Star Cruises: Spongebob At Sea! (Aboard Superstar Virgo)

the last time i went on a cruise trip was like when i was 19 or 20, and honestly i didn’t enjoy it very much cos it wasn’t a leisure trip. so, i jumped at the opportunity to go for a 2 night cruise, thanks to Nuffnang and courtesy of Star Cruises… and it’s not just ANY cruise, it’s a special SPONGEBOB AT SEA cruise on Superstar Virgo!!!!!

EGGCITED VERY MUCH!!?! Superstar Virgo is the largest and grandest ship amongst the entire Star Cruises fleet leh!

(over)packed for a 2 night trip, and made my way down with my awesome cruise partner YZ to the Harbourfront Cruise Centre last Wednesday night.

i totally have no recollection of how crowded the queues are to board the ship! but it was pretty crazy, super duper crowded with many people waiting in line to board!

luckily, we were “Balcony Class’, so got no queue mwahahaha. so good to be VIP.

our E-tickets. just gotta print em out and hand them over to the Guest Service Officer!

anyway, the stupidest thing happened to me right before boarding -_- i was sitting down while waiting to board, and totally forgot that my camera was on my lap! so i stood up, and MY POOR CAMERA.. had a very bad fall to the ground ): and it started malfunctioning! sian ttm. every time it took a picture, it’d auto shut off, and i’d have to turn it on again to check the picture, or if i want to take another shot. FML. take one picture need like 15 seconds. haiii. but thankfully, it still worked, heng ah!!! if not, good game already entire cruise use iPhone to take picture or something ;_;

here we are.. going aboard the ship! got on at about 8 ish to 9, and we were brought to our cabin first to put our stuff down and freshen up before a tour of the ship and dinner.

deng deng deng! our cozy looking cabin!

still got complimentary fruit platter!! YZ helped himself to the platter straight away. LOL. the cabin also has basic amenities like a water boiler, glasses, complimentary bottled water etc. like a regular on land hotel!

we’re going on a cruise, cruise, cruise, how about youuu youuuu youuuu

pretty dress that i stocked in at Kissjane already, Colorblock Pintucked Flare Dress!

and.. we’re all given one access card each. this card is used to access your cabin, as well as used to charge for any food/services onboard! so upon checkout you just give the card to the counter to settle the total bill. super convenient and you don’t even need to bring much cash onboard (but still should bring some cash if you want to gamble mwahahahaha)

our friendly Guest Service Offier brought us on a tour of the ship so we could find our way around with ease, and then brought us to our dinner location, Pavilion Restaurant on Deck 6, which is a Chinese family style dining restaurant that’s “inclusive” onboard!

basically, there are three “inclusive” restaurants, one of which is Pavilion, which means you don’t have to pay to dine at them, and everyone on board can enjoy the food there free of charge! like buffet, but better! hahaha. other than the three inclusive restaurants, there are also exclusive restaurants, where the meals will be charged to your card.

anyway, i don’t understand how it works, but they served the same five dishes to every table, regardless of whether you have 2 persons or 4 persons. lol. so the two of us had like FIVE dishes to eat.

pretty simple and decent Chinese fare, it was really quite yummy! i love the fish and omelette!

oh, there was also a self-service congee (plain porridge) station with lots of toppings! damn shiok one. just spam the pork floss!!! 

and.. we were kind of cheated into getting fruit juice that cost $9 each or something. hahahahaa. cos the waitress just went like, “Mam, would you like any fruit juice?” and we just thought ok why not then they asked for our card and the bill for two glasses of fruit juice was like $18 -_- we had $100 worth of dining credits, so never mind la.

with our expensive fruit juice ;_;

went back to our cabin with very full stomachs, cos we had time to kill before the next activity: which was a Magic Show!!


did i mention we had a balcony cabin? cool night view of HarbourFront (i’m assuming) from our balcony, the ship only departs at midnight!

still got deck chairs to lounge on as you enjoy the view!

our very well stocked up toilet/washroom/shower, with face towels, body towels and even a toiletries kit! oh, there’s a built in hair dryer in the washroom btw, i was worried if there was any hair dryer onboard and even wanted to bring one, but turned out that it’s unnecessary!

all got separate cubicles one so you can MYOB (mind your own business)

don’t have to trouble to pack toothpaste and toothbrush and shampoo and all that. awesome!!!

headed to watch our first show onboard, the Phillipart Magic Show at The Lido, which is the onboard theatre/show lounge! 

nice interior that looks like a cinema. we got balcony seating!

and the show… was entertaining. LOL. it wasn’t strictly a magic show per say, but more of a magic/entertainment/dance/singsong show! i’m sure all the kids enjoyed it tremendously lor. i feel so jaded when watching magic shows.

the highlight of our first night was the Midnight Christmas Tree Light-up Ceremony at the Grand Piazza! it was super crowded with all the guests, very festive!

singers/musicians performing Christmas carols!

here’s the Christmas tree…..

