Of Ice-cream & other cravings

someone please explain to me this sudden mad craving for ice cream D:

i’m usually a very froyo person so i’m blaming it on PMS! damn you PMS! i’ve been snacking insanely on the most unhealthy things ever, and i’m sure it’s absolutely terrible for me. must stop… soon.

i haven’t actually been doing much this week, in fact i think the most exciting thing i’ve done today was to buy a new printer for the office! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ got a Canon printer from Challenger at $139, yay! we’ve been running downstairs to LRH’s office to “borrow” their printer for a good while, lol. oh and we have a new temporary guy minion which is awesome!!! we need all the muscle we can get!

as i was saying, i bought a printer because we’ve been printing out labels for sticking on envelopes instead of manually handwriting! am hoping that this will reduce any chances of error and also be more efficient in the long run. we’ve just started doing the new “system” this week, so everyone’s still adjusting to it.

i’m in the “let’s just not dress-up” mood this week, which is also equivalent to very few photos!

a recap of what i’ve been doing since my last blog update, in words:

Sunday: photoshoot for TVD! we went to the Botanic Gardens and nearly died from the heat ๐Ÿ™ it was so humid cos it was gonna rain!!! thankfully we finished the shoot before it started raining! photoshoots are always so tiring!

Monday: super busy editing photos and mad rush, preparing for launch at night!

Tuesday: replying emails, packing, and stocking in new stuff at Kissjane!

Wednesday: the same as Tuesday, editing photos for the new launch, some of which i’ve uploaded on Facebook already! also bought my new printer, hehe.

i’ve also been having some “together” time with my awesome boyfriend, and it mostly involves eating. LOL. nothing fancy, we’ve been enjoying home-cooked meals together (cooked by my mummy who’s the most amazing cook!!) or eating BCM at his family’s stall and also satisfying my junk food cravings :S

cajoled YZ into bringing me out for ice cream at Udders last night, cos i heard about the new Maple Walnut flavor and i am insane about anything nutty + mapley together. so sinful, we ordered 2 scoops, demolished them promptly and went home with another 2 pints which we opened straight away!!!

i love my boyfriend for being my constant companion. when i detox, he detoxes with me. when i binge on junk food, he binges with me too. teehee. thank you BB โค

so today i’ve already ate my way through the Maple Walnut pint that we bought back, and there’s only 1/3 left now. *guilty* hahahaha. other than eating my way though a huge bag of chips too! gosh. time to get a hold on my junk food cravings! ๐Ÿ™


moving on, one of my mostest favorite manufactured piece of 2012 so far just arrived and i am crazily excited and mad pleased with it!!! ^____^ all the other girls kept at least one piece for themselves! yessss it’s the ultra gorgeous denim bralet that we tweaked from Topshop’s original design, and it turned out sooo pretty! i am keeping the two prints for myself, since i already have the original Topshop piece.


the floral printed version! paired with the Pleated Paperbag Skirt in Purple. super love! the fit is perfect.

a close up of the pretty prints. also has a row of faux pearl finish buttons in the middle, which makes it look really classy!

can’t wait to launch the next collection already! ๐Ÿ˜€ 


and some highlights of the last couple weeks instagram-ed!


favorite yoguru and how fat Baby looks like in the morning


superduper yummy BCM from YZ’s family’s stall ^^ i had meesua, so good!! a gorgeous sunset i chanced upon on Sunday after shoot, it made my day better instantly!


new shoes, super love! jelly wedges and tribal loafers. check out my cutie pie QQ looking all happy and excited! she’s such a dear!

follow me on instagram @yinagoh cos i update quite frequently! ๐Ÿ˜€

life’s simple pleasures are keeping me feeling very blessed and happy ^_^ eating, working, spending time with the bf, reading in my spare time. just a little too lazy, haha! i think i will do a blogpost next on some of the recent products I’ve been using in my daily skincare routine! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

til my next post, hope everyone’s having a good week so far! โค

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