Review: Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow + Food Adventures of the Detoxed

honored to attended Benefit Singapore’s first blogger’s event ever: it was held in their office and we loved the office so much! cute, pink and girly. makes me feel ashamed of TVD’s office :X we were introduced to a new brightening foundation: Hellow Flawless Oxygen Wow! 😀 the Benefit girls were adorable, all dressed up in pink wigs, and they even did a short skit for us!

the awesome Nuffies, Gabby and Jayne who attended the event together with me! 😀 teehee we went shopping at F21 sale after that! so disappointing cos the sales section wasn’t very big. sad!

the foundation feels very light-weight and blends in really nicely to provide a light to medium coverage which is perfect for daily use 🙂 i like it that there’s SPF too so it protects from the sun at the same time! 😀 it also provides a matte finish, which makes it very convenient to use cos you don’t need to set it off with any powder, though you can still do so if you wish to 🙂

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow will be launching at Benefit counters island-wide in April, retailing for SGD$54! 🙂


act 一个 chio. hahahaha 😀 really light makeup but with the Hellow Flawless foundation! natural is the way to go. i left the pictures unedited too, no airbrushing or photoshopping my blemishes away!


so it’s post-detox day 3 and i have possibly already undone half the good i did while on my detox hahaha first up for lunch, i had a lunch date with the Nuffies and we had super decadent and high-class Abalone Laksa at Hotel Re!’s Re!Fill restaurant! cute retro themed boutique hotel!

the place was practically empty, but then again the location is damn ulu. 

a bowl of Abalone Laksa that comes with 3 prawns, 1 scallop and 1 small abalone costs $18.80 usually but there’s some 1-for-1 promo going on, so inclusive of GST and service charge one bowl cost like $11. over-priced laksa much? at least it was good laksa.. super gao gravy that’s especially shiok after you throw in the extra sambal chilli that’s served with every portion. and the little abalone was really quite tasty! worth a try if you want an old local favorite with a twist! but give me my $3 laksa any day!

Re!Fill Restaurant
175A Chin Swee Road, 
 Lobby Hotel Re! @ Pearl’s Hill
Tel: +65 6827 8228 
Daily 7am – 11pm


 followed by dinner at night with my family at Long Beach King…

deep fried fish something in some sauce (??!!)

deep-fried scallop in a yam ring with banana inside! yummyyyyyy.

prawnssss :D~

hands down my absolute FAVOURITE. deep fried mantou with chilli crab sauce!!! 

aaand crabs… i haven’t had crabs for the longest time!!! (possibly since i got my braces put)

Long Beach King Seafood Restaurant
220 Stadium Boulevard 
Tel: +65 6344 7722
Daily 11am–3pm, 5pm–1.15am

yes, my stomach is just about to burst for the love of delicious food. this makes me wonder (now that i’m no longer on the detox fast) how i actually managed to not eat for 7 days, when i love food SO much!  and i have more foodie dates all lined up with various people already!!!

okay, it’s time to bring out the running shoes, and get MOVING. but right now, i’m just too full!


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