week one: mostly counting calories and work

hello all! 

 well, it’s one week into 2012 and i’ve been pretty much still busy with the usual: moving into our new work nest and counting my calories!!! hahahaha. how boring :S 

haven’t had much to put on the blog, mainly cos i’m too lazy to bring my camera out to take pictures! partially caused by the iPhone. i mean it’s like pictures look so good with all the photog apps on the iPhone already, and you can upload it straight away to twitter, instagram and all that! makes it a chore to carry out my camera, then have to upload pictures onto the computer and then edit and upload online :X 

alright, promise to be less lazy ๐Ÿ˜€ but i’ve also been really busy with setting up our new office, as well as keeping things going for TVD (Gina was away in HK last week!) so i had a rather unexciting past week, tackling emails and drinking fish soup and the likes. 

we just had a photoshoot today, and i wanted to shoot somewhere that had an old school vibe to it, decided on Ann Siang Hill and i love the place! somehow, shophouses seem to have so much more personality than our modern architecture. and i like how every different shop front has its own interesting decor! super love the vintage old shops with gorgeous tiles, and also the newly established shops that look more avant garde, all on the same street. i didn’t think we explored enough, so we’ll be back some day!

i’m so tired of being the (lousy) photographer too =_= everyone’s coming out with amazing photos and i feel so amateur with my pictures! ): have to make do for now, cos it’s really hard to find a good photographer who has time to accommodate our weekend shoots. i guess you also need to have good chemistry and mutual understanding for the photos to work, cos there might be a conflict and clash in terms of art direction and style. really hope to have a breakthrough in terms of higher quality looking photos and all that. i feel the clothes and the model could be done a lot more justice if it were handled by a professional!


thank God the rain stopped by the time we went down to shoot. i was just telling Fish the day before that at least we don’t have to worry about weather conditions cos it’s been so damn sunny the whole bloody week, and then it just had to be gloomy skies today. JINXED.


Cher doing her thing! woa.. i uber love this shop front. it looked empty though but it’s so pretty!!!




shooting the new floral dress in time for CNY! yayness. inspired from my Topshop floral top (the one i wore for Christmas!) made a dress version instead cos i thought it’d be perfect for CNY. and it looks SO good on Cher! the cutting just skims the figure nicely and flares out into an A line with a little swing to it. i love the vintage roses prints as well!

we digressed during the shoot into having a cuppa tea at a little cafe called K Ki, also cos we needed to “borrow” a toilet for Cher to change in! HAHA. all the perils of outdoor shoots. toilet is very important!


pot of Earl Grey and a little Tiramisu cake. very expensive leh ): the Tiramisu cake cost $9 or something! but it was really good.




my pretty model! having a “no photography today” face. very ๅƒไบ to take picture with your model one. so this is the only shot we took! LOL.


and Farah, who wasn’t feeling well but still had to endure the humid weather and guard the belongings!


SO FUNNY. after some time, our tiramisu looked like a Batman logo!!! LOL. it was unintentional!!! just that we were all trying to get to the sponge cake middle! (which is soaked with coffee liquor and tastes fantastic)


loving all the random quirky shops around the area. saw this one called Trolley on Club Street, and it had like super super nice stuff i’d want to buy for office, but i heart pain! ):


lots of cool stuff inside!


wa super like this one, chairs with Pantone color swatches!!! ok only the designers will appreciate this but it is SO cute! someday i’m going back there to shop for office when i feel rich ๐Ÿ˜€ (which is probably never, looking at the amount of bills we still have to pay!!!)

we finished our shoot at Ann Siang and wanted to head else where to continue, and i thought of going to MBS to shoot at the Sky Park!!! but, alas, big mistake cos it was like damn freaking windy and near impossible to shoot there! ๐Ÿ™ plus, you can’t get the fantastic sky line without the backlight being crazy strong, meaning to say either the model will be under exposed or the sky will be over exposed! so it was kind of a wasted trip… oh well, at least i managed to get a pretty shot of the beautiful sunset and cityscape!


