FotD: Heavy Rotation Creamy Cheeks Review + OtD

TGIF, everyone! πŸ˜€ 

here’s another beauty related post, i hope you girls enjoy reading these posts, beauty/makeup/skincare is an area i’m really interested in because i want to look good, which i’m sure is the same as with every girl out there! and since i don’t have a ε€©η”ŸδΈ½θ΄¨ beautiful face, i gotta depend a lot on good skincare and makeup to save the day πŸ™ thank God for makeup. lolol.

it’s been some time since i posted a FotD (Face of the Day) and since i regularly get inquiries about the make-up i use on a daily basis, here’s my FotD for a few days ago: it’s my “made up but still looking natural” face!

Face: Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow (review here)

one of my favorite foundations cos there’s SPF and also it’s not too thick so the coverage is really natural!

Brows: Dollywink Eyebrow Pencil/Shadow/Mascara in Shade 02 (review here)

Eyes: FreshKon Sparklers Series in Green
K-Palette Eyeshadow Palette (not sure if this is available in Singapore, cos i “won” it at an event! basically just a shimmery gold shade to brighten up the eyes.)

Heroine Make Liquid Eyeliner (yet to review this, but it’s my new to-go eyeliner! easy application and long-lasting too!)

Makemania Data Graduation Tip Shadow (new unreleased product in Singapore too, i’ll be reviewing it in a future post!)
Shiseido Eyelash Curler

Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara (review here)

Cheeks: Heavy Rotation Creamy Cheeks in Shade 03

Lips: Makemania Curvy Lips Silicone in Nude Pink (a new product i picked up from Watsons as well, quite a lovely lip gloss that gives a pouty kissable look!)

anyway, i realized that i skipped out on my concealer, but it’s the same one i always use and it’s not available in Singapore anymore too πŸ™ but if you’re interested, it’s Beauty Tech Ice Cream Concealer and you can get it from Sasa in Hongkong!


final look! i decided to add on falsies from DollyWink as well πŸ˜› but the bottom lashes are all Heroine Make Long & Curl! favorite mascara now!


it’s my first time trying out this cream based blusher from a brand called Heavy Rotation, and i was pleasantly surprised with the results! i usually steer clear from cream blushes because i find them hard to blend and find that it makes me look wayang-ish with two splotches of color on my cheeks πŸ™ 

Creamy Cheeks by Heavy Rotation is really very creamy and light, and it blends in easily onto your skin, leaving a natural pink glow with the slightest amount of shimmer! i just squeeze a tiny dot of the product onto my finger and dot it onto my cheeks before spreading it in a circular motion with my finger.

seems a little scary and bright pink straight from the tube, but look how natural it is after it’s blended into the skin! i love the ease of application! definitely two thumbs up for being so fuss free. i’d ensure that my hands/fingers are clean before application though! wouldn’t want germs to be transferred to my cheeks.

Heavy Rotation can be found in Singapore at Watsons, Shibuya Gals Corner! πŸ™‚ leave a comment to lemme know if you girls have any questions regarding specific makeup products or issues, and i’ll see if i can be of any help!


Abstract Tulips Lantern Dress in Jade, size M from TheVelvetDolls

and my outfit, featuring some of my new purchases from my previous shopping spree, and a gorgeous dress from TheVelvetDolls that i am super in love with! the crochet shrug and silver heels are both on sale from Forever New, i love snagging sale items! can’t wait to find a free day to go out and scour the sale racks in town for more good buys!


my iPad gets new clothes too, courtesy of ColcasacSG!

the JuanValdez iPad sleeve is made from recycled coffee bags, which might be why Baby was so curious about it!

fits my iPad like a glove. it comes with an inner fleece lining too for better cushioning and protection!

πŸ™‚ thanks ColcaSacSG!


and what i’ve been up to this week, instagram-ed!

my silly aviators sliding off my flat nose but i don’t care. LOVE the shades.

my new lippie from Lancome, Rouge in Love! such a brilliant red. i can’t wait to try it! thanks Yanny!

guess what, our Heroine Make magazine feature is out in July’s issue of CLEO already! πŸ˜€ haha i look so kuku in the solo shot, my chin shape looks damn awkward! #ihatemybraces but i love the group shots together with Evonne! πŸ˜€

i spent 6 hours at Salon Vim yesterday, but the end result was all worth it! blog about it real soon!

and sinful indulgence, yummy macaroons from Antoinette! diet front this week hasn’t been too healthy, i’ve been eating very well and happily :S ah well, we all need a break because life would be dull without good food.

anyway, i’m off for my jog in abit! didn’t jog the past couple of days and feeling rather guilty about all the indulging in good food while being so slack with the working out πŸ™ probably because i’ve been spending a lot of time with friends and loved ones over food this week! food always tastes so good when it’s enjoyed with loved company πŸ˜€

do have a wonderful weekend ahead!

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