Christmas Lunch at Han’s + Salon Vim Christmas Giveaways!

Christmas is only like 12 days away (??!!!!) and i can’t believeeeee it, i feel like last Christmas just passed!!! =_= kind of panicking that 2011 is gonna be over so quick already! but well, gloominess aside, i love Christmas cos it means feasting and feasting and lots of celebrations with friends!

Christmas is one of the best times for gatherings and friends, so we organized an early Christmas Lunch for our LL gang at Han’s Cafe, Springleaf Garden! so hard to invite all these super busy people to all come together for a gathering you know??

it’s my first time visiting this outlet along Upper Thomson Road, but it’s probably one of the biggest Han’s outlets and very popular cos it’s open 24 hours! anyway, some of us arranged to meet at office before heading over together, but everyone else was late! (aiyo, what’s new. hahahaha)

checking through Han’s menu for drinks first while waiting for the rest of the latecomers.

Eils, Farah and myself!
of course YZ gets to come along too. anything with food, you bet he’s invited.

my chio Eils baybeh. i hate her. eyes so big for what???

YZ’s old man drink, Kopi-Si! hahahaha. jokes aside, i’ve always heard that Han’s serves REALLY GOOD coffee!! so if you’re a coffee person and you ever dine at Han’s, do try the coffee!!!

anyway, our highlight of the day was to try the special Christmas items available at Han’s during this festive season! and one of them is Roast Turkey!!!! how to miss this out during Christmas? it’s not a Christmas celebration without some turkey lovin’!

our turkey sitting on the counter, all waiting to be sliced and eaten.

the Megagamie sisters arrived next!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ heehee. bet you never see all three of them before. that’s Vera and Mega’s youngest sis in the middle! of course la, all need to wear MGG clothes. LOL. shamelessly self-advertising (actually i also, but i only one person they three people?! WIN LIAO)

and the Poh sisters!!! always late one. some more supposed to be organizer! hahaha. it’s ok, i forgive you two cos you two are hotness. LOVE LOVE.

OMG the braces gang! HAHAHAHA. we’re the metal teeth trio :B how come mine doesn’t look so obvious in the picture hor! i didn’t photoshop it eh! the braces seem to blend in with my teeth very well lol.

table shot! all hungry and waiting for food. turkey in the middle still cannot eat, cos we were waiting for…

DENG DENG DENG! the Lilypirates ladies! Walao, both also want to upstage the rest. LOL. wear so nice and blow dry hair until so chio some more??!

and the only two men at an entire tableful of giggly girls. YZ and Collin! i think they’re quite used to being the only men around liao. probably very shiok for them? hahahahaha.

anyway, our dearest TTR couldn’t make it for Christmas lunch cos they had a photoshoot! ): so we’re missing them! sadness. if not we’d have full attendance liao!

OKAY. enough of the people. back to the food!!!
gonna start off with introducing one of the special items on Han’s Christmas Menu: the Party Platter ($98)!!!

omggggggg those sausages are to die for!! look at the oily, juicy, goodness. everyone was snatching up the sausages! the ham and turkey fillet were very tasty too! the platter came with cranberry jam and thousand island sauce! sooooo yummy. especially when we were all starved for food already!!

and while we were enjoying our platter, our turkey was being prepared for us!

two thumbs up and can’t wait to attack the turkey!!! we didn’t have to wait long for it, our Roast US Young Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing 6kg ($118) appeared before our eyes not long after!

i was pleasantly surprised, i’ve always associated turkey to be tough and hard, but Han’s Roast Turkey was actually a lot more tender and tastier than i thought it’d be! with the accompanying gravy and cranberry sauce, it was superrrr yummy!!!! the amount of meat from the 6kg turkey is very substantial too!

love all the little Christmas decorations on the dish lolol. so cuteeee!!!

other than feasting on the Party Platter and Roaster Turkey, of course we needed some food as well! ordered a load of dishes from Han’s regular menu, to share! omg, we ordered too much and could barely finish!!

everything was good, but i super super super super loved the Beef Horfun!!!!!! it’s soooooooo good!!! gooey, with the wok hei (slightly charred flavor) taste, soft beef slices, and the horfun just slips down your throat easily. DAMN GOOD! the Hainanese Pork Chop was fantastic as well, and i loved the Omelette with Mushroom! heard that the local cuisine menu at Han’s is more popular than the western cuisine, but i think all their food fared pretty well, it’s a good eating location if you have many different tastebuds to please, and you need a menu with lots of variety to choose from!

we were all hard at work, eating! πŸ˜› cos we wanted to finish all our food, so that we could move on… to desserts!!!

the cake/tart counter looks like a dream come true!

deciding which deserts to take!

oh, that’s Mari! nearly forgot, Mari came down too to help with some of our food! heehee we took a picture together cos we were all in the same color palette! very harmonious πŸ˜€

what i picked, Chocolate Tart with Ice Cream!!!

