CNY 2012: Eve + Day 1!

HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR to everyone!!!!! ^_^

heh, kind of too busy the last week catching up with family and simply indulging in the CNY festivities, so i hardly spent any time on my computer! :X had a wonderful break, and now i’m baaaaack!!!!!!!! 

first up, the two winners for the Luxola give-away from the previous blog posts: i selected the winners at random, so a very hearty CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Winner #1: Shermaine!

Hello Yina <3!

Oooo! Naiiisee giveaway! 🙂 I love reading your blog, not forgetting TVD too! 😀 Thanks for this give away and Happy New Year 🙂 恭喜发财!Thanks once again! *crosses my fingers and toes*

Winner #2: Lynn Marie!

Hello Yina, I may be one of your older readers here but your posts are always so refreshing and I’m looking forward to the success of your diet plan! Press On!

dear Shermaine and Lynn, please email me at ask.yina(AT) with your address so that i can mail out the two gift sets to you two lucky ladies! 😀 i enjoyed reading through all the various well wishes and comments very much as always, thank you so much to everyone who took part! i’ll definitely conduct more give-aways this year, cos i really enjoy being able to give back in some way to the readers who drop by here regularly to offer advice, comments and encouragement! 

this blog is definitely one of the best things that’s happened to me and i’m so grateful for it :’) being able to connect to so many people, and having a space to share snippets of my life, my thoughts, my loves, my joys, it’s really been an incredible experience thus far, and i hope it’ll only get better! teehee.

anyway, just some pictures from 除夕 as well as 初一,  just realized that i didn’t really take all that many use-able shots 🙁 ah well. had such a great time with my family and YZ’s family though! somehow the older i get, the more i appreciate my parents and family.

i don’t really talk much about them here, but my parents are always working hard all the way til CNY eve, cos my dad sells pork (and my mom works for my dad!) at a market stall and business is always hectic the week before CNYas everyone’s rushing to get well stocked-up for CNY! they often have to stay late at the stall during the last few days pre-CNY and operate the stall through the night on very short hours of sleep, and my mom still needs to prepare our own household for CNY when she’s home, so she doesn’t get much rest :/

i dare say we’ve got the bestest and freshest pork in town every CNY though!!! hee. my mom’s super at marinating pork, and we stew our steamboat soup stock from pork bones so it’s damn good. i love my steamboat at home so much!


daddy’s really old fashioned too, instead of using an electric pot, we still use this gas cooker, and our soup stock is cooked over a charcoal fire! not complaining, like i said, i love the steamboat at home! all our food and ingredients are always freshly bought from the other stalls at the market.


my lovely family! with YZ too of course.


very used to having my steamboat in this old fashioned pot and cooker.


greedy QQ was barking for all she’s worth and attempting to win our sympathy into feeding her… 


happy reunion dinner! ^_^

and CNY day 1.. i was contemplating over what to wear, and ended up wearing this halter lace cheongsam from Herwalkincloset for the ching-chong factor!

definitely in the mood for CNY.


i decided to don red lipstick as well to match the whole oriental look! used my very deep red MAC lippie that i usually reserve for choir performances haha. ANG GONG GONG. 

Lina wore my maxi dress from F21. and that’s Gina the shortie trying to do a jump shot behind us lol

with my darling mummy who was also decked out in a halter cheongsam! i think Gina’s still trying to be funny behind us. isn’t my mummy pretty? i think she’s gorgeous ^_^ she doesn’t like to smile cos she thinks she has wrinkles lol.

the women of the Goh family! Gina’s wearing a dress from LB!

gambling den in the house. CNY is always exciting when you get to win/lose money. hahaha. the two kpo dogs wriggled their way into our circle!

QQ was so bored she fell asleep. guess black jack’s not her cup of tea!

fat Baby with Oreo! she’s really a little leg of ham. shooooo fat.

YZ came over to my place to 拜年, all decked out in apparel from! we popped by Collin’s office the week before CNY to do some last minute shopping for YZ and phew, managed to find three tops and a bottom!

always a must every CNY is the lion dance troupe to welcome the new year! we even had the dragon dance in this year, i’m sure everyone knows it’s the year of the dragon! HUAT AHHH!!!!! check out the little boy from the troupe who was hitting the gong, he looks like he’s about 8 years old, and super cute. haha. his little sling pouch is angry bird one! sibei cute.


everyone retired to the stairs to give the dragon and lions space!

good thing we have a high ceiling. if not cannot do this kind of stun already!

daddy receiving the scroll of prosperity. ok i’m just making that up, i don’t know what it’s called haha.

the mandarin oranges arranged in the shape of numbers and patterns! supposed to use the numbers to buy 4D or something. heh.

me camwhoring, and look what’s that in the background, a chihuahua so fat her body looks like a box shape! haha. Baby was probably trying to reach for the CNY goodies on the coffee table!

anyway, it’s so hard to smile properly with the braces! my face/smile looks really awkward and strange especially when i try to smile without teeth =_= i gotta re-learn how to smile without looking unnatural! very happy that my teeth are much more aligned and less crooked now, i hope the braces will come off by the end of this year! 😀

i’ve got lots more pictures from the rest of CNY, will post them up soon! 😀 sigh, so fast over already! 🙁 it’s back to the real world, and of course, back to work!! gotta work hard to make up for the one week of indulgence!

promise to update more regularly as well! 😀 be back real quick!

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