Kitty Mania! Hello Kitty Diamond Gloss X Hambuglar

it’s embarrassing to admit, i used to be a super Hello Kitty maniac when i was young! πŸ˜› i still remember on my 12th birthday, i told everyone, my family, friends and relatives to get me Hello Kitty presents, and i received ALOT of pink Kitty stuff that year!! wahaha. kind of grew out of it, but i couldn’t resist the Macdonalds X Hello Kitty plushies, especially when the Hamburglar one is sooooooo cuuuuuteeeeeeee! *squeals* so yea, i succumbed to my Kitty craze and actually got my Hamburglar Kitty! XD Grimace (the current one this week) aint as cute, but now i think i gotta collect ’em all (might as well right?) to get a full set! Grimace ends tomorrow so i must get my Macdonalds by today/tomorrow!

and what else is cuter than Hello Kitty cosmetics! i received these three cute lip glosses a couple weeks ago, and i can imagine Kitty fans going gaga over them! these Hello Kitty Diamond Glosses are made in Italy, and come in 7 fruit scented colors with lovely little glittery bits in them.

i received three flavors, Strawberry Fields, Pink Paradise and Lemon Incest! (?! weird name)

i would probably buy the gloss for it’s Hello Kitty packaging and cute colors alone, but the lip gloss itself isn’t bad at all, it’s just a shiny, clear gloss with very light shimmer in it that applies on easily with the roller-ball dispenser! the staying power is so-so, but i do like the glossy lip effect it gives, and it isn’t sticky at all! πŸ™‚

pucker up with a Hello Kitty Diamond Gloss! πŸ˜€ Hello Kitty Diamond Gloss comes in 7 flavors: Strawberry Fields, Pink Paradise, Blueberry Nights, Orange Mecanique, Lemon Incest, Pink Paradise, Big Apple, Eau de Coco. Available at Watsons, they retail at S$12.90 each!


and here’s my outfit for yesterday, i am absolutely loving all the latest shipments of stocks arriving for TVD and i am dressing up in glee everyday! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Knit Chiffon Throwover in Nude X Wonderland Floral Shorts in Pink (size L) X Cambridge Satchel in Yellow 14″


pastels and florals are all BFF this season and i can’t help matching them all together haha! but added a dash of color with my happy yellow Satchel! yay!!! the throw over is super comfy, i have been wearing it out for 2 days in a row :X (i hope it’s not just me who has this habit of re-wearing clothes that aren’t dirty/smelly)

and i can’t rave enough about the shorts too, the prints are mad gorgeous and it has this really subtle embossed florals on it! talk about detailing! i was inspired by my original pair from Zara, but that one was really thin and flimsy feeling for such a hefty price (69.90 i think??) and so i had an inner lining added to this shorts to make it feel more luxe, and also prevent any sheerness! which totally worked because it is not sheer at all πŸ˜€

so in love with the three prints! ^^ i kept pink, but the white and black are just as gorgeous. available tonight on TheVelvetDolls, along with the start of our GSS promotions that will be on-going for the entire month! keep a lookout on TVD’s Facebook page today for more updates! πŸ˜€


i have been SUPER disciplined and hope i will continue to be for the next 5 weeks at least, been waking up early to run as frequently as i can, and it’s really quite a challenge to drag myself out of bed at 6.30AM and put on those running shoes! why so early, because i just don’t want to get a tan hahahaha :X so yea, no choice! i am usually too knackered by night time to even have the energy to head out for a run, thus morning jogs are my only solution left.

i actually HATE running with a vengeance, but from experience, it is the best way to keep fit and lose weight. nothing is quite as effective as daily runs, coupled with a healthy diet!

my aim is to run at least 4 days a week, and for 45 minutes a day! distance is secondary, but yesterday i managed to clock up 6KM which is a huge feat for me, and i am so so happy about it! managed to wake up earlier than usual, so i thought i’d just take a slow relaxed pace to jog and i ran for an entire hour and covered 6KM! ^___^ my usual distance is only about 3-4KM, which is already a task for me, so i feel super accomplished!


i guess i shall aim for 7-8KM next and eventually 10. woohoo! then can go for 10km marathon liao!


but one of the rewards of waking up early to run, i get to see some really beautiful sunrises! πŸ™‚ JIAYOU JIAYOU! πŸ˜€

here’s some instagrammed love from this week!


ALDO sale! got this pair because the prints are familiar πŸ˜› plus they were on sale! SO pretty, love them!


also been trying out new brow products lately and i can’t wait to share about them cos they make my brows look so good!! i am too obsessed with eyebrows. 

lastly, my cutie pie QQ has finally conquered her fear of going down the staircase and now she is a tiny terror and giving us all heart attacks because she even ran out of the house the other day when the gate was left open and we found her at a neighbor’s house!!! she is so small, her whole head can squeeze under our front gate! OMG. keeping a close eye on her from now on!!

i’m off to work now, gonna blog about my new brow products next!

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