the desserts will surely please anyone with a sweet tooth, and if you’re a chocolate lover, you HAVE to try the Chocolate Tart!! it’s super rich and dense chocolate cream with a nice biscuit crust, and is totally heavenly with a scoop if ice cream! the strawberry cake was light and yummy, and Han’s is famous for their apple pie too, which is super addictive! in fact, all the desserts were very good, we wiped them all out!

there’s always space for desserts cos it’s a different stomach!

with pwetty YD! dunno how she does her hair so gorgeously mejealouz.

and SM! she’s always complaining abt my face being too small next to hers. LOL i’m sorry i can’t help it ok i have a small head!!!! ;_;

with the three sisters!! aren’t they cute, they look so alike right! hahaha.

and my dearest helper & BFF Farah! i have converted her into wearing eyeliner. woohoo.

lovey dovey picture to make you puke. HAHAHA.

anyway, there’s also a variety of christmas cookies and cakes available from Han’s!

includes all kinds of goodies like English Fruitcake, Christmas Cookies, Christmas Stolen, Panettone, Caramel Walnut Strudel, Florentina, Mince Fruit Strudels, Pecan Pie and more! πŸ˜€

we finished our super long lunch like near to dinner time. LOL. anyway was so stuffed i didn’t have dinner that day already! and here’s a group picture outside Han’s! had an AWESOME early Christmas lunch with this bunch of lovely lovely people!!!! hee. feels good to actually see one another outside of “work”.. every time we see one another, we’re STILL talking about work. bo bian… #lifeofablogshopowner

Thanks Han’s for having us over for Christmas lunch!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

anyway, Han’s is having a special promotion especially for you all! all you need to do is to flash the above coupon on your mobile or print it out, to be entitled to a FREE Limited Edition Christmas Log Cake worth $26, with any order of the Roast Turkey OR Party Platter!

the free log cake is only redeemable at two outlets, Springleaf Garden and Buona Vista CC! both outlets are also open 24 hours by the way!

they do delivery as well so you can have this delivered right to your door step or office for your Christmas party! homemade sauces are provided too! πŸ™‚ for delivery inquiries, call Han’s at 6438 2488! πŸ™‚

Han’s@Springleaf Garden
906 Upper Thomson Road
Tel: 64521125

Han’s@BuonaVista CC
Blk 36 Holland Drive #01-02
Tel: 67790180


and showing off my gorgeoussssss outfit of the day, Yvaine Jewel Dress in Topaz Blue!! wearing a size M here, it comes in S, M & L πŸ™‚

it’s a newly arrived piece for TVD, and i am sooo in love with it! it’s a Temperley London inspired dress, and it took like monthssss for the factory to finish making our order, cos it’s so complicated with the beads and jewels! i prefer to wear it without the sash (like the original piece) so that it’s more flowy! πŸ˜€ the embellishments are all hand sewn one by one and it’s simply exquisite. show you a close-up!

seriously love the embellishments. our supplier was telling us about how the gems are all “Class A” quality, which means that it’s SUPER bling. ahahaha. bimbo. this dress is perfect for all your year-end dinners and functions, methinks, you don’t even need to accessorize much cos the embellishments will steal the show away already! it’s rather expensive cos of all the hand sewn workmanship, but it’s super worth every cent!!! had to go ahead with manufacturing it despite the high cost price. i’m pretty sure i’m keeping more than one color for myself. LOL. go and check out the other preview pictures on Facebook here!


one last thing: Salon Vim‘s having awesome Christmas promotions too, don’t miss them!!!

get 20% off your next visit + Free Hair Spa Treatment + Goody Bag by simply uploading your photo onto Salon Vim’s Facebook page, or “Like” and “Share” the CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAYS by SANTA VIM album!!!

i just went back for a hair trim and treatment, and my tresses are looking all healthy and beautiful now! all the frizzy ends are gone, and i did a scalp treatment that helped a lot with my itchy scalp and dandruff (yes i know gross right, i was having some serious case of dandruff a couple weeks ago!!! supposedly stress or lack of sleep can cause dandruff!)

i blow-dry myself one. NOT BAD RIGHT. it’s quite easy to get the curls nicely since the hair is already permed! LOVE my hair, thanks to Salon Vim as always. heehee!

313 @ Somerset #04-07/08/09

check out Salon Vim’s facebook page too, for the latest promos and services available! πŸ™‚


hehe. aren’t you feeling Christmassy already! i shall attempt to do something to my blog template to make things a little more festive as well. wait for it!!! oh oh today i was super excited cos i went for my first braces adjustment appointment, and i got a spring as well as baby blue ligatures!!!

cool shit. the spring is awesome right. HAHA. Eils says if it still doesn’t hurt with the spring, she will kill me. i’ll see how it goes the next couple of days!! so far, still okay. nothing very painful yet! unfortunately, Dr Cheng says i might need to do extractions after all!!!! HORRORS. cos he says there will be more space for my teeth to shift into place once i extract four teeth. now, it’s too crowded already ): anyway, i have until next month before any dreaded extractions. shall see how it goes! i feel sad if i have to lose four perfectly good teeth.

be back soon to update again! LOVE LOVE.

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