January happenings!

firstly, i haven’t actually posted up pictures proper of my red head that i did at Salon Vim before CNY, so here it is!!! as usual, i entrusted my hair in the competent hands of my favorite hairstylist, Stephanie, and she’s never failed to give me mega duper awesome results!!! my first hair color of the year, and it’s gotta be RED for CNY!!! 😀 uh, i just realized that i cannot find the pictures i took inside the salon, but i’m sure you’ve seen many pictures of the process in my previous blog posts about Salon Vim!

you can find out more about Salon Vim and read my entire hair journey with Salon Vim by clicking here to read all the past entries!


over a dark copper red base, Steph did brighter red highlights that peek out from amongst my head of hair, she’s always so good at picking out exactly the right strands to highlight, to really bring out depth and a richness in the hair color!

so damn nice 😀 it looks like it’s very red here, but that’s actually cos of the flash, in real life it’s a slightly darker shade that’s crazily chic!

i got my fringe cut as well, and went for a wispy sort of bangs that doesn’t look as cutesy as the straight china doll bangs, but i don’t know why it looks so weird when my eyebrows can be seen! now that it’s grown out, it looks muchie better. (´・ω・`) wahaha! this emoticon awesome.

uber love the strands of red highlights all over! it’s so mad chio please. 

the only problem with red hair dye is that the color fades the fastest (something to do with the red hair dye molecule being the largest and hardest to adhere to our hair) so you really need to take care of the color, by using the right shampoo/treatment!

i’ve been using these two products from Loreal: a color protect shampoo and a hair mask, and i just read that washing your hair with COLD water helps to keep the color longer too! damn… i always use hot water to shower, no wonder my red hair fades so quickly 🙁 never mind, cos it still looks chio!

remember that you can quote my name YINA for 10% off all hair services at Salon Vim! 🙂

313 @ Somerset #04-07/08/09


check out Salon Vim’s facebook page too, for the latest promos and services available! 🙂


since this was just a few days after i got my hair done, i’m gonna blog a few pictures of the event i attended two weeks ago with Fel, it was a lunch event that was held at Novus, a restaurant/bar located inside the National Museum! shit, i thought it was at SAM (Singapore Art Museum) and ended up at the wrong place, thankfully the staff at SAM were very well-informed (they probably get a lot of lost souls wandering into the wrong museum) and informed me that Novus was at the National Museum instead which was about 5 minutes walk away.

unfortunately, with my new mega tall wedges, it took me like maybe 10 minutes instead to walk to the National Museum LOL price of vanity :/

so i was attempting for a different look that day, and i’d just recently acquired a very cool pearl sequined collar! decided to match it with a simple black chiffon dress for that i’m cool-but-minimalistic look hahahaha :X

oh yea, my dress has got damn nice back details too, i’m really into unique details like this! 

front view: it’s a balloon sleeved chiffon dress that’s all floaty and nice!

naaaissss right. it’s a piece that’s currently in the midst of being manufactured for TVD and i mad love it! probably will take another 1-2 months though. the factories are still all closed for CNY!

back to the event: i’m just gonna blog about the food HAHAHA. will share more on the actual event and what we were there for, in a future post!

impressive interior, it’s not very big but due to the high ceiling, it looks really posh and has a very nice, elegant ambience to it.

our special menu for the day… NOM NOM. 

out of topic.. i think i really eat a lot. sometimes i ask YZ “Baby do you think i eat a lot?? Actually not a lot right?” (in denial) and he is freaking honest and he replies me “Actually… you eat a lot, for a girl.” uhhh. then i start sulking at him and trying to make him say i DO NOT eat a lot for a girl. of course he refuses to take back his words and i end up trying to defend myself “No what, i where got eat a lot? i always don’t eat carbs mah!” blah blah blah… 

but OK i admit it. i can really really eat ALOT. last time when i was fatter, i ate even more. like can eat one UPSIZED Double McSpicy Meal with large fries and coke. tell me i’m a pig. wait, i already know. why is my appetite so humongous??? i was seated at a table with three other girls, and they all didn’t finish their food, while i tried my best to leave a small bite or two of every single course served so i looked more normal lololol. sad max 🙁

with skinny Fel, who is always trying to gain weight! such irony. 

ran into Melissa at the event too!! *waves* this girl is so sickeningly photogenic, i don’t want to take pictures with her anymore =_=

appetizer: Mozzarella cheese with watermelon! quite a unique combination, and interestingly presented on this rectangular slab. this was the only course i left mostly untouched, only because i don’t eat cheese. i ate all the watermelon though!

