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i found the perfect website to shop for iPhone accessories and cool stuff, thanks to my fwen Ling, who just started this new venture online! and the shop name is so memorable hahaha i can’t help remembering it for life it’s called AHBENGSHOP.SG! lol.

there’s all kinds of awesome stuff, from bling bling earphone dust plugs, to super pretty iPhone casings and other functional stuff, like screen protectors and colorful USB cables!

some of the stuff i got from

love this casing to bits, it’s my current case! 🙂

matched together with a dust plug with a dangly ribbon charm.. sibei cute!!

i ordered two other cases as well, one is a Lace + Bling case, and the other is Tokidoki inspired! i love Tokidoki graphics! 

the Diamond Dust Protector can’t really be captured properly except in real life, so i’ll just use a picture from lol. my screen protector was damn chui, so i got a new one, and it’s the sparkly diamond one too!! mad nice.

anyway, is having a 15% off almost everything for Christmas, so when you shop on, just enter the voucher code XMAS15! 🙂

Enter "XMAS15" during check out to receive a special 15% off! *selected items only*
Bling Earphone Dust Plugs! Swarvoski, Heart Bling, XL Bling and more!
Lace Bling Casings
Pastel Cases Taxi Series Covers
LIM'S Rainbow/Clear Casings 3D Metal Casings
Uncommon Casings
Cubic Casings Screen Protectors
iPhone Macro & Wide Angle Lens
iPhone USB Color Cables

lots of great stuff on and they’re all very affordable some more with the Xmas promo code! can go and check it out and start shopping for little gifts for colleagues and friends! 😀

a random OTD, closer look at the Criss Cross Romper! my new favorite to-go romper after the Cupcake Romper, haha. crazy good material and unique back details and i love the two colors it comes in, on TVD. it’s a collaborative effort between TVD and LRH!

there’s S and M and i wear size M, it’s meant to be a comfortable fit and not worn tight fitted, but comes with a matching color obi sash! i like how it looks with a contrast belt. so cheery looking!

had a rather disaster fraught photoshoot earlier, when we were attempting to shoot this romper and some other items! aiyo, so tired. i had the smart idea of shifting one of the studio lights home cos i wanted to do an “outdoor” indoor shoot at home with our Christmas tree!!!! and smart ole me brought the bulky studio equipment, all the clothes, shoes, accessories and what not, and then realized that i left the damn flash trigger thingy (the one you put on the camera hotshot to activate the studio lights to go off) at the office!!! walao FML. had to beg my mummy to drive me back to office to get it cos i thought that no one was in at office already, but when we drove back and i ran up to the office, Zi was in office! made a wasted 2-way trip when i could have just asked YZ to drop by to get it for me instead (i thought he couldn’t cos noone was in and only i had the key)


we had home cooked dinner by Mummy, then we started doing makeup and all that and the shoot only started at like.. 10PM. and one of the dresses we were shooting just had to have zipper problems and caused even more delays. in the end, we shot all the way til 1AM or something! poor Cher has work today, hope she survives the day on the meagre amount of sleep!! 

thankfully, i think some of the pictures turned out rather nice, so at least it wasn’t a complete fiasco! so tiring to do shoots somethings. and i still need to lug everything (studio lights, clothes, shoes and all) back to the office!!

we had the most adorable ‘guest models’ during our shoot though. HAHAHA.

QQ trying to get food from us while we were having a super yummy home cooked meal by mummy!

Cher and Farah enjoying Assam Curry. bwahah. Cher looks super lang bei here! 

surprise guest model… Gina!!! and look at my two adorable doggies. so funny!

they are too freaking excited. haha

QQ being super cute! we put a ribbon on her head. but anyway she’s so not a camwhore. she hardly looks into the camera unless you say “Gai Gai” or “Mum Mum”! =_=

fat Baby even worse, she just sat next to me and didn’t want to go over to be inside the picture! tsk

last minute props from DAISO! heh

glad that we managed to at least shoot the stuff we wanted to, though we took forever, it was really hard to adjust the light and get the pictures to look good (for me) cos i’m a noob photographer! nevertheless, at least we can call it a success! 😀

and look what my cute model got for me for Christmas!!!

a vanity kit… in the shape of a doll!

AWWWWH. dead useful and soooo adorable!! thank you love! muacks!

love the dress we shot! finally going to launch it, cos this is like my mostest favorite design of the year.

OKAY, am off to pack my luggage now cos i’m heading for the Nuffnang Blog Awards in KL today!!!! soooo exciting. i can’t decide which dress to wear!!! #firstworldpains feeling totally shitty cos i only had a few hours of sleep and i’m sure i look horrible. but oh well. makeup to the rescue tonight! 😛

be back soon!

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