The best BCM in town is back + Hello my Ukulele

have you ever tried the best Ba Chor Mee (minced pork noodles) in town?

not the soupy Bedok 85 variety, but the solid Teochew style mee pok ta with lots of chilli and vinegar kind!!! it is DAMN awesome. and the nicest nicest nicest nicest one that i’ve ever had so far is from Da Sheng BCM, which used to be at Plaza Singapura’s Kopitiam (blogged about it here) and TEEHEE. it’s owned by YZ’s family!!!!

SO GOOD RIGHT. i get to eat the freaking nicest BCM in town all the time!!!

anyway, they ended their lease at Plaza Singapura a couple of months ago, and decided not to carry on there anymore due to management issues and all that. and i was REALLY missing their BCM. but they’ve just found a new stall space and have relocated to a coffeeshop along Bedok Reservoir Road….. so the best BCM in town is back!!!!!!

*throws confetti*

yayyy! congratulations on the new stall!!!

they’ve even added in new items on the menu! including 小锅青!

and i was really very excited to eat this BCM again. i’ve missed it and have been dreaming about the spicy, fragrant flavors bursting in my mouth with every bite of chewy, springy noodles…… *slurps*

they are SUPER generous with the ingredients. (not just because i am their prospective in-law to be) i also adore their fried pork dumplings so i asked for some extras on the side!

braised mushrooms, CHECK. minced pork, CHECK. slices of tender soft meat, CHECK. bouncy meat balls, CHECK. pork liver, CHECK. soft, springy, tasty noodles, CHECK!

hello ^^ commemorating the moment of savoring my favorite BCM ever!


oh, i really really love the dumplings! they are so sinful, but taste so good. crispy skin with juicy pork filling!!! i’m sorry if you’re vegan or anti-pork. it is just toooo good.

happily tucking in! πŸ˜€

and here’s a close up of the noodles all tossed and mixed and ready to eat. YUMS or not!

anyway, i am not being biased. it’s really good! many of my friends who’s went to PS to try it have become hardcore fans already. and a lot of their previous customers actually asked the management at Kopitiam where their stall relocated to because they want to eat it.

so there, you have 1st hand dibs!

Da Sheng Ba Chor Mee is now located at:

Varinice Kopitiam
739 Bedok Reservoir Road

and they are open daily from about 7AM to 8.30PM! 

definitely not to be missed if you’re a fan of BCM. i promise you you’ll enjoy the noodles!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


and on a super impulsive note, Reenie suddenly said out of the blue “Eh Yina you want to buy ukulele or not? Come with me tomorrow leh! We go and see!” and me being very impulsive as well was like “OKAY! LET’S GO!”

by the way, neither of us have ever played an ukulele before. HAHAHAHAHA. damn random or what! but i was all for it! the thought of getting one has briefly crossed my mind at some point of time, because i’ve been itching for an instrument to play that i can pick up easily… (i have some guitar background so i thought the ukulele sounded good!)

so, WHERE to buy an Ukulele in Singapore?
after much research and googling, we ended up at Ukulele Movement at Kampong Bugis…

quite ulu, it’s an industrial area and located inside a warehouse-ish kind of building!

but we stepped into the showroom and it was like…. UKULELE HEAVEN. soooooo many ukes on display and they were all so cute!

cute logo, huh!

here’s Min showing off a super cute uke with a bear shaped sound hole and an engraved bunneh on it.

but i really REALLY fell in love…. with this WATERMELON UKE!!! joyce says it looks like a payaya when i posted it on instagram =_= NOOOO…. it’s a WATERMELON!!!!!

there’s even a companion PINEAPPLE version!!! CUTENESS OVERLOAD.

my heart was ALL set on the watermelon uke already.

Min and i looking totally ridiculous in similar tops and maxi skirts LOL……

Reenie’s first love, this super cute white lacquered uke!

but in the end….. i gave up my super cute Watermelon uke!!! cos i tested another uke which was the same price as Watermelon, and it just sounded sooooo much lovelier to my ears. decided not to be superficial. lol. i figured i can always paint my uke myself! πŸ˜€

like this super cute one we saw on the wall, that was painted by one of the staff!

so yup.. Reenie and I both went off from Ukulele Movement with an ukulele each! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Ukulele Movement is located at:
66 Kampong Bugis, Level 5, Kallang Rivergreen Building, Singapore 338987 

Tel: +65 6299 0580 


and we ended off with a nice sinful dinner with ALOT of fries at none other than Everything With Fries at Katong. was super super super full and felt extra sinful ;_;

and a quickie outfit picture! Embelished collar top from Miss Selfridge that’s part of my massive shopping haul the day before, paired with the Isabella Maxi Skirt in Ocean Blue from TVD. i wanna make something similar (the top) for TVD! it was OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive. but i still bought it hohoho.

and the rest of my shopping haul… two dresses, and a pair of skinnies from Topshop ($20 off denim!!!)  a romper, a top, a pair of leggings and very gorgeous heels that were on 20% off.


meet my Ukulele! i haven’t thought of a name for it yet. but i have personalized my little ukulele bag with a doll brooch that Eils got me! ^^

even set aside a special notebook to start writing chords and practicing the uke with. teehee.

and one of the songs currently on my to-learn list!

we’ve been having fun terrorizing everyone else with our bad ukulele practice hahaha! but it’s really fun and cute!!! am spending a lot of time with the ukulele whenever i pick it up because it’s small and convenient and cute. if i get good enough at it, maybe i will post up some videos. haha.

i have a really packed weekend coming up, and i’m really excited cos i’ll be singing for my first wedding fair this Sunday, with Sparkle Music! the wedding fair will be at Crowne Plaza, and i will be singing together with Alfred from Sparkle Music at 12PM and 2PM! πŸ™‚ if you’re a prospective bride/groom-to-be looking for a live band/singers for your wedding, COME DOWN TO CHECK US OUT! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

or just come down to support me la. hahahahaha. excited leh! :S

πŸ˜€ enjoy the weekend!!!

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