Carrot and Ginger Cream soup with Grilled Tiger Prawns! i finished every last drop cos it was so good 😀 and the grilled prawns were hidden inside the soup, and the well-seasoned, crunchy prawns really set off the sweet and slightly tangy flavor of the cream soup so delicately!!!

our main course: Red Snapper with Broccoli and Lemon Risotto! this was good! i liked the fresh fish and i’m actually a huge fan of risotto. all-in-all, the heaviness of the risotto was balanced with the broccoli and fish, and i almost finished every last grain of rice (had to tell myself to leave a few, self-restraint)

and finishing off with dessert: Lemon Tarte with Pistachio Ice Cream! ooh, love the pistachio ice cream though the tart was almost sickeningly sweet, but i like anything with pastry so my standards aren’t too high :X all the other three girls at the table couldn’t finish it while i *almost* finished mine. told ya, had to leave a little to make it seem like i was less greedy :X

overall, i really enjoyed the food there! it’s a nice place for a date. perhaps i’ll bring YZ there some time! 🙂

Novus Restaurant and Bar, National Museum,

93 Stamford Road #01-02



Mon-Sat: 11:30AM – 2:30PM 

Mon-Sat: 6:30-10:30PM 
Closed on Sunday


another event that happened in the midst of CNY was a movie screening organized by Nuffnang, for the movie “孩子不笨”!

i’ve been wanting to watch this movie, because i’ve always enjoyed Jack Neo’s movies.. honestly, i think his movies are all very good because they are so close to home, they really strike a chord with the Singaporean audience, and this movie is no different! his movies never fail to make me laugh, and cry, and every other emotion in between. 

also… guess you might not know that my singing mentor and teacher é»Žæ²¸æ®è€å¸ˆ also debuts in this movie, as a uncouth and coarse mouthed Ah Being, and he is SO GOOD at acting his role in the movie!! i really really laughed damn hard at some of the scenes and wise cracks, while other scenes threatened to unleash the floodgates. the two lead male actors, Joshua Ang and Shawn Lee (child actors from 小孩不笨 but all grown up now!) also did an excellent job, and i was pleasantly surprised to see Daniel Chan 陈晓东 act so well too. SPOILER: you get to see Daniel Chan’s hot bod in the film too!!! HAHAHA. ok go and watch yourself.

the movie is a little long, so get some popcorn and snacks to seat back and enjoy it in its entirety! i promise you, you won’t regret watching it. 

YZ accompanied me for the movie as well :)))

the two lead actors, Sean and Joshua, as well as 梁导演 and æ²¸æ®è€å¸ˆ attended the movie screening as well, and it was an honor to speak to them and have a picture taken with them! 

with the Nuffies as well as Jack Neo, Joshua Ang and Shawn Lee!

YZ and I with æ¢å¯¼æ¼”!

please watch the trailer, and then go and watch the movie. that little boy from the beginning of the trailer is SOSOSOSOSOSO cute i tell you. and there are lots of funny scenes! really laugh until peng! :O


an update on my last detox plan: i did the Neera Detox for 4 days this time round, and managed to lose all the CNY weight! phew! weighed 55.1kg before detox, and 52.4kg after day 4! this time round, it feels easier as compared to the first time we did it, and YZ even managed to do it for 5 days (even though he ended up eating a lot on the 6th day hahaha) and as usual, i feel a lot better after the detox, physically and mentally! tummy’s flatter and i feel like my system’s more cleared of all the junk i took in over CNY :X which is really good!!! still attending Pilates classes so i get some exercise in as well. healthy lifestyle! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

okaaay. i need to go and edit pictures now! new launch just in time for Valentine’s Day 😀 pictures are up on Facebook already! wanted to launch a couple more items, but we didn’t have enough time to shoot them all 🙁 so, next launch instead! all sorts of exciting things happening this week, yay!!! i’m going to the orthodontist to adjust my braces again on Thursday, and i’ve got a special dinner planned for Friday!!! OMG cannot wait 😀 😀 😀


be back soon! (found a website with all the really cute Japanese emoticons. so awesome. hahaha)

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