Welcome to Velvetgamie’s office!

good Friday, all!! ^-^

because i want to be a hardworking blogger, i decided to blog before all you readers start leaving me because this blog is so boring ;_; so today i’m gonna about something that some girls might be interested to read about.

i am going to blog about MY OFFICE! πŸ˜€

technically, this office is shared between The Velvet Dolls, and Megagamie, teehee. time flies, and it’s been about 6 months since we moved into this space! previously, we were cramped together with Little Red Heels in an even smaller space.. so it’s a good thing we moved out! our first office was so small, when the stocks started coming in fast and furious for end of year, we practically had no space to navigate around the office. U_U

when TVD started, we were operating from home, and after awhile, my living room just started looking like a warehouse, and my daddy issued the edict that i had to get out of the house ;__; or he’d start to throw away my stocks! they were all stacked up in cardboard boxes and red plastic bags, and it was a huge mess. haha! i’m so glad we have our own little space to call the “office” now, and sometimes i find it hard to believe we actually have an actual office, and all that. #sentimental #emo 

anyways, i’ll blog more next time about our journey over the past two years in detail, so today, i’m just going to bring you on a guided virtual tour of our little office, okay? πŸ˜€ BECAUSE. my hardworking elves and i spent an entire day cleaning up, packing and organizing the office and it is SO DAMN NEAT AND COSY NOW, it deserves some pictures and an entire blog post! πŸ˜€

welcome to Velvetgamie office ^__^ here’s our “shop” front!

and i printed these on sticker paper and cut them out to stick on our front door.. it’s so cute that looking at it makes me feel happy! ^__^ once you open the door to enter our office, the first thing you see is……

SUPER ALOT OF CLOTHES. 0_0 we have racks and racks of stocks and even more that haven’t even been unbagged yet. you can imagine how messy it can potentially get :X but since we just packed them, this is already considered SUPER neat. teehee. 

our stocks, organized by the type/design! tops, bottoms, outerwear, dresses etc. the outside office is where all our stocks are, and we have another inner office where we work!

deng deng deng! if you look to the left of our inner office, it’s the workspace area, plus my favorite place in the office: the sofa. hahahaha. there’s where i usually hang out πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

and just to show you how messy this space is most of the time, it usually looks like THIS.

yup. chaos.

moving on!! :X

snack basket on the sofa filled with some of our favorite snacks! yayyyy! i love Jagabee the most.

and no sofa is complete without plushies, we have a menagerie of animals! a duck, a cow, a bear, and a churpie bird! hehe. i keep on meaning to buy a quilt or blanket for napping purposes cos the sofa is so comfy.

moving on, here’s the right side of the office! this is our makeshift studio (thus the studio lights!) as well as TVD’s packing area where the hardworking elves will pack parcels for mailing. looks quite neat today with no parcels cos it’s Friday!

our clothes rack, with some unreleased items on it πŸ˜€ usually, we’ll prepare the new designs and hang it up on the racks ready for photoshoot!

and the shoe corner with the shoes we use for photoshoot. still have more shoes, but no space to put them up yet!

we also have a cabinet full of boxes full of accessories!

little dolls i bought to decorate my work table. hehehe.

minion #2 hard at work replying customers’ emails! yup, i stuck a doll logo on my laptop too :X so cute right!!! hehehe. the two minions work hard to pack/mail parcels everyday, as well as reply to emails!  ^__^ it’s quite a tough job, because we have got hundreds of emails to clear all the time, especially just after every week’s launch. and meanwhile, they have to ensure that all the customers orders are all packed efficiently and mailed out as fast as possible!! very stressful one! really thankful for two very responsible and hardworking minions. MUACKS!

ok, i must admit. not everything is as dandy neat as they seem.. haha! we have a store area behind our racks, which is where all the random bags of old stocks and other stuff go :X

LOL…. oops. out of sight, out of mind! we normally just pretend that this area doesn’t exist :X

and that’s our cosy little office for you!! ^_^

we’re thinking of doing a warehouse sale at our office, but it’s so tiny it’s gonna be a challenge! or maybe we’ll make it a mini tea party cum private warehouse sale instead. heheheh. anyone interested? πŸ˜€

my own friends LOVE coming over to the office to shop. they’d all come and start digging through all the racks and bags and leave with bags full of new loot! πŸ˜€ 

my three musketeers came over one night for fun, and we bought Arnold’s Fried Chicken (best fried chicken in Singapore!!!) and had a yummy fried chicken fest on the floor wheee! love you girls! πŸ™‚

(this was pre-cleanup. super messy in the background if you can tell!)

Aini’s far away in London now! come back soon okay!


this is one of the upcoming items in next week’s collection and i LOVE it to pieces! it’s a swallow printed flare dress with the loveliest cut, and it has super nice lace-up back details!

i love the silky fabric, super comfy and the fit is mad nice!

lace-up back details, so hard to take a picture of! wore it with a nude colored bra and it’s not very obvious! the lace-up details can be used to adjust the fit of the dress too! this dress has been selling like hotcakes at Kissjane πŸ˜€ also comes in Cream color with black swallow prints.

wore it with my crochet shrug from Forever New! luuuurve it!

hope you thought that this little post on TVD was interesting! πŸ˜€ TVD is actually a huge part of my life, hehe. i just usually don’t blog about TVD’s day-to-day operations that much cos usually we are tooooo busy working to be so bo liao to take photos. (and also cos the office was tooooo messy previously, 见不得光) but i thought it’d be nice to show a little peek of our office and share a little! πŸ˜€

alrighty, it’s Friday night so i hope everyone’s out for dates/gatherings/lots of fun fun fun! lots of pretty and nice clothes just arrived today, very exciting. one of my favorite parts of the job is when the stocks arrive and they are soooo pretty! makes me happy!!!

i have another give-away to do next, so staaayy tuneeeddd!!! TA!!

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