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i attended a small bloggers’ get together organized by Elizabeth Arden, with some lovely bloggers, Michelle, Claire, Quiting, Valerie, and Sarah, some time last month! it was a really relaxed and fun gathering, and i had a great time together with the other girls! decided to save the blog post for now, cos my “slot” for the give-away is THIS WEEK. hahaha. read on for more details at the end of the post!


something interesting: this is how Red Door has looked like for many years, before being repackaged this year, but still with the exact same fragrance that has been a best seller since 1989! the shape of the bottle is supposed to represent the Red Door, which is iconic of Elizabeth Arden’s 1st Salon! this salon was opened on Fifth Avenue, the most stylish street in New York City! if you visit Fifth Avenue today, Elizabeth Arden is still there, in the very exact same spot as it was a hundred years ago!

Elizabeth Arden was really an amazing pioneer, and very successful business woman! did you know that Elizabeth Arden was the first to introduce many products/services/lifestyles that we take for granted in the 21st century? for instance, Elizabeth Arden was the first to introduce a full line of skincare and color cosmetics, the first in the cosmetic business to train and send out teams of traveling demonstrators and saleswomen, the first to introduce the destination spa concept to Amercia, and SO many more?

this ambitious and proud woman even made a huge statement by proclaiming: “There are only three American names known in every corner of the globe: Singer Sewing Machines, Coca-cola, and ELizabeth Arden!”

really very inspiring to learn how she built Elizabeth Arden into a successful globalized company. and i did not know of so many of these accomplishments that make up Elizabeth Arden’s 100 years of heritage and innovation til date!

find out more about Elizabeth Arden’s heritage here:


of course, we were introduced to some of Elizabeth Arden’s iconic best sellers, and even got to bring some of them home! 😀


i love all the products! the 8 hour cream is really good for cracked dry skin/lips, and the body cream just smells and feels divine!!! soooo happy to have all these amazing products. thanks EA!!!

not to forget the most important product: the Red Door eau de toilette!


the Red Door fragrance was created by Carlos Benaim, and is Elizabeth Arden’s classic, elegant signature fragrance. 

the top notes consist of Lily of the Valley, Freesia and Wild Violets, while the mid notes consist of the Red Rose, Moroccan Orange Flower, Ylang Ylang and Jasmine, last but not least, the bottom notes end off with a combination of Honey, Sandalwood and Oakmoss!

some of you are probably like me, and don’t have much knowledge when it comes to fragrances, what matters most is that you like the scent! and the Red Door fragrance to me, is a rich, opulent fragrance that has a slight hint of freshness in it, like what Joey told us, it is most recommended to be used at night, because of its rich floral scent that is sensuous and sophisticated.

i personally love the scent, it has just the right combination of floral and musk that doesn’t overpower your nose, and makes me feel glamorous and classy 🙂

the gorgeous design of the new Red Door bottle doesn’t hurt a single bit as well, i looove the modern look of the bottle, with clean lines that represent the iconic Elizabeth Arden Red Door! so much heritage and class in just a simple bottle.

i know, you’re feeling damn jealous cos i’m so damn lucky to have this awesome Red Door fragrance! BUT DON’T BE. cos here’s your chance to win one for your very own too!

and it’s give-away time!!! one lucky winner gets to win a bottle of Red Door eau de toilette 50ml, worth $84, and all you need to do to stand a chance to win this gorgeous fragrance is to 

1) Like Elizabeth Arden’s Facebook page here!

2) Post your answer to the following question on Elizabeth Arden’s Facebook page:

“What is the street name in New York that Elizabeth Arden opened her very first salon?” 

followed by my blog URL (

from the 5th to the 9th of December, and one lucky winner will be picked to receive the give-away prize of a Red Door eau de toilette 50ml worth $84! 😀 😀 😀

so your answer would be something like “BLAH BLAH BLAH AVENUE –”! SIMPLE AS THAT.

even if you don’t want it for yourself, i’m sure it would make a wonderful Christmas gift for your loved ones, your friend, your sister, or your mummy! psst. the answer to the question can be found in this blogpost, so read carefully ah!

head on over to Elizabeth Arden’s Facebook page here before the give-away ends! 🙂


can’t believe i’ve started celebrating Christmas already, and it’s only the first week of December!!! doesn’t bode well for my diet most definitely, hahahaha. but the traveling circus had a ball of a time with home cooked food (i contributed my ice cream!) and lots of pressies to exchange! ^___^

a collage of shots from the DSLR with fish eye adaptor lens mounted. hahaha. SO CUTE! 

i love those colorful hamster looking ornaments that are actually bells in an entire octave! we played really bad christmas tunes on them. HAHAHA. soooo much food we stuffed ourselves silly! Shen Een and Yao Guang prepared curry rice and miso soup, then we cooked Indomee, followed by Songern’s mom’s almond jelly with longan and my Horlicks ice cream was proclaimed a success! WOOHOO.

YAY to more christmas celebrations ahead!!!

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