i’m sorry for disappearing off the radar for the past week… just so you know, i feel REALLY REALLY bad about it :((( which is why i’m sneaking some time in before rehearsal to quickly blog a short post before all of you get angry with me! πŸ™

i guess it’s one of those weeks when i just kind of need a break, away from the online world and sort of hide in my little hole for abit. but i’m good now, and i promise i’ll go and answer all the formspring questions and reply the comments/emails and everything! i have been updating constantly on instagram though, since it doesn’t require me to actually get on the web :S so if you’ve been missing my updates, go and look for me on instagram!! @yinagoh πŸ˜€

other than being busy with TVD (Gina just came back from her 11 days Aussie trip so it’s been a little more hectic on the war front these past 11 days), i also had a concert last weekend as the SYC Ensemble Singers were guest performing at SMU Chamber Choir’s concert. and then i was busy with a couple of events/shoots here and there.. and then i had some little personal issues to settle so i really just wanted to shut the door on all the unnecessary distractions and stress πŸ™ i am really guilty about it now cos i just logged into Formspring to see lots of questions and comments, some asking why i have been missing and all that.

so YES. i am back back back back πŸ˜€ promise not to disappear again so soon, but i guess i do need my “alone” time every once in awhile when things get overwhelming.

just a short post with some pictures of what i’ve been up to lately.. and i have many more blog posts in line too! πŸ™‚ lots of stuff to share while i’ve been “missing”!

i got sick of looking at my terribly disgusting nails: the last time i did a manicure was last November and it was a Gelish manicure… after which i just kept on clipping my nails shorter and shorter til the Gelish portions all started to grow out :X can you imagine how gross they looked?! lots of peeling cuticles and flaky nail bits, so i couldn’t stand it any longer and went down to my manicurist to get something done!

really inspired by all the Aztec prints lately, so i looked for a pretty Aztec design, and got my manicurist to do it for me and OMG it is sooooo pretty even though i spent 2 hours sitting there until my butt was sore!!!

DENG DENG! so love right! πŸ˜€

some more every finger is different one. wahahha!

and a close up! πŸ˜€ they are all hand drawn on by my skilled manicurist!! i absolutely looove the pastel colors and everyone’s been complimenting the nails left right centre cos they are really so damn pretty. kudos to my manicurist Eve for doing such a fab job! ^_^ just looking at the nails perk me up πŸ˜€

and i’ve been spamming Instagram a lot, with pictures of my sultry makeover done by PUPA’s international make up artist, Giorgio Forgani! i was asked to be the face model for a make-up demo, and the requested look was a smokey cat eye look. it is seriously a look that i never ever thought i could carry off! i generally look like someone punched me in both eyes whenever i attempt smokey eyes.

here’s the huge range of PUPA products, i love the baked eye shadows and this illuminating concealer pen! will probably share about those products again in a future post!

with the dashing Giorgio Forgani who has worked with many gorgeous faces such as Naomi Campbell, and Monica Belluci!

check out the amazing eyes he created. like super chio!

i changed my hair parting in order to get that long side swept fringe and to also reveal my highlights to go with the whole look.

the lashes that are super duper long thanks to the mascara. will review the mascara soon! randomly, i wonder where the name “mascara” originated from. it sounds so glamorous and sexy when said aloud!

last act sultry shot πŸ˜€ haha! very not my style, I know!! but it is quite refreshing for a change! πŸ˜€

floral blazer lovin’ with this manufactured piece that just arrived and everyone is smitten with! it feels super luxe thanks to the silky smooth inner lining and the prints are simple to die for! this time round, we’ve also decided to make it in sizes so that we can cater to more girls! πŸ™‚ will come in S, M and L! πŸ˜€ i wear a size M!

I kept both colours of the blazer! Will post more pictures of the other color maybe in the next post πŸ˜€

and lastly, my new goodies from ahbengshop.sg!! super awesome new melty iPhone case in happy lime green and hot pink, and a case for my new baby iPad which I almost lost last week omg! next time tell u more. thankeww Evonne! love them super much!!

gtg for rehearsal now! I will blog again soon!! byeeee!!

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