Cambridge Satchel!!!


curious QQ and Baby came over to examine as well.. the two kpo dogs!

okay… actually it’s no secret cos i’ve already posted pictures and tweets all over my Instagram and Twitter! =_= but i’m so excited i wanted to show off more pictures of these babies πŸ˜€ so just act as if you’re seeing them for the first time ok!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

finally succumbed to all the damn gorgeous pictures of the Cambridge Satchels that i’ve been seeing all over (just google Cambridge Satchel, and you’ll know what i mean!), and decided to get not just 1, but 3 of these beauties!!!!! 



read up abit on these beauties and their history is pretty interesting, the company was actually started by a mother who wanted to look for Harry Potter-esque schoolbag satchels that were functional and practical for her children to carry to school, and it ended up being revolutionary in the designer/fashion scene! they are really attractive: i am sooo in love with the mega gorgeous pop colors, the smooth leather and the simple satchel design: it will instantly prep up any outfit! though i don’t see how it makes a good schoolbag, it looks big but honestly it’s rather slim: you probably won’t be able to fit more than one (slim) Physics textbook in it! hahaha.

so i ended up getting THREE. hahaha. i had such a hard time musing over which color/size to choose, and ended up with the Burgundy Red 13″ (limited edition), Yellow 14″ and Purple 14″! both 13″ and 14″ seem quite use-able to me, though i think i’d be better off with keeping one of the 14″ cos i usually lug around so many things including my MacBook Air and my cameras!

and now that they’ve arrived on my doorstep literally barely 12 hours after i placed my order with Doorstepluxury (super efficient!), i am still in a conundrum over which color to keep for myself!! because i’m gonna be giving away one of these Cambridge Satchels to celebrate TVD’s 100th collection which is coming up very very soon!!! AWESOME OR WHAT! heh. very very very excited about it!!!

so one bag is for the give-away, and i will pick one for myself. and possibly keep a second one or maybe sell it to one of my friends cos half of them are lusting over the Cambridge Satchel as well. oh no! i still can’t decide which!!!

and a couple more pictures.. aren’t the colors simply lovely!


i love the Burgundy one, but then i love the Yellow too. and the Purple is super cute. *dies* you see, i really can’t decide πŸ™ WHICH COLOR SHOULD I KEEP???


the stitching and workmanship’s really good! it’s troublesome though cos you have to manually unbuckle/buckle the straps, there are no magnetic buttons. i don’t care, this bag is too gorgeous for me to fuss over small details like that. heh! the leather feels really smooth and nice!

and now i am thinking of coordinating my outfit for tomorrow with one of these satchels already!!! i have a feeling i’ll end up keeping the Yellow one πŸ˜€ hehe. will def post up outfit pictures featuring the satchels once i get the chance to show off these babies!

so so so so so so pretty!!! the last time i got this excited over a purchase was probably when i was in my House of Harlow accessories craze πŸ˜€ heh. so easy to make girls happy!

and ending off this pretty much short and useless post with pictures of fat Baby because she happened to be in the way! haha!

she is omg obscenely fat for a Chihuahua. i swear we don’t feed her anything bad, but she keeps on stealing QQ’s food! poor QQ.

going to dream about how to turn all my outfits into high fashion designer looks with my Cambridge Satchel now. HAHAHA. just kidding (kind of). i hope you like the scrapbooking layout too cos i haven’t done it for a long time and i thought i’d do something simple but pretty! :)))

PS. promise to have more frequent updates too πŸ˜€ really! πŸ˜€ come back again and visit soon! πŸ˜€
PPS. it’s been rather quiet here lately! πŸ™ leave a comment if you’re still reading this space?

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