so much for a Friday Date

the perils of being together for five years: you end up like what the Chinese say: 老夫老妻 and along with that comes a reluctance to dress up, go out, and just in general to “paktor” cos we’re already tooooo lazy to do so! :X and i have to admit, we’ve both been so busy with our own work that we only meet up for meals, or to just rest/laze around at home after work, and we don’t really prioritize our dating time anymore 🙁

so i thought it’d be nice for the two of us to set some time out to spend time on an honest-to-goodness date together! (:

here i am, all dressed up! anyway we also had a wedding dinner to attend that night, (it was Clara (dblchin)’s big night!!!) so dress up already not wasted wahaha! anyway, i wore the Springfling Denim Bralet in Cherries and the Isabella Maxi Skirt in Vermillion, which is a new color! whoooo i ultra love the combi, paired with the nude jelly wedges which are oh so comfortable, and a roomy clutch that’s big enough to fit my camera! ^_^

i love YZ’s Aztec print shirt 😀 bought it from Topshop for him for Valentine’s Day! and it just so happened to go really well with my outfit hehe match colors!!

as we were at 313, decided to head over to Marche for lunch because we wanted variety! sad to say, it wasn’t a very good lunch 🙁

the food wasn’t VERY bad… it’s just that we ordered the wrong stuff 🙁 the pizza was too huge for two of us to finish, and YZ hates to waste food, so it felt like we were stuffed with dough by the end of lunch, and it wasn’t the satisfyingly shiok kind of aftermath, but ended up feeling too full and bloated 🙁

so much for having a good meal together 🙁 i think we haven’t been out to dine for the longest time, only eating at hawker centres mostly so we don’t even have any idea of where to eat and what to order anymore. sigh! bad way to start our supposedly happy date! 🙁

but still got mood to camwhore ahahaha good lighting that helped to reduce appearance of heavy eye bags, Vgood 😛

kinda unsatisfied with our meal so we weren’t in a very good mood already 🙁 went on to shop for YZ’s workwear, we went to AX (Armani Exchange) first but one pair of pants cost $200 over so settled for something abit cheaper haha and went to G2000! :X save money!

found a couple that fitted quite well so YZ got 2 pairs! 🙂 still cheaper than one pair of pants at AX *heartpain*

taking advantage of changing room mirror to snap another shot of my outfit! 😀 major love.

anyway, we were both really snappy and grouchy on our “date” due to various issues, and we were bickering with each other the entire day. i suspect we might have had a better time just going to one of our favorite hawker centers for a meal then spending time together at home or something =_= so much for going out on a date?! nonetheless, we’ve already promised each other to plan another one soon, and this time round we’ll really go and research on where to go and what to eat… so that we don’t end up like that again.

what i really like in YZ is that he is really sweet, and despite having a foul temper at times, he knows when he’s in the wrong and he’s always keen to apologize and make up for any wrong doing. which i really appreciate, because not many guys i know would do the same thing! anyway, i think he is damn funny too. HAHA 

LOL where got guy blame his bad behavior on PMS one! oei! stealing our excuses!

hopefully our next “date” will be better! 😛


and some photos from yesterday, went for a L’Occitane event in the afternoon and met my boy at night!

i love my eyebrows and best part of all they are all groomed by myself so i don’t need to waste $$$! i’m thinking of doing a simple tutorial on how to trim/shape your own brows, and my favorite brow products! anyone interested?

snippet of my outfit: eyelets with gold accents! love!

all pink and pretty at the L’Occitane event! spot the notebook with a very personalized cover that has my name printed on it! ❤ thanks L’Occitane! 😀 had an awesome time at the event!

stole a flower in my hair and the puce pink blazer is an old piece from Megagamie! i KNEW i was right to keep the puce pink, wahaha! now pastels are so in, i can wear until 够本! 😛

and last photo of the day, we are maybe happier doing grocery shopping in a supermart for our favorite snacks together and there’s no need for any fancy pancy dates?

off for supper/late dinner with the boy now! will be back to answer form spring questions and all that. need to edit photos for tomorrow’s launch too! 🙁 BUSY!!! next week should be a happy week for everyone, what with two Public Holidays!!! shioks!


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