ALL LIT UP! check out those super cute Spongebob decorations on it haha!

and “live in the flesh”… the REAL Spongebob and Patrick appeared!!!

all the kids were rushing forward to shake hands with the two stars! oops wait. only one is a star(fish) hehehe.

HELLO SPONGEBOB!!! actually, i’m a Patrick fan! Patrick is so super retarded and funny!

all the staff came out and starting singing along with the Christmas carols!! merry merry!

we stayed for awhile to soak in the festive atmosphere, then retired back to our cabin already! it was already past midnight so i just wanted to have a nice snuggly sleep before waking up fresh for the slew of activities planned for the next day!

day ONE on board! woke up bright and early at 8AM to wash up and have our meal at Bella Vista, another inclusive restaurant that’s Continental Dining!

having a bad case of uneven eyes -_- was trying to stuff my contacts into my eyes, but they just didn’t want to fit properly or something! gave up in the end. zzzzz

our cruise actually stopped at Malacca and Port Klang for the day (from where you can take a coach/cab down to KL to shop!) but we decided to stay on board to enjoy ourselves and relax instead!

outside Bella Vista at Deck 6! wearing my new romper + nautical bow cardi in hand for when it gets cold! heehee. sooo comfy.

inside Bella Vista restaurant! we got a table right next to the full length windows.

here’s the menu for the day! there’s a self-service continental breakfast buffet with bread, croissants, fruits, etc.. and another menu where you can tick off breakfast items to order!

always happy to eat. HOHOHO.

went for a walk around the buffet tables, there’s quite a spread available!

salads and fruits for the health freaks

i just took some of the pastries + toasted bread. YAY to Anchor brand butter, it’s daaaamn good!

the view if we look out the window!!! nothing but the vast waters in sight. 

tableful of foooood!

my breakfast plate. oooh…. the grilled tomato was SO GOOD. scrambled eggs, omelette, hash brown, ham and bacon were yummy too! super satisfying breakfast to start off the day!

i think we overdosed on eggs. LOL. got scrambled eggs, omelette, sunny side up and half boiled egg! wth.

anyway, every morning onboard, a newsletter called the “Star Navigator” will be placed outside your door! this newsletter informs you of stuff like the opening hours for different restaurants for the day, as well as the entire time table for the day’s activities/events, so you can plan your day onboard properly! it even has information such as the time of sunrise and sunset (which i didn’t manage to catch…)! super informative!

after breakfast, we went back to our cabin again. LOL. so relaxed i know! damn shiok!

back view of my cute romper.

here’s the view of the Grand Piazza from the escalator! you get a really nice view of the Piazza and all the Christmas decorations!

time to bring out the straw hat! (actually, for fun only la. didn’t really go under the sun hehe)

outside our cabin, at the balcony area! it’s so nice to have a great view of the sea right outside our cabin! btw, i’m not holding on to my hat for posing ok, i was seriously worried the hat would fly off into the sea and bye-bye! the breeze is quite strong as the ship is moving!

hee we changed into our couple outfits! ๐Ÿ˜› blue and red striped some more, super nautical, i like!

i bought the couple wear on some spree website previously. don’t remember the website URL liao!

outside The Lido, time table board for all the Spongebob activities available!

we were waiting for something exciting.. the Spongebob’s Krabby Patty Celebration LIVE show! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ off we went back to The Lido, for the show!

OMG it’s Squidward!

anyway, the kids are just tooooo adorable. they were taught how to dance the Krabby Patty dance hahaha super cute please!!!

i really enjoyed the show. LOL. feel like a kid again! ๐Ÿ˜€ it was super entertaining and fun to watch!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

after the show, we went to…



HAHAHA. it was lunch time already what! *defensive*

this time, instead of dining at the inclusive restaurant, we decided to try Samurai restaurant, on Deck 8, Japanese cuisine! ๐Ÿ˜€ 

mmmm. excited to try the Japanese food onboard! actually, we were still pretty full from breakfast, so we tried to order less. ahaha. but somehow, still seemed like a lot??

started off with salmon sashimi! just as good and as fresh as any japanese restaurant on land!

got the waitress to help us take a photo together with my poor, malfunctioning camera ._.

