CNY 2012: Day 2!

tooooo many pictures from CNY day 2!!! so i just picked like 1/3 of the photos to edit and upload! 😀

the entire family went visiting at 大姑姑’s place on 初二! after which i went for buffet dinner with YZ’s family D: CNY is seriously the best time to get fat!

what i enjoyed most about CNY this year was spending lots and lots of family time, with my family as well as YZ’s. seriously, i’m really appreciating my family and especially my parents more and more every year, and being able to spend this festive time with them is really precious!

my own family culture is rather strict and not exactly very loving, my parents never pampered us the way we saw other kids were. of course they love us, but they just express it differently, especially with my surly, 大男人 dad who’s the epitome of stoic man. as a result, we’re all pretty independent emotionally and don’t do heart-to-heart talks cos it feels awkward.

the first time i got to meet YZ’s family, i got quite a culture shock, and vice versa for him too, cos his family’s all very loving, encouraging and supportive vocally and they put in quite a fair bit of effort to maintain good relations amongst the family. while for us, we generally all mind our own business and don’t take any special care to show our care and concern for one another. sometimes i don’t even see my parents for 2 or 3 days (they work early and are already asleep when i reach home late) even though we’re all living in the same house. my dad never asks me much when it comes to showing concern, never encourages me when it comes to work or even studies, he only lectures us! he won’t ask how my relationship with YZ is going or stuff like that, he only asks me when i’m giving him his 家用 or (lately) he’d randomly ask me when i’m getting married. (but not in a concerned i’m-excited-for-my-daughter-to-get-married-tone) =.=

Mummy’s more affectionate when it comes to showing us love cos she’s the one who cooks for us and asks us what we want to eat, or calls us to remind us to come home early for dinner, but she also doesn’t really go into depth about the specifics of our lives. i guess in short, we all just kind of mind our own business despite being a family all living under the same roof?

i don’t know how to describe it, i’m sure there are some of you out there with similar family cultures as well. the older i grow though, the more i’ve grown to appreciate my parents and understand their love for us, despite the lack of verbal and physical affection, i know my parents show their love in different ways and having brought us three up is no mean feat possible without them loving us 😀 i’m trying to show more concern and love for them too even though it felt awkward and unnatural for me at first, at least i want them to know that we appreciate and love them for being our parents. blood is thicker than water, after all. 


outfit for day 2: decided on a lace top + maxi skirt combi cos lace more CNY-ish to me plus my skirt is wine color!!! 😀 😀 😀 love both the top and skirt when worn separately too. damn nice. 


got a row of non-functional gold buttons at the back so pretty!


and since i did the ANG GONG GONG look the day before already, i decided to go for something more neutral! pink lips and did my eyes up with the Urban Decay Naked Palette.


walao, if this picture had any thought bubbles, QQ’s would be like “….. yawns. what is SHE trying to do???

she’s so not a camwhore lor! i think she only looks happy in like 1 out of maybe 20 pictures. 


another picture to prove my point. QQ is like “i’m looking but i’m not interested kthxbai


first family photo of the year!!! 😀 😀 😀 along with Princess QQ (prime spot in Daddy’s arms) and poor Baby (spot her behind Lina’s feet HAHAHA) anyway, asked our domestic helper to take this photo for us, and…. i gotta say.. she really very noob at taking pictures LOL -.- 

the original looked like this:

#familyportraitfail hahaha! don’t know why we were so tiny in the picture and skewed to some side some more! nvm, saved the picture with some simple photoshop 😀 yay!

a shot of my lovely Daddy & Mummy with QQ and Baby! and QQ’s looking happy for once!!! Baby just looks sheepish. hehehe. Mummy is so pretty in this picture ^_^

with my midget sister Gina whom everyone thinks is like my younger sister or something. cos she’s short :X picture is not accurate because Gina’s on killer stilettos!

Gina drove so Lina and i get to camwhore at the back! 😀

at 大姑姑’s place!

Lina with Nelly and Oreo! our whole family loves dogs and my two aunts have a chihuahua each too. LOL. so every CNY is like… dog gathering!!! all sit around trying to make the doggies do tricks to show off.

i guess it’s cos all the children are all grown up already :S so the “adults” don’t have anymore babies and kids to entertain themselves with anymore!

QQ on her favorite daddy’s lap. see, she looks so happy. wtf. every time i try to take a picture of her, she doesn’t even look remotely close to this =.=

this is QQ doing her favorite “gai-gai” trick as demonstrated by Daddy! HAHAHA. it’s really cute. you just say, “QQ, gai-gai!!” and hold out an open bag to her, as long as it’s big enough for her to fit her butt in, she’ll scramble right in and won’t want to get out cos she super loves going gai-gai! lol she looks so silly with her head sticking out of the bag like that. i’ve brought her out around in my sling bag like this a couple of times, and she’s always so comfortable being carried around in the bag!

mumsy with Lina. i really think Mummy looked extra pretty that day! 😀

and with me! Mummy doesn’t like to smile cos 1) it’ll show her crooked teeth 2) don’t smile got less wrinkles.
my mother is actually very bimbotic like that. hehehe. but that’s why we love her too!


with 三姑姑, supposedly Lina resembles her the most hahaha

YZ came over to 拜年 too ^_^

oops, cut off YZ’s head! :X but nvm, still shuai 😀

with Nelly and cousin-in-law Paul along with their precious Oreo! they just got married last year so this year is our first year getting a red packet from them. HOHOHO 😀 恭喜恭喜!!!

all seated cozily in the living room while trying to work the DVD player.

and we had our very first Lou Hei of the year!!!!! huat ah!!!!!!!!