but y’know, with iPhone filters, everything just looks X1000 times mega cooler. hahahah




infinity pool.. i wanna go back there for a dip in future! it was rather crowded though.

since we were already at MBS, i decided to just #dietfail for today and bust my calories on Mozza!!!! megamassivelove. been telling Farah about it forever hahaha so yay finally got to bring her to try! YZ came down too so we ordered TWO pizzas instead ๐Ÿ˜€


happy at Mozza!


couldn’t get enough of the cripsy bread thingies they served us and we asked for a second plate hahahah #gluttonymax 


tried the meatballs on recommendation of Trish, she keeps on telling me they are to die for, and they are REALLY to die for!! juicy, soft, and just heavenly with every bite, love the cheesy bolognese sauce too! i had to control myself, and had half of one meatball! (i bet i could have finished all three by myself hahaha)


and my favorite, Funghi pizza! the mushrooms are just so delicious! today’s was a tad dry though, but i’m still drooling as i look at the picture now. so yummeh! ate one slice of this and “donated” my crust to YZ teehee.


our second pizza was the Pizza Alla Benno! parma ham with tomato and pineapple! i didn’t try this cos of my diet. proud of me right! portion control!!! i didn’t even have a single bite! though the parma ham was tantalizing me….

sigh, i want to go back again when i’m not on diet! Mozza is definitely one of my favorite pizza places in town. damn awesome. 

oh, and just wanna announce that we finally have our very own sofa in the office!!! *tears of joy*


went furniture shopping for the office at IKEA last week with Mega!


Mega just left to go back to Indo ๐Ÿ™ and she’s going to Melbourne to study!! ;(((

so we had a farewell lunch at IKEA together with Farah and Poh sisters. slurps. another #dietfail day that i had to skip dinner so that i wouldn’t exceed my calorie count.

got IKEA to deliver our furniture to us, and i think they hired part time helpers for the CNY period? cos the noob delivery man made this giant dent in one of our tables while assembling it, and left this black stain on our sofa cover!!!! =_= angsty. good thing IKEA is sending someone down to do a one-to-one exchange for both items tomorrow!

YAYNESS. so neat!!! (for now) i can just sit on the sofa and like admire the space. LOL. even though it’s still barren at the moment! we still need chairs and maybe a rack and some storage under the tables. also haven’t gotten our studio set up yet! still, loving how it looks so far ๐Ÿ˜€

can’t wait to move in officially and get everything up and running!!! heehee. and then maybe throw an office warming party!

just two random photos of me. LOL.

i’ve been keeping count of my calories on myfitnesspal for almost two weeks, and yay i actually did lose some weight! ๐Ÿ˜€ guess being conscious of what you put in your mouth helps! i went from 56.7kg (!!!!!! i know, i was horrified and traumatized to step on the scale post Christmas and realize that i was so heavy) to 53.8kg already! but then again, my “regular” weight is about 53.5kg, so even though i’ve “lost” weight, i haven’t actually really lost any real weight. some of it was probably just food weight that’s been digested now that i’m trying to eat less, and maybe some of it is water weight. still hoping to lose another 2-3kg if possible!

in order to help lose the additional 2-3kg, i’m going to embark on a 3-day detox diet called Neera Detox recommended by my friend, tomorrow!!! omg, hahaha. excited! you can’t eat at all during the 3 days and you have to use specific ingredients to make a drink that’s supposed to help detoxify and cleanse, which will result in weight loss as well as other health benefits! already got the main ingredients kit from her, but i still need to buy lemons and distilled water. hohoho. supposedly, you can lose 2-3kg during the 3 day diet, but i guess the real challenge will be to maintain the weight loss after that!

i’ll try to do a day-by-day update for all 3 days if possible! this is going to be a test of my willpower to resist food completely for 3 full days. so, no one is allowed to offer me any food during these 3 days okay!!! i’m so excited to see if it works! only 14 days left to CNY! bwahahaha.

wish me lots of luck and determination! ๐Ÿ˜€ update soon!

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