Heroine Make Shoot: Behind the Scenes

hello! πŸ˜€

sharing some photos from behind the scenes of the photoshoot Evonnz (Ling) and i did for Heroine Make last month… it should be out in CLEO some time next month (i think!) if anyone spots the ad, tell me okay? πŸ˜€

i’ve seen Heroine Make products in Watsons plenty of times, and heard so many raves about their mascaras and eyeliners, but i’ve never tried them, mainly because the packaging is all in Japanese and i don’t dare to buy products that i don’t understand :X i just don’t trust things i don’t know how to read! :X the shoot was for a magazine feature to showcase Heroine Make‘s mascara, which is one of the top-selling mascaras in Japan!

Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara (new and improved formula with additional 120% length!)

anyway, it was really fun cos Ling and i did it together! actually, Ling and i are like SUPER old friends… i’ve known her since i was like 16? haha. that’s almost 10 years ago! we used to hang out together in the same geeky artist clique, haha! however, we fell out of contact for some years, and only recently “re-discovered” our friendship last year, when she chanced upon my blog and i found out that she blogs beauty regularly too!

Ling pulled me in together for this “BFF” shoot for a Heroine Make feature in CLEO, and the theme was bedroom, pajama party-esque style, so it was pretty casual and fun! πŸ˜€ honestly, i’m quite scared of being in front of the camera, because i’m worried about looking ugly/weird/fat πŸ™ thankfully, both the photographer and make-up artist were so awesome and i think they did a really fabulous job with us! Ling is super photogenic and pretty, so i’m not so worried about her, hahaha just worried about myself in comparison :X

arrived really early to get started on hair/make-up!

this is Sophion, the make-up/hair artist! he is SUPER good! πŸ˜€ the look was super natural but so flawless!

and Ling getting her make-up done too!


i had nothing to do while Ling was getting her shots, so i camwhored with the Rila plushie that she bought. haha. SO CUTE! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ anyway, Sophion did my hair until very “pong” D: i wasn’t very used to it, but when it settled a little it looked so nice! and check out my eyes… no falsies, but just Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara! DAMN AWESOME.

Ling posing for her take! we had to take “before” and “after” shots, one with no eye make-up on and one after! 


Sophion and i! πŸ˜€ bet you can’t guess his age.


we then took some shots together! πŸ˜€ hehe. so fun!! we had to pose with the products, and also bluff pillow fight! notice that i have no shoes on. HAHA. because i was wearing wedges and since i’m already about 10cm taller than Ling, the height difference was a little too much… :X


it’s so much easier doing a shoot with a friend. feels a lot more comfortable and natural! can’t imagine doing with a stranger, lol. awkwarddddd.

instax pictures! together with Ling and Yunwen from Mandom who was in charge of the shoot!


look at the power of Heroine Make mascara!!!! DAMN GOOD! both Ling and i only had Heroine Make mascara on and our lashes look so mad nice already! check out Ling’s lower lashes. they look like falsies! Ling has got such gorgeous peepers!

another shot with Ling! randomly, don’t you love her ombre hair? it’s done by John at Salon Vim! super cool!


making funny faces. haha my braces look so nerdy! πŸ™ 

thank you Gyaru Mama Yunwen for taking care of us! πŸ˜€

look at my mad long lashes!

LOVE! this is definitely one of my favorite mascaras at the moment, other than being super easy to apply, it doesn’t clump, and it’s waterproof! so waterproof that you need Heroine Make’s special mascara remover to remove it (more on that in a future post) i also love that it holds the curl super well and has a mega lengthening effect thanks to the fibres in it!

Heroine Make products are available at Watsons, so you can go check them out!

i also attended a Heroine Make event recently, so i’ll probably post up more photos about the mascara, and some of the other star products from Heroine Make that i’m loving, including the eyeliner and mascara remover!


moving on, here’s some random photos from the past couple of weeks, it was mumsy’s birthday and we went to have dinner together at Teochew steamboat place! still one of my favorite places for steamboat. happy birthday mumsy! please stay young and pretty always, and be in the best of health! 

we love you β™₯ β™₯ β™₯

best mummy in the world!

the upcoming lace sleeved tee, i’ve worn it out multiple times already cos it’s so easy to wear and extremely comfortable! in love with the lace details and the scoop neckline that is so flattering. it’s made of very good quality cotton that doesn’t fur! πŸ˜€


also did another gig last Wednesday at Acid Bar and omg it was so scary cos it was mad crowded and i was quite freaked out when i saw how packed the place was!


i had to do three sets of 45 minutes each, so i pretty much exhausted my entire English repertoire already.. i need to learn how to sing more songs (and sing better) nonetheless it was very fun cos the crowd was so high hehe and they were all singing along to the chorus! πŸ˜€ 


Fatt, the guitarist, whom i worked with previously for a wedding fair gig, he’s awesome! he can play the guitar while his feet are on the foot drums and even sing at the same time! major multi-tasking talent!

and some of the lovely people who came down to watch/listen/support! you peeps are the best! β™₯ Jess (Shiberty), Michelle, Trish, and Farah came down with their friends! thank youuuuuuuuuuuu!


and here’s some photos of my extremely shiok shopping haul from Friday night’s date with Trish! we were just intending to go to town to run some errands and pick up some stuff, but DAMN YOU GSS! i ended up spending two hours shopping with Trish instead D: i was the one who ended up buying half the shop home though!


retail therapy is really the best! felt so good to go home with my new loot πŸ˜› most of them were on sale too, double the shiok!


my best buys of the night, two pairs of sunnies for only $25! i love the aviators so bloody much cos i’ve never looked good in aviators but this pair is mad pretty πŸ˜€



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