Tuesday Outfit + Biotherm Purfect Range!


just a random entry because i thought i made up until very chio yesterday. ok, no not really. i felt terrible after i removed all my makeup, because 卸了妆之后,从Beauty变成了Beast.

i know i sound like i’m exaggerating, but i don’t know WHAT IS IT with my complexion lately. is it cos of my makeup? or is it because I’ve been erratically switching around using different skincare products? or is it the Clarisonic Mia making me breakout!!? but i have like 15938573 clogged pores around my nose/cheek areas and some really bad outbreaks on the sides of my cheeks FML. i’m not even going to talk about my terrible dark eye rings and tired looking complexion. staring into a mirror with my bare face makes me feel a little depressed.

well, with makeup on, everything is good. looks like i have a GLOWING complexion. and i put on double eyelid tape too! makes my double eyelids look more defined. nice. 男人靠西装,女人靠化妆.

outfit! lace accent collar blouse with floral empire shorts yay! cambridge satchel in yellow, because i can never seem to resist matching the yellow satchel with rich pink/purple tones, it really pops and completes the ensemble!

love the lace accents, love the floral denim. the pretty necklace is from Topshop 😀

gorgeous prints!

launching on TheVelvetDolls tonight, so i thought i’d share this outfit for those thinking of getting the shirt/shorts! i really love them both! so happy with how the print turned out for the shorts! i always enjoy choosing prints and fabrics at work, especially floral prints, which are my favorite! sometimes, you have to use a bit of imagination because the fabrics come in little square swatches, and it’s hard to visualize it on the apparel. but YAY! the shorts turned out so pretty!!! 😀

i also wore the lace accent shirt last week for an event that was held at Biotherm’s new boutique store at Takashimaya! tried to jazz it up a little, and so i wore it with the boyfriend blazer in pastel yellow and cream crochet shorts! it turned out quite nice i think! also got to catch up with JY who also attended the event, i haven’t seen her for really long! yayyy. we went shopping together afterwards 😀 😀 😀

with some other bloggers and the Biotherm girls and guys who were walking around giving out samples!

with JY and Jacelyn ^^ don’t really know the other bloggers so well! i need to be more sociable :S

and the new Purfect range from Biotherm! i’m currently trying it out now 😀 hope it helps with my current outbreak.. 🙁 it’s supposed to be anti-shine, anti-pore and anti-imperfection! sounds exactly like what i need!

here’s the range 🙂 i brought home the cleanser, toner, and moisturizer! will give my verdict after a couple weeks.


i am in love with all the three prints for the Floral Empire, but decided to limit myself to only one print first! :X

more floral love! a very flattering bodycon dress in lovely vintagey prints. and the new wedges i bought while shopping with JY last week 😛

and last night, i went to watch The Avengers again, with YZ! 😀 thanks to Nuffnang, we got free tickets yayy!!!! super love. watching it a second time and it’s still as funny and action-packed!!! YZ enjoyed it too!

and we had a nice meal at TCC after the movie ^^ the food at TCC is surprisingly good!! yay to a good old movie & dinner date.


i’m off to edit the photos for launch now! Gina’s flying for Aussieland today so yea, we might be a little slower on the invoicing/verification/emails for this series. 我会努力的!

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