New blog design!

HELLO all!

new layout/design for the blog! 😀 i know right, so random! i woke up at 5am this morning, couldn’t get back to sleep and suddenly decided i needed a new design for the blog. went for a more minimalistic design this time, though still with the same character cos i think “she”‘s my mascot already and i can’t bear to get rid of her! re-drew her in a simpler and more graphical style this time, and everything looks much cleaner. and i’ve been going crazy about florals lately so there you go, a floral wallpaper!

i also thought it’d be nice to have a “About me” page like most bloggers do, but i never got around to doing one previously! but i am REALLY shitty at this auto-biography thing. nevertheless, you can access the “About me” page via the top link bar! will probably put up a few more links too, and add more embellishments here and there, cos it’s not really complete yet.

hope it’s a refreshing change for the reader as well! 😀 what do you think?

anyways, retail therapy has been much needed after the very stressful and hectic week, and i got an awesome dose of it!!! ahhhh. feels so good!

scored an awesome pair of shoes from Steve Madden, at 50% off! they’re mad tall, but surprisingly comfortable for their height!

i am really really digging all the floral prints at Zara this season. they are SO pretty!!!! this pair of shorts was the last size/piece i saw on the rack at ION, and i had to grab it!!! and just because i thought a nice cream knit throw over would look good with it, i bought one too, lol. from Topshop 😀

and this was my outfit for yesterday! Cambridge Satchel in Burgundy and my cool new necklace that i love but has an unfortunate resemblance to a meat tenderizer.

mega love! and so ultra comfy 

other than shopping at brick and mortar stores, i also ordered myself a Clarisonic MIA online too, after reading all the rave reviews about it! can’t wait for it to be shipped! i’ve been really bothered by my bad skin lately (a lot of break outs and clogged pores!) and hope that the Clarisonic might be my answer to skin woes! 🙁

heh, ordered the Lavender one 😀 i love purple!

and because this is pretty much a meaningless blogpost, haha, photo of myself from Friday, i decided to give double eyelid tape a try again, and hmmm i think it does make a slight difference to my eyes!

gonna go shower and head out for photoshoot soon! oh no. feeling utterly nua and under the weather 🙁 am having advanced Monday blues because there’s many emails waiting to be replied to when we get back to office on Monday. if you’re one of those waiting for an email reply from us, do be patient, we will definitely get back to everyone tomorrow!

hope everyone’s having a better Sunday than me!

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