YAY to more food! (this is why i #dietfail)

Beef Udon! i need some hot soup in my tummy right now!!

Soft Shell Crab! mmmmmmmmm.

and yummy Saba fish!!

feeling like we did nothing but eat, hahaha. went to shop around at the two shops on board, they were selling cute Spongebob merchandise and cookies!! not allowed to take pictures inside, the staff was quite grumpy when she told us not to take pictures.

but we still took pictures, from outside. ahahaha. funny pair of colorful shades which i didn’t get in the end!

according to the Star Navigator, there was Tea with Spongebob at 4.30PM… at the Meditterranean Terrace!

off to meet Spongebob!!

i swear, the kids were SOOOO CUTEEEEEE!!!!!

check out this video i took. LOL. seriously too cute. all the kids were singing along to the Spongebob theme song, and when Spongebob and Patrick appeared, they were soooo excited!!! SIBEI CUTE!

happy kids!!!

oh, here’s the view from the terrace, you can see the uber fun kids’ pool just one deck below!


also ran into Sophie onboard during the Spongebob tea session! she was also onboard with her boyfriend, Alaric! anyway, this reminds me of why i dislike taking pictures with pretty and skinny girls. FML. i is fat and stubby.

time to work off some of those calories… YZ and i decided to pop over to the pool to soak in some chlorine and swim a little!

WHEE! the last time we went swimming together was probably more than one year ago ๐Ÿ™ #unhealthylifestyle

we went to the indoor pool first! randomly, there was a gym right next door, but whoever goes to the gym while on a cruise must either be super duper health conscious or just a gym rat. SIAO AH. go cruise still go gym? regardless, now you know there’s a gym onboard if you’re one of those who can’t get through a day without gym-ing :S

whooo. i love swimming actually, i just hate to get a tan! how i wish i had an indoor pool somewhere near my house.

yay soak water time!

happy as a duck in water ๐Ÿ˜€

after some soaking and fun indoors, we went outside, to the main Partheon Pool! got many many deck chairs to accommodate many guests.

check out that uber long and tall water slide. i didn’t go on it cos i scared later my bikini come out how. LOL. and i didn’t want to get my hair wet so i don’t need to wash it again hahahahaha #vanityrules

YZ went on the slide, and came splashing down!! looks so funnnnn. he had to queue quite long for his turn lor! i was below, and kept on waiting for him to come down so that i could snap a photo of him. but there was some old man who came down before YZ blocking me, WTH. had to try to crop him away =_=

and then we got a huge scare cos i was supposed to be taking care of the belongings while YZ went to queue for the water slide, and then he was like WHERE IS MY IPHONE??? OMG SCARED MAX.

but it was a stupid false alarm cos he left his phone inside the cabin toilet!!!!! ๅฎณๆˆ‘็™ฝ็™ฝ็ดงๅผ for nothing. but thank god it wasn’t stolen or something like that :X so peeps, be careful ah, don’t leave any valuables lying around in the open while enjoying the facilities/pool!

checked the Star Navigator, and Kungfu Panda 2 was showing at the Movie Theatre! yes, there’s a small movie theatre onboard and a few movies are screened daily! YZ hasn’t watched Kungfu Panda 2 yet so we went to catch it! i love animated films! and i’ve watched Kungfu Panda 2 before but it’s so funny and heartwarming ;D inner peace………………

after the movie ended at 6 plus, we went for another round of our favorite activity yet AGAIN…. food!!!! dinner time at Bella Vista!! ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› really never hold back during the cruise. free food, whack ah.

for the dinner menu, you get to choose from a variety of appetizers, main course and desserts, 3-course meal! ๐Ÿ˜€

my crusted mushroom salad thingy. anything with mushroom gets my approval

YZ has this really huge portion of Lamb Shank for his main course, he said it was really good!!

i had the Vegetable Roesti with mushroom ragout (YES mushrooms again!!) which was great as well!

dessert course, my Mango Cheesecake, so prettily decorated and it tasted awesome too!

YZ wanted to digest better and went for the Assorted Seasonal Fruits. haha.

