Donnie & Kerina’s big day + my teeth are so straight!!

sharing some backdated photos of Donnie and Kerina’s wedding 2 months ago: YZ and i were asked to be “brothers” and “姐妹”s for the couple, and it was really fun! the jie meis were all decked out in our Mandarin Lace Collar Dress and everyone agreed that the dress was gorgeous! 😀

side tracking a little, i’ve attended like 3 weddings this year already, and have another 2 to attend next month… that’s 5 weddings already and it’s not even May! horrors. everyone’s getting married left right centre! and my parents keep on asking me when i’m going to get married too -_- they seem to be really eager to get rid of me… i guess i have to be resigned to the fact that i am now at that age where everyone’s already moving on one by one to the next stage of their lives already………. 🙁 

the gatecrash and wedding lunch was held at Swisshotel Merchant Court!


obviously, every gate crash has got to have the 酸甜苦辣! haha. i was in charge of 甜 and 辣, must say that i was pretty kind… they all got a nice dose of Hershey’s chocolate syrup topped with whipped cream!


followed by the legendary Goh family samba chilli paste…. solid stuff! heehee. 


cannot forget the wasabi, which is a must. hahaha.


i couldn’t sleep well the night before because i had nightmares of waking up late for the gatecrash which was at 6am =_= reached the hotel super early to start prepping for the gatecrash!


dressing the other sisters up 😀


and the brothers… finally appeared after a mega long wait!


hohoho gate crashing games begin!!!




damn funny. made them dance that Korean bear song! lolol. it was superly funny. too bad i don’t have a video of them dancing!


and also the “Sorry Sorry Sorry” song LOLOL. i dunno what it’s called! YZ really shaking his booty leh. don’t play play.


checking the ang pao money….




the “Guess The Bride’s Lipstick Mark” game LOL this one is epic confirm every time also guess wrong one


indeed, guessed wrongly again! i dunno why i keep on laughing with my mouth so wide open in all the shots!


forfeit time… groom gets sexy red lips and he has to transfer the red lips to all the brothers!




sporting off their sexy red puckers


arrived upstairs at the door… but still cannot enter!


a love contract to be declared in 8 different languages..

and sealed with another kiss!!! hahahaha Donnie’s face 苦笑



finally!!! got to kiss his lovely bride Kerina!!!



the sisters with dear Kerina! 

and taken during the wedding lunch!

post wedding lunch high. after which we spent the entire afternoon inside the bridal suite while the boys tried to thrash me at Wii and failed. LOL. #megusta.jpg



it’s only like what, 4 months into my braces (i posted about getting my braces done exactly 4 months ago here!!!) and can you believe it my teeth are ALREADY so fugging straight!!!! it’s damn amazing!!!! just went for a visit to the ortho last Tuesday and he was very happy with how my teeth were progressing. no extractions some more, hohoho.


IT’S SO STRAIGHT i keep on like baring my teeth at all my friends and telling them “see see see my teeth so straight already!” even if they don’t want to see i also force them.

recap of what my teeth looked like 4 months ago…


and how they look like now!!!

omg this is sorcery! 4 months only! even that crooked tooth on the bottom right that was so crowded it couldn’t be attached to the wire is now making its way out already! hope i get to debrace earlier. Dr Cheng said 1.5 years initially but i’m optimistic that i might be able to get them off before that 😀


check out the progress! woohoo. see already so happy 😀

and even my top row of teeth (which everyone said looked okay to begin with) is looking much better now. no more bunny front teeth! 😀 😀 😀 plus i never realized i had such a crooked smile due to my asymmetrical teeth. looking much better now!

always very excited to go for my next ortho appointment so that i can see my teeth getting straighter and straighter every month. yay!!!!!!


ok. ending off with some new purchases from DollyWink! always heard that their eyeliner and falsies were good, so i decided to get em to try for myself. 


i got myself the liquid eyeliner, a brow pencil, and 2 sets of falsies, including lower falsies which i’ve never tried before!


and it turned out super natural! so natural i think i spent abit too much time and effort sticking on all the falsies when the look is so subtle -_-

but still, very nice! this picture doesn’t quite look like me huh, too chio. hahaha.

oh, and i’ve been binging like mad lately due to all the late night rehearsals and what-not, so i promised myself that next week starts on a clean slate again! no more shaker fries for me, though they are SOoooo good. i must resist!

gotta run off cos i have a performance later in the evening! had a great concert with the SYC yesterday too, what a packed weekend! glad that this busy week will be over soon so i can have more slack time from next week on! i feel so guilty for being such a lazy blogger lately 🙁 will try to blog more frequently!!! 

enjoy your Sunday, everybardi! 

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