Dolly Wink: Brow-session Continues!

yea, it’s more about brows again! i told you, i’m brow-sessed already. but if you’ve already read my “guide to DIY brow shaping” post here, this one here is a little more specifically a review of Dolly Wink‘s brow products: the eyebrow powder, eyebrow pencil and eyebrow mascara!

Dolly Wink is a very popular makeup line in Japan produced by a top gyaru icon/model Tsubasa Masuwaka, and thus the Dolly Wink line-up is very gyaru influenced, with a huge selection of eye makeup products including falsies (one of my favorite brand of falsies at the moment!), lots of eye products and also eyebrow products! 

if you’ve clicked on the Wiki link above to read more about gyarus (actually you can probably tell from the Dolly Wink packaging already) you’d know that heavily bleached/colored hair is almost an essential way of life for the gyaru, and so Dolly Wink‘s brow products are really extremely useful for those of us with colored hair, most specifically the Eyebrow Mascara! it’s my first time trying eyebrow mascara, and i really really LOVE what it does! it instantly lightens my brow color and defines my brows, giving it a well-groomed shape and almost 3D “pop” effect! 

anyway, as my hair color is like a medium brown, i got all my Dolly Wink brow products in Shade 2! Shade 1 is really light, while Shade 3 is more for those with dark brown or even black hair (for which you can probably skip the mascara part!)

if you’ve read my previous brow entry, then the above is basically similar steps but with different products, and the addition of the eyebrow mascara! it really makes a difference, as you can tell in the photo above! i love how the mascara tints my brows a natural looking brown that looks super nice!

i know i look a little strange above, because i didn’t have any eye make up on! so here’s my final look!

TADAHH! my complete made-up look with my new hair wig extension from Shobi that can be purchased at Watsons’ Shibuya Gals Corner! it’s only a clip-on!! but it looks ALMOST like my real hair! COOL OR WHAT? now i can have long hair anytime i want! in fact, YZ couldn’t even tell i had a wig on, hahaha :X he didn’t even realize my hair magically became longer, in fact! men….

a quick summary of my thoughts on these products!


Dolly Wink Eyebrow Powder (Shade 02): i like it that it has two shades that allows you to customize your color so that it’s not too dark/light! the mini brush that’s provided in the palette has got rather stiff bristles though and i prefer a softer brush so it’s easier to apply/blend, so i’d probably use this with my own brush. 

Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil (Shade 02): very easy to draw, the dual ends (comb and pencil) are super convenient and because the color is light enough, it doesn’t come across as heavy/harsh! so you can actually just use this alone without the powder for those who find it a hassle to use so many products. the comb helps to soften the look so it blends in better! i definitely need to use the brow mascara with this product though because on its own, the brown shade of the pencil is lighter than my natural brow color.

Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara (Shade 03): definitely my new Holy Grail for eyebrows! i’ve never thought of using brow mascaras before, but i love how it tints my brows such a natural shade to complement my hair, and if you have dark eyebrows, this will really help soften the look! as you can tell from the swatch above, it has a very slight shimmer to it that really makes the brows pop. it does take a bit of practice to get the product evenly coated on the brow hairs though! LOVE!


and for those who are asking me which i’d prefer: K-Palette 2 Way Brow Liner that i shared previously, or these Dolly Wink products, i think it’d depend on what kind of look you’re going for! like i mentioned, i really like the Dolly Wink products cos of how it’s able to lighten my brows to the desired shade i want in order to match my hair! makes me feel more put together and groomed somehow. but on days that i’m feeing lazy and i just want a bit of brow definition, i’d probably just stick to K-Palette since it’s faster and gives a very barely-there no-makeup on kind of look.


anyway, both brands are available at Watsons so you can check them out! i can’t remember the exact prices at the moment but they are definitely affordable. i am really loving Japanese drugstore brands more and more! started out with Majolica Marjoca, and now i am discovering all these other brands as well! i also love Dolly Wink‘s falsies and eyeliner which i’m using currently, and also recently started using Heroine Make, another brand that’s available at Watsons Shibuya Gals Corner. my new mascara HG is Heroine Make! and i did a shoot together for Heroine Make’s CLEO feature together with Evonne, and it was super fun! πŸ˜€ probably post up behind-the-scenes photos soon!

i know this isn’t strictly a beauty blog, so i hope you girls aren’t too bored when i blog about beauty/products! but then again, all of us girls want to look good don’t we πŸ˜› 

speaking of photoshoots, look who’s in Hada Labo’s newspaper feature last night! HAHAHA it’s me and my twinnie Fidelis in the middle! i tried to trick Xavier (YZ’s 2 years old nephew) by asking him which one was me but he didn’t want to reply :X didn’t have enough makeup on lor i feel! my eyes are tiny!!! πŸ™

i went for a food tasting session at Crystal Jade Jiang Nan at Vivocity yesterday and can’t wait to share about all the droolsome food!!! i should just start a food blog or something. i love eating so much!!! anyway, this was my outfit: both top and bottom upcoming on TheVelvetDolls! ^^ more photos soon!

been running for over a week now and still keeping the momentum! Nike Plus app is awesome! i’m also back on MyFitnessPal app hehe my two best friends to becoming healthier and slimmer! 

so today I almost didn’t want to roll out of bed cos I slept really late, but i still managed it in the end! my secret tip on how to win half the battle: get dressed for your jog before you sleep, and lay out your socks/running shoes! bwahaha. so when you hear your freaking 6am alarm in the morning and you’re in a dilemma, you’d be like “arghhh fuck it la I’m already dressed for it liao!” and then you drag yourself out of bed. #truestory 

and if you’re not feeling so motivated, just take it easier. so today was a relaxed slow half jog/walk for me but nevertheless beats sleeping in late!!


gonna be June tomorrow already! WTF so fast πŸ™ i don’t know where all the time flies! πŸ™ 

thankfully, it’s been a good year so far and i’m hoping that the rest of the year brings more blessings my way! i do feel that i’ve been rather caught up with work and my own happenings and have been neglecting quite a few friendships though πŸ™ thankfully, those people that do matter are the people who understand you best β€ 

i’m also very thankful for my boyfriend, who is the sweetest person to me ever and he always treats me so darn well, sending me home at 3am even when he’s dead tired, kipping over at my place where he has to sleep on the sofa outside my room in crazy humid weather, and having to tolerate my insanely busy schedule that’s always filled with work, appointments, events, photoshoots, rehearsals… he even gives me wakeup calls at 6am so that i can get up to jog LOL. i really appreciate him so much πŸ™‚

thankful for you readers for sticking around to visit my space every so often too! i’m always glad to get positive comments from readers. be it a product that i’ve reviewed that worked for you, or something i shared that you learnt something from, or even words of encouragement from you girls, makes me feel motivated to blog regularly πŸ™‚

thankful for my pixies and staff who are ever so helpful and work very hard to hold the fort when i’m not around in office, it’s hard to trust others with your own “baby”, but i have a team that i super trust to get the job done! 

thankful for everything that’s going well πŸ˜€

have a great Thursday too!

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