the travelogues: Genting Highlands!


okay, havent blogged for almost a week already! too busy cos i have rehearsals every freaking night this week in preparation for a concert on Saturday (followed by another performance on Sunday) and last week, i was in Genting Highlands from Tuesday to Thursday with YZ and his family!

it’s my first time going to Genting in my twenty and five years. i know right, i’m so suaku! always heard people mention Genting and the theme parks and casinos, but i didn’t realize that that’s all Genting has to offer. a theme park, AND casinos…. full stop D:

really got nothing else to do at Genting one! faints. and most of the food that’s available there are either very overpriced, or taste nasty. except the mushroom farm restaurants. must go and try!!! even the Mcdonalds there sucks balls compared to Singapore’s. i’m guessing it’s just cos Genting is such a touristy spot that everything there tastes mediocre and substandard. cos regardless of how crappy it is, people will still buy/eat whatever’s available there. or they just win a lot of money at the casino and thus can afford to pay for all kinds of over-priced food.

so since all we did at Genting was to eat and go to the casino (no, i didn’t win any money), there’s not much to talk about nor photos to post. unless you want me to talk about how i was so damn awesome i won 800 dollars playing baccarat with one 50 dollar chip AND THEN lost it all.

the coach that we took to Genting was rather awesome though! it’s like some VIP coach and damn ample leg room and the seat has like 6 different buttons you can push to adjust the angle, tilt and even got massage function!!! #isamazed


woke up at like 4.30AM cos the coach departed at 6AM. inhuman hour. shades on to hide my chui-ness!


YZ’s family 😀 8 of us plus little Zavier boy!

well, we got to Genting pretty quickly and uneventfully, checked into First World Hotel when we arrived, and it was mad crowded with many aunties and uncles (i presume they all go to Genting to gamble)


YZ’s mummy feeding Zavier boy his milk who’s a little terror but he’s really DAMN ADORABLE. i think like 80% of the pictures i took in Genting were of Zavier! he’s damn cute please and i don’t even like kids.


well my camera has this really awesome flash that makes even super chui face look okay 😀 


Zavier boy with his uncle! Zavier calls YZ 叔叔 and calls me 姐姐 but FML when he’s like 10 years old I’m going to be 36 years old auntie age liao. call 姐姐 is 骗人 one ): 

actually, sometimes when i see YZ playing/carrying Zavier i feel abit freaked out. he super looks like a 年轻爸爸 and whenever it’s just two of us and Zavier (sometimes we bring Zavier to the supermarket near his house) i feel damn self-conscious like people are staring at us and thinking how come we’re young parents like that. then i abit #panicmode like OMG in another 2-3 years this is what we are going to look like with our kid.

LOL am i thinking too much :S


everyone told me Genting would be quite cold and i probably would need maybe a thick jacket/leggings/scarf but i think kena cheated it was just moderately cool and i wore shorts throughout the trip instead :X it was super foggy though whenever the clouds passed through! kind of gloomy looking.


First World Hotel! super colorful exterior and so much fog/clouds in the sky you can’t see nothing.


and this is the view from our hotel room. can see the entire theme park and all the fogginess! we didn’t visit the theme park in the end cos it was so foggy most of the time. (and i was inside the casino trying to win back my money but #fail)


First World Hotel Lobby Cafe got this freakin awesome roti prata that’s bigger than your head wtf! damn shiokkkkkkkkk please. one person eat one prata full already! pretty expensive though but i think it was one of the best things we tasted inside the hotel/dining spots at Genting!


YZ specially wore his Aces of Spades shirt in hopes of winning money. nope, didn’t work. i was wearing the new Be My Sweetheart Tee from TVD, in mad awesome Bumblebee Yellow! such a cheerful color, wearing it makes me feel happy already 😀


Zavier boy superrrrrly cute! there were two clowns doing their acts in the hotel lobby and he was super excited and really wanted to play with the yo yo thing, but he was so scared of the clowns, every time one of them came close he started crying LOL. can’t blame Zavier boy, if i were a kid, i’d probably be freaked out by clowns too!


Zavier boy having a ball with the toy!


lol he move so fast until become a blur.


and YZ tried to ride the unicycle… obviously not as easy as it looks. bwahahaha.


the clowns clowning around… they took my camera to help us take a group photo then used it to take a photo of themselves instead! can’t believe i fell for this old hat trick. =_= 


well, they did take a nice group photo of us in the end 😀 


YZ and i! off to explore the Ripley’s Believe it or Not exhibition! it’s actually very interesting and quite fun! 😀


silly looking distorted reflections in the funny mirrors. 

we went on this caterpillar tram ride too that goes from inside the building to around the theme park and back in! mostly for Zavier boy’s entertainment, lol. he super loves riding in the tram!


cutie pie. he’s damn cheeky but really adorable!