Lou-ing in progress!

faster pick up all the 黄金满地!!!

super cute Oreo! he’s majorly in love/lust with Baby. eww. they’re always kissing and he’s always trying to go after her!

hehehe can’t miss out on the gambling 😛 didn’t have much luck this year though! boo.

Gina with 大姑姑!

and me with 二姑姑 whom i kind of resemble the most too! Daddy has got 3 sisters and he’s the alpha male. hahaha. so all the sisters dote on him quite abit! we’re close to our aunts that way.

had to go off to YZ’s to join his family dinner at Carousel, at Royal Plaza on Scotts, so YZ and i went over to his place first.

say hello to cutie pie Zavier! he’s YZ’s nephew, and is the love and joy of the family. and he’s damn cute and mischievous! i really don’t have any particular love for kids, but even i think Zavier is super adorable and very very lovable! lol.. this is him trying to transport all the mandarin oranges from the paper bag into his “car”

stun face. lolol. so cute!

he’s really precious and very cheeky!

Zavier all ready to go out in a smart little shirt and hair styled nicely. he’s a 小帅哥! with YZ’s mummy, his Ah Ma!

and three generations of 白家族,三代同堂! the resemblance is uncanny right. strong genes!!

family portrait on YZ’s side! ^_^

oh, YZ’s wearing yet another ensemble! i love the smart but stylish checked shirt together with this pair of pants! heh. quality and fit are both fantastic.

arrived at Carousel, but i was so not in the mood for a buffet cos i’ve been eating non-stop since the week before CNY! i really felt like i didn’t even know the meaning of the word “hungry” anymore. LOL. cos i kept on constantly eating all the time, my stomach didn’t even have time to feel like it was hungry! =.= that’s not normal right.

Japanese selection at Carousel!

and the fresh Seafoods selection. too bad i don’t know how to appreciate raw oysters!

at the Chinese food selection, and that’s Edwin, YZ’s cousin! nice, humorous chap, single and available. LOL. any takers?

fresh sashimi and lobster! nom nom.

and some meats/fish dishes!

food there is generally quite good for buffet style, and there’s a wide selection too! too bad i wasn’t hungry to begin with, so i couldn’t enjoy the food more. it’s a good place to try for buffets though! i think i’m not cut out for buffets anymore, cos i don’t know how to eat the expensive stuff like raw oysters and all that and i’m full after 2-3 rounds :X not worth the money for me!

YZ with his younger sis, Glynise!

Bro with sister-in-law and Zavier boy trying to stuff a sushi in his mouth hehe

Gly with Andrew!

and YZ together with me 😀

the desserts selection at Carousel is mad awesome though! i think it might be the best part of the selection for me. LOL. chocolate fondue that comes in white, dark and milk chocolate!!!

lots of mini desserts too, like creme brûlée, tiramisu, shortcake, and many more! super satisfying for the sweet-toothed. the ice cream there is yummy too!

YZ’s family + some of his relatives! 🙂

full length picture of my outfit! love it even though my mother/aunts don’t like -.- they don’t know how to appreciate! bleh.

the 14 days of CNY officially ends this weekend, but YZ and i decided we had enough of the feasting and we’re currently halfway through the Neera Detox again!! today’s day 3 already, and this time we’re gonna go for a 5 day detox! 😀 i honestly like the feeling of doing the detox fast, it makes me feel like i’m cleansing my system thoroughly! gotta break fast properly this time round instead of binging after the 3 days D: i just went back for Pilates sessions after missing 2-3 weeks due to work and CNY too, my muscles are aching from all the hard work! feels damn rewarding afterwards though it’s a torture during the class!

SO….. if you follow me on instagram, you’d know that i just succumbed to camera lust and bought myself a new camera… AGAIN @_@ i only got my Olympus E-P3 in September last year….. i’m so terrible! this time round though, it’s not an “upgrade” but an addition to my camera family! 😀 am still gonna use my beloved E-P3 which has been serving me pretty well ever since i jumped onboard the Oly E-Pen ship with my E-P1 in January 2010.

i’ve gradually gotten more and more interested in cameras and taking pictures (especially during my travels! click to see all the previous blogposts on my travels) and even for TVD’s photoshoots cos i’m usually the one behind the camera during shoots!

oooh… so excited. shall post pictures of my new baby up in the next post!! 😀 i really really really really really really really love it! *jumps around in glee*

in other news, TVD’s currently on a short hiatus cos we’re doing some physical organization of stocks, inventory, spring cleaning the new office, going through a complete operations overhaul and getting everything in order to serve customers better! we might also be hiring more help soon.. we will be posting an announcement on Facebook when we do! i haven’t been active on Formspring lately as well… but i’ll probably log in soon to delete all the older/no longer relevant questions and start replying some questions again.

hope everyone enjoys the last two days of CNY! love love!!

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