your products, and their expiration date! if you’re anything like me, your vanity table is probably cluttered with like ten thousand products and you can’t remember when you even opened them! you sure don’t want to be using them past their expiry dates!

i’m gonna showcase some of the products i was gifted with, and might review them again in future individually, once i’ve had a chance to try them all and have passed a verdict on them!

one of the products that really intrigued me at the bloggers’ session, the LAQA & Co. Fat Lip Pencil ($26)! gorgeous packaging with beautiful illustrations on them, and the lip pencil itself feels and works like a crayon, with five pretty shades currently available!

the color Lambchop is an intense hot pink, and i loooove it! it’s brilliantly striking, and just wearing the color on my lips gives me a perky and happy feeling πŸ˜€ the smooth formula goes on easily, but the staying power is only about a few hours, so it’s probably a good idea to pop the convenient little pencil into your tote for touch-ups during the day.

i’m always on the lookout for good mascaras, and Blinc Mascara ($30) is so highly raved by the team at ArglyDuckling that i’m sure it must be amazing! the mascara formula is really unique: it forms no-smudge, waterproof tubes around your lashes instead of the usual fibre based mascara, and will come right off with warm water and some gentle pressure! can’t wait to try this one to see how good the effect of the mascara is.

the Ciracle Good-bye Blackhead ($32.90) is definitely one of my must-buy recommendation from ArglyDuckling, it totally works to get those blackheads off! i’ve tried it a couple of times already, and love it! peeling off those stick-on pore packs can be pretty painful and leave the skin feeling sore/sensitive, but this blackhead cotton mask is infused with special ingredients that make the sebum (your blackheads and whiteheads) soften and actually rise to the surface, after which they can be gently removed with the provided plastic removers/cotton buds!

Evonnz has got a more thorough review on her blog here, so you might want to pop over to check out how the mask actually works! i took some before and after close-ups of my disgusting blackhead infested nose too, for you to see the difference D: D: D:

LOOK! (i’m sorry it’s so gross) but it’s really amazing!!!

some of the other products from ArglyDuckling that i’ve yet to try, but look really promising! from top left clock-wise, Rebel Nails nail stickers, Ciracle Jeju Water Sleeping Mask, Benita Berry cleansers and lip balm, Phytocare Papaya Ointment (with Calendula).

and here’s the best part, ArglyDuckling is having an introductory offer, with 20% off your first purchase, along with free shopping!! TOO GOOD A DEAL TO PASS UP!

i immediately went to cart out some of the products i’d been eyeing, and received my purchases via courier shortly after! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ (IS REAL ONE. not sponsored.)

items all came well-wrapped and protected!

i got the Kaia Juicy Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths ($30)! a product has got to be good, if the company that makes it only sells ONE product, right? :S which is the Juicy Bamboo facial cleansing cloths!

at $30 for 30 pieces, they are a tad pricey (after 20% off is $24!) but these cleansing wipes are made of bamboo fibre (go green! bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants around so help to save the earth by purchasing products made from bamboo instead of other trees!) and are super stretchy, so one sheet will definitely suffice to cleanse off thoroughly! also, the cloths are infused with 8 pure citrus essential oils, organic Canadian honey, sunflower seed oil and oat amino acids, it leaves the skin feeling velvety soft, non-irritated, no sticky residue and no need to rinse with water. 100% bio-degradable too!

i love bringing cleansing wipes along on my overseas trips because they are so hassle-free! this one is going into my luggage next week! (i’m flying to Italy!)

Jazlyn was demonstrating to us during the bloggers’ session just how stretchy and strong this bamboo fibre cloth is!

i was so impressed with Ciracle, i bought two more products from the brand! the first is a Pimple Solution Pink Powder ($25.90) while the second is a Vitamin Source C-20 Serum ($39.90) and i can’t wait to see how well these two work! (as i type now, i have the pimple solution on my face, haha!)

the pimple product is really cool, it’s a powder in a solution, and you need to use a cotton bud to pick the pink deposits to apply onto your pimples! as for the Vitamin C serum, it is supposed to be a best seller in Korea, and most Vitamin C serums i know cost from above $100 at least, so this is a really good price, especially with the 20% discount πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

also liked the LAQA & Co. Fat Lip Pencil so much, i bought another shade, this one is called Fairy Blood and comes in a sheer, shimmery nude pink!

swatched on my hand πŸ˜€ so nice huh!!!

my last purchase: Nature Girl Flower Power Body Lotion ($59)! i don’t like artificial and over powering scents when it comes to body lotion, and really liked this range of body lotion when we tried it at the bloggers’ session! all the different “flavors” smell really good with a blend of organic herbs and fruity scents,  and it’s made with certified organic shea butter, wildcrafted foraha nut oil and organic herbal extracts to hydrate, replenish and condition the skin! the bottle is huge, 255ml so i think it’ll last me for quite some time! πŸ™‚

phew!!! i hope this post hasn’t been too boring, i promise i only share products that i feel are worth sharing, and honestly, i wouldn’t dare to recommend or share about products that i think aren’t good! πŸ™‚ do go and check out, before the introductory 20% discount/free shipping offer is over (end of July 2012)!!! also, check out their nail polishes (Butter London and Deborah Lipmann, which are really really popular and well-known nail brands!) because from what i know, they have got one of the lowest rates around town (Butter London at $23 each before 20% discount)!

hop over to fast! πŸ™‚


in other recent news, you might or might not know (haha) that i’m flying overseas next week, to Turin, Italy for the Europa Cantat (international choral festival/workshop!!!) which also explains my lack of updates and why i’ve been so busy the past couple weeks, as i need to prepare for the two weeks that i’m away so that business can still continue to operate!

no worries cos i’ve checked and I HAVE INTERNET IN MY HOTEL HALLELUJAH. so things may be a tad slower over at TheVelvetDolls, but we should still be having weekly launches if nothing goes wrong!! ooooh. mad excited for my trip! will be heading over to Nice in France too. it will also be a much needed break for me, been feeling rather burnt-out and stressed the last month with work!

and here’s two random pictures from Instagram. if you don’t have Instagram still, GO AND GET IT. my mostest favouritest app ever for photo updates and sharing wooohooo! add me at @yinagoh!

rainbow knit top and pastel pink shorts, both upcoming on TheVelvetDolls! i’ve been dressed like this so often the past few weeks cos i’ve been mad lazy to dress up (and my wardrobe is in a mess too, very hard to find clothes. hahaha) super casual and comfortable wear! oh i could wear shorts everyday. oh wait, i DO wear shorts almost everyday :X

another one of Ling and i, at Origins Plantscription event last week! will be blogging about this one soon! πŸ˜€

i sacrificed my liver detoxing to write this entry, so be grateful that i’m risking my health for you. LOLOL. ok i am going crazy about this liver detox thing. BUT, did you know that lack of sleep (or simply interrupted sleep or not sleeping at the right hours) can be extremely harmful to your health and liver?! cos your liver flushes the toxins from your system that accumulates daily, every night while you sleep (minimum of 5-7 hours required) and when you’re not sleeping during this time frame, the liver cannot do its job properly! so, if you want to be healthy, please, sleep right!!!

end of my health rant. okay, i am going to try to salvage my liver health now ;__; have a great Sundayyyy okay!!! i’ll update again soon ^^

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