Lunch with the Nuffies!

so i had lunch with the Nuffies and some other bloggers a couple weeks ago. and and and the other bloggers are all famous bloggers one!!! (except for me la, okay) our lunch group consisted of Boss Ming, Huiwen, Gabby and Jayne from Nuffnang, and Xiaxue, Qiuqiu, Sophie, Jessica, Jayne Tham and myself. i know right. made me think “eh wtf why they invite me to the same lunch as everyone else” yah. i know i am not of the same calibre. #shy 

Boss Ming treated us all to Crystal Jade Palace at Ngee Ann City, and it’s my first time there and i was like blown away! why so nice one! partially cos i just finished my 4-day detox that time so maybe everything tasted particularly good.


so so so so so so so so good. i really can’t think of a single dish that i didn’t like. omg i am a glut. everything was like so fresh and crunchy and flavorful and delicious! 


Boss Ming, Qiuqiu and Huiwen!


Gabby, Jayne and Sophie!


Jayne, myself and Gabby!

don’t be confused, yes there are two Jaynes! haha. Jayne the blogger and Jayne the Nuffie. and i realize that no one else can get my camera to focus correctly except for me. (the only picture in focus is the one i took =.=) anyways, Jessica and Xiaxue arrived later, when we were all too busy eating to take any more pictures ahaha.

food picture spam!!! don’t read on if you’re hungry.







i swear everything is good. NO JOKE. 


above two pictures from Qiuqiu’s blog!


and a group photo. Boss Ming smile until damn happy, LOL. one guy with 9 girls!!! shiok or not!

anyway, it was a damn awesome lunch, thanks Boss Ming! so proud to be a part of Nuffnang and the amazing team. and i love our new “managers” Gabby and Jayne as well! spent a lot of time with these two girls while we were in KL for the Napbas and they are really awesome people. can’t wait to see Nuffnang soar to new heights together with the blogging community! without Nuffnang, so many good things wouldn’t have happened to me. *sniffs*

after lunch, Jayne and i went shopping.. wheee! we conquered Topshop and H&M!!! alright.. not really, but we both got a couple of pretty good buys 😀

i saw this uber uberrr cute pair of booties at Topshop on sale from $323 to $129!!! last pair in my size some more, woohoo! straight away buy. don’t care even if i only wear it twice in my entire life. hello, i am Cruella de Vil.

and a cute polkadot bra plus some shades from H&M, only $19.90 and $9.90 respectively 😀 yay!

my outfit for the day: Topshop denim bralet and Miss Selfridge printed flare skirt! bralets are coming back into fashion this year… so awesome! love how flattering it is! 😀 gonna make something similar for TVD but without the exposed zipper which is kind of skanky :X


it’s so short that if you don’t wanna bare any midriff you have to wear something really high waisted! but i still love it.

another outfit: Zara blazer with adorable lipstick prints top and contrast stitched shorts from TVD!


the lipstick prints are like how cute!!! 😀 these two items should be coming up on TVD soon 😀 actually i wanted to make a similar blazer as well but i can’t find the right fabric that’s structured enough to give it that nice fit. still need to hunt for the right fabric!


something to share for those who’re interested in taking up vocal classes or just enjoy singing in general.. you might know (or maybe you don’t know) that i took vocal classes under 沸揮老师 at Imagine Music previously, they’re opening up a FREE ADMISSION Vocal Workshop, on the 23rd Feb, Thursday! there are only 30 seats available!

to register, just call Imagine Music at 6337 0855! ^_^ 

it sounds like it’ll be really informative and fun, and it’s free, so do give them a call to register yourself for the workshop!


anywaysss, YZ just left for South Africa last night, and i sent him off at the airport at midnight, took a cab back home and it was like $26 or something… bloody hell. so expensive =_= he’ll only be back on 3 March so i have 2 weeks of boyfriend-less time hahahaha :X hope he doesn’t come back with any STDs. LOL. supposedly, 17% of the population in South Africa has HIV. 

and since he’s away, perfect time for me to diet since i can’t go on any couple dates at the moment. bwahaha. you wouldn’t believe how much junk i’ve been eating the past couple of weeks. so today i had grapes and fish soup. my life is one long never-ending diet. byeeeeee!

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