Baskin Robbins for yummy ice cream!!!


NOM NOM. you can find Baskin Robbins in Singapore too! i know there’s an outlet at Nex! craving for some sweet desserts now.


it’s our pre-dinner snack. guaguagua. 不肥是假的.


the only picture i took with Zavier boy. he is damn picky one. only lets selected VIPs carry him, hug him or kiss him. if not, he will start crying or throwing tantrums. want to take picture with him also difficult! but at least he calls me 姐姐 now! even greeting me also must see his mood first. hai……..


anyways, i was talking about the mushroom farm!! it’s like a 2 minute van ride away from the hotel and the restaurants all have their own vans which come to pick up and send the customers back and forth from the hotel to the farm!


at the mushroom farm, looks like some 武侠片 scene or something! all that fog/clouds and green mountains. half-expected to see 小龙女 flying out from somewhere.

the food at the mushroom farm is tons better than the food courts/eateries within the hotel/theme park/shopping area, and it’s quite affordable too! must try if you go Genting!!!


some 奶油鱼 that’s awesome shiok


crispy pork knuckle! 


steamed 鳕鱼 that’s mad yummy i couldn’t stop eating this!!!


yam ring!

didn’t take pictures of all the food cos some of them looked/tasted quite meh, like the veggies and this not-nice-tasting otah we had. feel cheated, i always thought otah in Malaysia would be super tasty, but even my mom makes better steamed otah than the one we tried at the mushroom farm! 

we ate ALOT though, like at least 9 to 10 dishes for dinner! went to the mushroom farm for dinner on both days we were there, and tried two different restaurants. there are like three restaurants there, and apparently the one we went to on the first day is the suckiest (it’s the one straight in on the left) and the one we went to on the second day (straight in on the right) was like waaaaaaaaaay better. 


go mushroom farm must take picture with mushroom!

and our only other group photo!

quite an uneventful trip to Genting, but it was nice to spend some time with YZ and his family away from Singapore ^_^ i don’t think i would go back to Genting on my own though, i’m not all that keen on gambling away all my money. and if i wanted to go to a theme park, would rather go to Universal Studios Singapore instead! :X 

haha. the coach ride back to Singapore was such an ordeal because i was last minute editing photos for launch and having to concentrate on the laptop screen gave me really bad motion sickness =_= the coach just kept going round and round and round and bumpily bumpily bump down the freaking mountain and i was like all about ready to puke lor. but i managed it in the end! hallelujah 😀 😀 😀


outfit pictures! will try to post more, but i’ve been so lazy to dress up of late :S new cardi coming up on TVD next collection! it’s inspired from the original piece from Miss Selfridge here that i have and have worn countless times…. super looooove it!

extremely comfortable crochet knit material and has really cute details like the slouchy pockets. definitely gonna be another worn-to-death cardi in my collection! 😀 my original piece is Nude color, so i decided to keep the Sea Green!


and guess what i finally got the chance to sing for my first proper wedding gig last Sunday!!! it was actually a last minute sub-in for another singer who fell sick :S so i think out of desperation Kewei asked me instead lolol not complaining 😀 


had to wear something formal/dressy so i settled on the Mirai Stardust dress from Christmas collection last year! looked really nice, cept that it was so tight on me i could hardly breathe LOL. was worried about whether i could sing properly or not :S


mic and music stands set up.


this is Ein Ein, she’s an amazingly genius keyboardist! any song, any key, any time. i think that’s like her motto in life.

and i got to sing together with Sugie as well! quite exciting for me as i’m new to doing wedding gigs and the likes, but thankfully the two of them are experienced old birds when it comes to wedding gigs and guided me through the entire gig with ease, despite some minor hiccups here and there. i really enjoyed it, it’s actually very sweet to sing for weddings, hehe.

anyway, if you’re looking for singers/live bands for your wedding, you can check out Sparkle LiveMusic which is set up by Kewei, all the singers and musicians are really fantastic! 😀 😀 😀


oh yes! last but not least… i was really really surprised and honored when i received an email from Cozycot informing me that i was nominated as one of their inspiring women for International Women’s Day 2012! it is such an honor, especially when you look at all the other amazing women who are also on the list of nominees, including many professionals, entrepreneurs, musicians and etc!

i don’t know if i would call myself an inspiring person, but i would never have imagined myself where i am now, 5 years ago, running an online business and blogging, when i was still slogging it out in the design/art industry hoping to make a name for myself as an artist. goes to show that life is really unpredictable.

do drop by to cast a vote for me here? all you have to do is to “Like” my profile on the page! i would be greatly honored by your support! #shy

okiedokes. gonna go sleep nao! 2.30AM already. yawnzxzx. long week ahead!

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