christmas was a blast but now i’m fat

just a shitload of random pictures from Christmas weekend! i really didn’t do much this Christmas weekend, on Christmas Eve, i spent my day in office clearing emails and stocking in new stuff at Kissjane, then YZ and i went to collect our turkey and quiche we ordered from Hans and went home to happy happy happy family Christmas celebration!!! ^___^

my family ain’t big on Christmas, but mummy cooked her awesome beehoon and curry and together with the super delicious turkey and quiche and cookies Gina baked and baby donuts from J Co we had a wonderful time feasting πŸ˜€ so happy! 

$2 cheap cheap christmas hats and accessories all from Daiso! πŸ˜€ as usual, QQ is so bad at taking pictures. she refuses to keep still for the camera!


with mumsy!


the best freaking turkey i’ve ever had πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ sooo good!!!!!!!!


mummy slicing up the yummy bacon quiche


mumsy and Lina


poor QQ kena forced to be an impostor of a reindeer hah but her head so small can only fit one antler! ahaha.

and all i did on Christmas day itself was sleep sleep and sleep more!!! πŸ˜€ so shiok! and then YZ and i went out to catch Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol at night. quite a good watch with lots of action! funny, too. we hardly go out to watch movies πŸ˜€ so it was a nice date ^_^

followed by family lunch on Boxing Day! i secretly enjoy spending time together with my entire family cos it’s so rare to get all five of us (+ YZ) all together at the same time. had fantastic lunch at Thai Village and went to Taka cos mummy needed to exchange something at LV. 



heehee. and then we all went back home, and Gina and I started on our spring cleaning cos we’re renovating our room before CNY! i barely got started =_= all i did was to throw out lots of rubbish and organize my makeup. didn’t even get to my wardrobe wtf which is in the biggest mess!!! it’s a disgrace. mummy can’t stop nagging at me to start throwing out and packing the clothes.

instagram pictures!


Christmassy on eve!


the sisters πŸ˜€


bought this cake from Taka, it’s yummy! tastes like a marriage of chiffon sponge cake + kueh lapis. expensive, though!!


oh and i was so excited to realize that my teeth have started shifting already πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ DO YOU SEE IT???


YZ found my Urban Decay Book of Shadows palette while helping me pack! YAYYYY *dances in joy* i thought mummy accidentally threw it out, but nooo she packed it together with my storybooks LOL. 

my domesticated BF. bwahahaha. 


and then i started organizing my make up… look at the number of Kpalette eyeliners i’ve gone through!! crazyyyyyyy


and i seriously have tooooo many eyeshadow palettes for my own good!! i need to curb this buying eyeshadow palettes thing. i only have two eyes hello?? and some of the colors are sooo repetitive! like i have a similar shade of blue from three different brands! =_=

i had such a lovely Christmas with my family and YZ even though it was nothing spectacular . i’m so happy to be able to spend some time with my parents, most of the time, i get home late and i don’t even see my parents everyday cos they’re already asleep when i’m home. so i’m glad that this long Christmas weekend was spent together with my family!


as you might be able to tell, i’ve been eating and snacking a lot and pigging out, and i’ve put on weight quite significantly…. D: D: D: HORRORS!!!! i’m not exaggerating, my face is so chubby in all the pictures above, and i feel really really flabby. i went to weigh myself this morning and it was terrible D: i put on like 3kg!!! FML ): 

this won’t do at all, so i restart my diet today and i’m making sure i’ll keep to my diet this time round, and i found this really amazing app that’s gonna help me!!! y’all know how in my weight loss post, i was talking about how keeping a food diary and having a weight loss buddy will really help you in succeeding in losing weight? now we can be virtual weight loss pals together on myfitnesspal!!! (this is not an advertisement!)

go and download myfitnesspal from the app centre, and add me as a friend (my user name is yinagoh) to join me on this weight loss journey together!!! it’s really cool, you can input your current weight/height, targeted weight, and then you can clock in your calories everyday into the food diary and the app will calculate for you how many calories you ought to be taking in! can even calculate calories for our local hawker food and all that cos the database is very extensive! can’t think of any better way to keep track of your calories.


me on myfitnesspal. 0 kg lost so far πŸ˜€ but i will work to losing at least 4-5kg!


supposedly i only get 1240 calories to spend a day. so from now on i will try to be religious in keeping my food diary to make sure i don’t exceed my daily calorie intake!

so that’s for today.. i just had Red Mango after Pilates! πŸ™‚ gonna be going for Pilates 2 times a week as well to work out and keep fit πŸ™‚

i will really work hard at the diet this time, especially when the app is able to track all my food intake D: you have to be diligent and conscientious, if not the app won’t help! do come and join me on myfitnesspal if you’re struggling with weight loss as well, we can help and motivate one another! ^_^

lastly, posting three VERY VERY CHIO pictures of myself to motivate myself to look better and lose weight successfully. LOL.


iphone front camera shots are the best. can take your most chioest angles ever


partying at Zouk KL, i look kind of spastic but in a cute way LOL i like.

wahahaha love iPhone apps. all kinds of nonsense apps also have!!!

aite. come look for me on myfitnesspal okay! really!!! i can’t wait to see results real soon! in time for CNY i hope πŸ˜€ stay happy and healthy everyone!

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