YAY cheesecake!!

there was actually a Chocolate Manic Party (or something of the sorts..) but we already ate waaayyyy too much, so we decided to give the Chocolate Party a miss, and went to do our next favorite activity.. lol KTV!!! there are private KTV rooms onboard, but since it was only the 2 of us, we didn’t think it was worth it to take up the KTV packages (which come with food and drinks) and decided to check out the Celebrity Disco instead!

at the Celebrity Disco, Deck 13! it’s a pub/KTV lounge/disco.

just have to order a drink to get to sing! ho ho ho. the song list wasn’t too bad, it was pretty updated! we were surrounded by aunties and uncles singing hokkien songs though. but still had a good time hahaha.

anyway, we were KTV-ing to kill time cos we were waiting for one of the most interesting programme onboard, the cabaret topless show! LOL. it’s called Nikita, and strictly for adults only, no kids allowed. super looking forward to it cos i got fetish for naked women. LOL. just kidding. but i like to admire hot bods!!

obviously cannot take pictures inside la. but seriously, ALL THE FEMALES HAVE TO-DIE-FOR BODIES!!! so jealous. i was ogling at all the boobs and tight abs LOL. it wasn’t really that raunchy la. just topless, and a lot of dirty dancing! after while you kind of get used to looking at the boobies bouncing  around lol. YZ and i were having an ongoing discussion on which boobs were real and which were fake :X

and since it was our last night on board, we went to try our luck at the casino hahahahahaha. OMG LEH. so exciting, we lost like quite a few hundred dollars before winning back our capital bit by bit hahaha. gambling is very stressful (do not try this at home kids) and we went to the casino at like 4 something am and stayed all the way til the next morning, 8am! luckily got win a little bit. play for fun only la! it wast so crowded in the wee hours of the night already, and it’s mostly aunties and uncles trying their luck in there. i was quite stoned already by 8am so we decided to retire after winning back our capital + some modest winnings, and had a short nap before we had to wake up for our last morning onboard.

rise and shine again! kind of overslept for breakfast, and i think we only woke up at like 1030! decided to go back to Bella Vista for brekkie cos we like the food there!

my smart looking boy

puffy faced me! obviously not enough sleep from too much gambling =_=

got another seat by the window, but we enjoyed a different view cos we were at the side of the ship instead of at the back!

this time round, we decided to take it a bit more easy with the eggs LOL. the day before already egg overdosed, cannot already. everyday they have a different Asian special, and today it was Nasi Lemak! surprisingly the food is really quite good.

anyway, the third and last inclusive restaurant onboard is actually the Mediterranean International Buffet Restaurant, which we only tried abit on our last day, cos y’know buffet is more troublesome you still need to queue and get your own food!

there was quite a spread available though, and they even have a special Halal corner. lots of Asian food like kuaytiao, congee as well as the usual “International” cuisine like eggs, ham, sausages, potatoes etc.

bread and fruits station similar to the one at Bella Vista!

oh, there’s also a small ice cream cafe onboard, Cafe Gelato! it serves ice cream from Swensen’s, so it’s good quality ice cream! we were exceptionally hungry (too much concentration during gambling) so we ordered an ice cream to share after our breakfast, lol. i think i probably gained 1-2kg easily during the cruise :X

love the colorful tiled walls and cafe logo! so nice to take pictures with.

our minuscule scoops of ice cream, it’s like only 2oz per scoop i think ;_; finished it in no time!

love love!

ok i admit it, i just really like the colorful tiled wall so i camwhored more ๐Ÿ˜›

we had to return to our cabin to pack up and check out by noon time, too quick an end to our cruise! ):

last mirror pic. Polkahearts Peterpan Top + HWS from TCL! super love the top.

the state we left our room in. quite neat, la. good bye to our balcony cabin! it was a cozy abode for the length of the cruise!

taking artistic pictures while waiting for YZ who was queuing up to settle the bill and check out. so ็ˆฝ to just lie on the deck chairs outside and enjoy the sea breeze, i was almost falling asleep while waiting! anyway, it was really a hassle free process to check out, and we got off the ship in no time at all, back to the Singapore Cruise Centre! so strange to “return back to Singapore” cos it didn’t really feel like we were away while we were onboard at all!

that more or less concludes my cruise aboard Superstar Virgo! had such a wonderful time away from work, and simply relaxing and enjoying the facilities onboard! especially with all the fun Spongebob activities too!!! definitely a very memorable experience with my loved one, all thanks to Star Cruises! :)))))

for those interested, the Spongebob At Sea cruises are only available til the 31st December! but of course, regular cruises are available all year round! ^_^ it’s definitely gonna be a fun time, especially with your loved ones and family! if you haven’t have the chance to experience a cruise before, Star Cruises is definitely your first choice!

found this picture through google. SO CUTE. hahahaha.
hope you enjoyed reading this post!

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