Nuffnang is FIVE!

NUFFNANG IS FIVE!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ (give you 5 smiley faces for being 5 years old!) and we had a ball of a time celebrating last Monday evening, at Equinox privating dining, Swissotel! i have like a shitload of pictures (as usual) so i’m just gonna dump em photos here. ZOMG.

Jayne, Peggy and myself at the photo booth that was specially prepared for the night! πŸ˜€

so this Gabby called me and asked me to keep myself available for the 27th, and said that there would be a Nuffnang birthday dinner, and i was like oh okay! thought it was going to be like a small affair, but nooooooo, the day before the dinner, everyone on twitter (the bloggers) were all going on about what they were gonna wear and all that and i was like SHIT. was just gonna wear something simple and all but i was like damn worried i would underdress! no time to go shop for new dress some more, in the end, i dug out something from Gina’s wardrobe ahahaha yay problem solved! i know, you might be thinking like wtf i should have a million and one clothes from TVD but it’s not the dressy season so there isn’t anything (new) that’s dressy enough for the occasion! and i die die want to wear something i never wear before. lolol vain. SO. moving on!

decided to go all out in the end, and booked a hair appointment together with Jayne, at our most trusted Salon Vim! mad awesome. i never have to worry about my hair, all thanks to my amazing hair stylist Stephanie! ^_^


starting off with a hair wash and 1-step treatment first!


Gary discussing Jayne’s look for the night!


so cute lololol. Salon Vim just brought in this new equipment and i totally look like i ought to be soaking in an onsen with the towel around my forehead and steam all around me! 


on to the styling.. it’s curls to one side and super funky looking with strands artistically pulled out!


Steph working her magic with the bobbi pins!

we ended up kinda of late in the end cos our hair styling took too long! D: but it’s worth it, look at our hair, so mad chio! Jayne had these really cool braids on one side with curls on the other side! 


ALL DONE WITH OUR HAIR. taken while cabbing down to Swissotel, lol. luckily it’s near.


313 @ Somerset #04-07/08/09

check out Salon Vim’s facebook page too, for the latest promos and services available! πŸ™‚



we arrived at the Equinox restaurant, which is on the freaking 69th floor of Swissotel The Stamford! too bad it was getting dark already so there wasn’t much of a view. Jayne signing off in the guestbook!


we got our photo booth pictures printed out instantly too! yippee!


ok the only picture i took of myself by myself. lolol.


i was seated at Table 2, with Peggy, Zoe Raymond, Sheila, Esther, Nadia, Noel, Becks and Yutaki!

first time meeting some of these peeps, though it’s like i know who they are already, i tell you, the feeling is weird lol. it’s like so awkward! like, hi! i know you’re Peggy! anyway i’m Yina! nice to meet you!

i feel like a stalker y’know. it’s like you know who these people are and you even read their blogs but if you go like “oh so i read your last entry and you did this and that” i dunno man it just sounds very stalkerish doesn’t it!

luckily, they’re all very nice people πŸ˜€ so awkward moment over, it was really easy to converse and talk with them!


with the really nice Peggy on my right


and Yutaki on my left! i swear, he’s prettier than me.

we had a huge spread of food available for us, so so so so much food zomg! i didn’t eat so much of the food (the people at my table were all eating very little! i didn’t want to look like the only glut!) but i made up for it by having lots of desserts πŸ˜€


Nadia and Esther happily eating across the table πŸ˜€


and of course, being Nuffnang’s 5tih birthday, Boss Ming went up to give a speech! 


desserts: the best darn crepe cake ever. from Humble Beginnings!scame in so so many flavors and it was MAD yummy!!! i even da-baoed some leftovers home at the end of the night ahaha :X


it was a super entertaining night, with performances and games! Chua En Lai appeared as Porn from The Noose and he was friggin hilarious with his Thai accent!


Noel and Qiuqiu kena sabo-ed to go on stage! lolol.

the cutest cake ever! that’s supposed to be Ming and Timothy! (the co-founders)


and all the Nuffies participating in the cake-cutting and taking a group photo!


had a wonderful singer, Ling Kai, who serenaded us with her gorgeous voice and guitar.. *melts*

what a night, great food, awesome performances and of course bloggers doing what they usually do best: camwhore ahahaha πŸ˜€


i was just demonstrating how the E-P3 flash is so awesome everyone looks damn radiant with it!


group picture of Table 2 ^_^


with Noel!


Jayne, Peggy and me! these two girls are gorgeous rightttt


and with Zoe as well!


Becks came and left pretty quick, didn’t get to talk much but we still snapped a quick picture πŸ˜€


and more with Yutaki, he’s really the king of camwhore cos his arms are so damn long, he can hold the camera super far! seriously amazing. Yutaki says he can take a self-shot with 10 people inside.


this is proof right. you see got three of us already still can fit in at least 6 other faces in the frame!


with Sheila and Zoe!


and my favorite beauty queen, Valerie πŸ˜€


promised Jayne i will put up a CHIO picture of her. Jayne, can or not??? this is very chio already ok!


with Wen! i like her short hair so nice!


pretty Sophie!


Bea, looking stunning as always! πŸ˜€


hamsum Brad was wearing a super smart outfit too!


and with Clara


Wen appeared from nowhere i also dunno how come got this pic LOL.


with Qiuqiu! i think i did you justice in this picture. LOL. is chio de!


and of course i had to take a picture with Wendy!


everyone busy taking pictures throughout the night haha.


with Boss Ming! Nuffnang HUAT AH!!!!


my dear Nuffies Gabby and Wen..


and also Amanda and Eliza πŸ˜€

left the dinner pretty late, but some of the NN folks wanted to go chill and have some drinks, so Val and i joined em! we went to Switch by Timbre, which is a pretty new joint near Bras Basah. it’s a great place to chill, and opens pretty late as well. the menu is adapted from Timbre’s, so you can find favorites like the thin crust roast duck pizza! i went back there last night, so maybe i’ll blog more about Switch soon!


so cute one this Valerie!


Timbre-style thin crusted pizza. 


Wen, Huixian, Edwin and Xavier!


and this Huiwen super tired until she blur lor. she keep on asking me if we took pictures together already or not i was like JUST NOW DURING DINNER WE TOOK ALOT LIAO WHAT! but never mind, take again!


with these two talented 小弟弟们. hahahaha :S Edwin and Xavier! dammit, i feel old. thanks ah Xavier. at least i say i look like 23 years old. HAHAHA self-consolation.

last group photo of the night! Chris, Huixian, Edwin, Xavier, Noel, Alvin, Wen, Patrick, Val and myself!

i am SO proud for Nuffnang. 5 incredible years and many more to come!!! and if you asked me 2 years ago, i would have laughed in your face (and maybe tell you to go and 吃倧便) if you told me i’d be part of this amazing community of talented bloggers and people. and it’s all because of Nuffnang. #emo

here’s to many more years to come, and may Nuffnang HUAT BIG BIG!!! 


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