Review: Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes (Give-away!) + More Cambridge Satchel Love


“The new Hypn么se Doll Eyes takes its inspiration from every young girl’s dream to reinvent a fringe of separated, thick, long, ‘nylon’ shine lashes: true doll lashes! The new Hypn么se Doll Eyes mascara lengthens, curls, volumises and separates for the ultimate wide-eye look.”

got to try the mascara at home for myself too, and i gotta say i looove the flowery rose scent of the product! 馃榾 the conical shape of the brush makes it really easy to reach even the inner/outer corners of your eyes, and the effect is so natural, but opens up your eyes dramatically at the same time, for that wide-eyed doll look! 馃榾 it doesn’t clump easily unlike some other mascaras, and i really like the end result.

my verdict: this is a product that really delivers what it promises! 

Lanc么me even came up with a Facebook app for you to fiddle with and create your very own doll avatar by uploading a photo of your face, and it’s super fun to play with!!! 馃榾 馃榾 馃榾 my doll looks very generic though. haha! can’t really tell that it’s me, huh?

and now for my favorite part, GIVE-AWAY!!!

that’s right, Lanc么me will be sponsoring THREE sets of products worth $140 for give-away!

each set includes the following:

1 Ombre Absolue Impact 3D palette (shade may differ) worth $90

1 Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara 鈥 Deluxe size worth $50

what the eyeshadow palette looks like! check out Mag from Makeupstash’s review on this palette here!

it’s too simple, all you need to do is do the following:

1. Go to Lancome’s Facebook app here, create your very own doll avatar!

2. Upload your doll avatar with the caption “I want to be a doll!” and tag Lancome Singapore!
(you have to “Like” Lancome’s Facebook page first! some readers have mentioned that the photo can’t be uploaded directly to Lancome’s wall so please tag the picture instead!)

3. Comment on this entry with a link to your photo on Facebook!

give-away ends on 29th March, midnight! 馃榾 only open to local (Singapore) addresses!

YOU GUYS ARE LIKE HOW LUCKY CAN! i also want to win the awesome give-away!!! if noone takes part, i am going to upload and share my doll avatar so i can win the give-away for myself. HAHA.

what are you waiting foooor! head on to the Hypnose Doll Eyes app now to go make your own doll avatar! it’s really fun!! i’d love to see what all your dolls look like too!

good luck!!! 馃榾


and so i decided to bring out the Cambridge Satchel in Yellow 14″ for some fresh air yesterday, and thanks to all the votes of confidence from friends on Twitter and Instagram, i stepped out courageously looking like this:

 awesome possum lilac floral blazer i scored from F21 sale, for only 35 buckeroos!!! 馃榾 mad love the prints on it! and i thought that the pale lilac would look smashing with the yellow Cambridge Satchel, teehee. didn’t turn out too bad, i think?

love the dash of color the yellow Cambridge Satchel adds to the outfit!!! mucho loves.

i think you peeps are gonna be so sick of seeing and reading about the Cambridge Satchel real soon, i’m probably gonna carry the Cambridge Satchels out for the next few weeks until i exhaust all outfit and color combination possibilities and maybe get sick of it. LOL. bear with me, okay?! and yes, i think i am gonna end up keeping TWO for myself!!! haha. justifying that if i keep the Burgundy 14″(limited edition some more!) and Yellow 13″(simply cannot resist the gorgeous happy yellow shade), they are in different sizes and look totally different so it’s okay 馃榾 

anyway, YZ and I are doing a 7-day Neera Detox diet, and today’s the 4th day!!! uh huh, 7 friggin’ days of non-food. because YZ’s doing a catalogue photoshoot for Giant and he wants to look skinnier lololol y’know “ai sui mai mia” (want good-looking don’t want life) so we are both doing it together, since i want to cut down on my food intake and lose some weight as well! 

sounds like a torture, but it isn’t that bad cos i get full on the drink pretty okay, but after 4 days of this drink, even a bowl of plain soup sounds appetizing to me. okay, shall peservere on til next Tuesday! 馃榾 CAN’T WAIT. woohoo!!! say no to fats!

meanwhile, have a fabulous weekend folks! remember to take part in the give-away to win the fabulous prizes! 馃榾

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