Breaking the Fast!

finally completed the 7-day Neera Detox fast (you can read more about it here cos i’ve blogged about it previously already) i was doing with YZ officially, this morning!!!
*throws confetti in the air*

and the best part? stepped on the weighing scale and saw this:

πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

lowest weight i’ve seen on my weighing scale for a really long time!!! shioks. skinny people, do not judge. i’ve been 53-56kg for the longest time, and seeing a 51.2kg feels really good! πŸ˜€ even if it’s just cos of losing the water weight/food weight or whatever. haha :X

the 7-day detox doesn’t sound as intimidating as it actually is, because once you get used to not taking in solid food, the Neera drink keeps me full most of the time, and being conscious that i am not supposed to eat anything helps me curb those cravings that i’d normally give in to.

during the detox, it’s hard when you go to bed at night feeling hungry, but one of the best parts of doing the detox is waking up in the morning and feeling good about yourself! definitely seeing the flatter tummy and sharper face, as well as looking a little slimmer generally. even my maid commented that i look slimmer woohoo! #missionaccomplished

the results on YZ are even more obvious cos he’s been jogging everyday the past week! his face doesn’t look so chubby now as compared to the past few months and his waistline is definitely smaller. however, you wouldn’t believe how much you start fantasizing about food when you haven’t tasted solid food for a few days, LOL… towards the end, we were so eager for the 7 days to be over and started planning and scheduling when and what to eat once the detox was over!

technically, you’re supposed to break the fast with very light food that isn’t taxing on your stomach, as it hasn’t been digesting food for the past 7 days already, so on the 7th day, i did a fruit juice/fruit fast, and we planned our own “healthy” steamboat for the 1st day post-detox! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

waited for YZ to finish his photoshoot for Giant, cos they pay in vouchers, and he got like 900 dollars plus worth of vouchers!!! can shop for groceries like siao with 900 dollars please! super famished already cos his shoot ended late and we were reserving our stomach for our celebratory meal together πŸ˜€

it’s shopping time at Giant Hypermart!

showing off all the vouchers he got. quite good eh, he got almost one thousand dollars worth of vouchers for a 6 and a half hour shoot! D:


we went to the branch at Parkway, which is really very gigantic! we spent a really long time wandering through the aisles to look for the products we wanted!

got a bunch of groceries for our steamboat, as well as some snacks… :X

so much food, and we only used ONE $50 voucher!

yay. hehe. don’t need to pay for anything πŸ˜€

happy me! can’t wait to get back to start preparing and eating!

back at YZ’s to prepare our sumptuous steamboat! look at that insane amount of vegetables and greens. we got cabbage, watercress, tomato, corn and carrots!!!

and this chicken broth by Heinz is pretty good for a quick steamboat fix πŸ™‚

oh-so-healthy ingredients for our steamboat! we got fish, mushrooms, tofu, scallops, and this golden mushroom solo thingy that i insisted on having. it’s damn nice! it’s like a fishball with mushroom/meat filling. super shiok.

good thing we didn’t have to wait too long for the soup to start boiling cos it was almost 5pm already and our steamboat was supposed to be lunch! yayness!


and it started pouring heavily 20 minutes into our meal. lagi more shiok! cold, rainy weather is the best kind of weather for a steamboat!

ε€§εŠŸε‘Šζˆ, we successfully completed our 7-day detox! and our steamboat tasted so yummy too!!!! all the veggies were so sweet and it really felt very healthy!!! ^^

but so much for preparing a healthy meal for post-detox,
guess what we ended up eating after steamboat….

we polished off an entire bag of chips from our “store” after all the effort we took to make a healthy steamboat meal! =_= LOL..


food has never tasted so awesome after not having eaten for one week! so, it’s okay. will continue to watch the diet… maybe after we’re done satisfying all the food cravings we had during detox. haha! i hope that feeling of waking up feeling skinny (even if it’s psychological) can help motivate me somehow!


so i woke up at 6am today because my parents’ alarm clock wouldn’t start ringing, and i spent the entire morning/afternoon replying emails and editing photos for S100! super productive for once, which feels good! i am really SO excited for this 100th collection! it’s amazing that we’ve reached our 100th collection already, and i can’t thank all the customers and supporters of TheVelvetDolls enough, especially those who’s seen us through from our early “pond photoshoot” days to now!!!

am glad that i no longer have to edit/photoshop myself for TVD photos wahaha! i remember how much i used to complain about it! at least now TVD has chio models so editing/photoshopping aint such a chore! πŸ˜€ so grateful that we are really blessed with lovely models, great staff and pixies who are ever-enthusiastic when it comes to lending a hand, a mad awesome supplier who’s always trying to solve all our issues for us, fellow blogshop owners who are around to commiserate together, and last but not least wonderful and patient customers who are super accommodating and supportive! πŸ˜€


really hoping that everyone will be loving this collection as much as i do! all the previews are uploaded on the Facebook page already, if you haven’t checked them out!

i’m adding quite a few items to my wardrobe from Series 100, and one of them is the adorable birdie printed tank! πŸ˜€ kept it in the Mauve color, since i look better in pink tones. paired it simply with highwaisted shorts and the satchel in Burgundy! i’d already kept and wore the Swing with Flair Pintucked Dress in Seagreen (entry here!) as well as the maxi skirt that i posted OTDs of in the previous entry! :X

spot my fat lazy dog in the background!

out of topic, but i love how fluffy and nice my hair looks, lol.

and now, off to bed early so that i can wake up super early again tomorrow and channel my productivity in the wee hours of the morning!!! πŸ™‚ oh, and planning a xiaolongbao escapade with YZ for lunch already. hohoho! next on our foodie list is buffet at Sukiya! all our good ole favorites! we are appreciating our food very much now!

goodnight, all!

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