trials & tribulations of a photoshoot

we had a disastrous start to our photoshoot on Tuesday, when i bolted awake at 7.39AM and realized that it was way too bright to be 6AM (the time my alarm was supposed to go off at) and so off i scuttled, gathering makeup, props, hairspray and etc, squeezed onto the packed-like-sardines train with the morning crowd, and when i reached office, i discovered that the hair spray had leaked all over the stuff in my bag! D: thank goodness, nothing happened to my camera, or i swear i’d have cried! then lagi worse cos the hair spray bottle was like practically empty after the leakage and we didn’t have enough spray to set Cher’s curls 🙁

luckily, both Cher and Farah were slightly earlier than me heehee and were already preparing in the office, did the makeup, steamed the clothes, and we were off a good two hours later than scheduled -__-

ah well, regardless, it was a pretty good shoot in the end, despite numerous mozzie bites and the huge glaring sun slowly burning my skin into a crisp tan, and discovering that the location i wanted to shoot at had already been torn down! 🙁 but still, we kept our spirits up, went for a good lunch, and carried on the shoot at another location, until lo and behold, a thunderstorm started brewing and put the photoshoot to an abrupt halt D:

that’s the thing about outdoor shoots, you’re subject to the mercy of the sun, skies and killer mozzies. but most of the time, the pictures are worth the effort and toil, even with my amateur photography skills! i personally prefer not to be the photographer, but don’t have much of a choice, really, cos it’s hard to find someone who can accommodate to your timings, and have good synergy with you to know how you want the pictures to turn out. Susu, our photographer sometimes, is fantastic, but she isn’t available all the time, so i have to shoulder the task of taking the pictures, directing Cher, styling the outfits, looking for good angles/backgrounds, while Farah guards our barang barang at the side!

enough boring words. some pictures i chose from the shoot! colors have been edited so they’re not so true to picture. check the Facebook page and also the pictures on the main collection page tonight for more accurate colors!


oh yes, our cameo actor for the shoot: Mr Bean’s teddy, courtesy of Farah! how adorable and he makes such a good companion to the Hearts-a-Bon-Bon Skirt.

the skirts come with really good quality safety shorts btw! cos i’m just so thoughtful like that 😛 HEHE. well, i figured some customers might be worried about it being too short or getting easily exposed, so TADAAH safety shorts to the rescue!!!


dolled up Cher to look like a doll, though i’m not sure if we succeeded! the little eyeliner heart i draw on her cheek ended up looking like a mole or something cos it was half hidden by her hair 🙁 probably got more weird stares than anything else. but i thought it was cute for a change, no?


Arrow Knit Cardi in Yellow, with tortoiseshell buttons that are superbly dainty. how i love the brilliant Yellow color, it makes me feel happy already just looking at it!


but some girls would prefer Cream for its versatility 🙂


together with the Faux Tux Top. tongue twister name!! hehehe. 


more hearts, this time in Valentine Red. did i mention how damn long we took to source the hearts prints? every other cloth factory was out of this fabric, but we FINALLY found it!!! mad loooove!


Teddy resting in our barang box! christened as Bunny with a pair of bunny ears we ended up not using for the shoot!


i was super starving, and the sun was getting too overcast and bright, so it was time for a break, and we had lunch at Watami, which is definitely my new favorite place for Japanese food that’s value for money! 3 of us shared the Deluxe Set, and for about $70 bucks inclusive of service charge and GST, we ate up a storm! *burps*


crispy thin wafu pizza

my abso-favourite, sukiyaki & tamago katsu toji!


the bibimbap is pretty awesome as well! 😀

carried on shooting at our newfound location, this gorgeous playground!


bullied Cher into trying to climb up the side of the playground structure hahahaha it was so funny, a little boy appeared out of nowhere, and he was so eager to be in the picture!

more treacherous heights though you can’t tell from here, and the Arrow Knit Cardi in Black is really pretty as well!

everything looks nice and happy in this pictures, but we were actually at the 2nd last item already, and the skies were turning an angry grey color.. the wind started whipping hair and skirts all over the place, and before we knew it, it was like BAM super heavy thunderstorm!!!! end of shoot.

HAHAHA this picture is priceless. poor Cher!

we had umbrellas and all, but still got all bedraggled and wet, cos the wind was sooo strong!!! the only positive thing that came out of the rain was that KOI had no queue 😛 so we all got a cuppa to treat ourselves for yet another job well done and having braved the sun and rain for the love of TVD!

mad chui looking, LOL. i don’t like to take pictures with Cher when she’s all made up and I’m not!!! but since we both look so woebegone, 算了啦… hahaha

super no image, sat at the side of KOI to enjoy our drinks and we called it a day!

after which it’s go back to office time to reply emails and all that. ahhhhh, never ending things to do! and now i’m still up at 3.30AM with an extremely long to-do list. but nonetheless, i am so excited for this collection! my favorite skirt, top and cardi of the moment.

i really love it when we make customers happy. with simple things like winning $15 store credits or like when they receive an item and try it on and love it. i love it when customers are as excited as we are for our clothes, and are just so supportive and cute. it’s the only thing that’s keeping me going when i feel like my life is getting a tad too colorless and work-oriented. i especially miss working as an artist, because when you create beauty in an art form, it’s something that’s appreciated and admired for its beauty and meaning, regardless of commercial value. it’s hard to find that same kind of beauty in what i’m doing now.

love blogging in the middle of the night. i have so much crap to write. LOL. but i don’t want to turn this long and boring and i think i am really not so good with words after all. plus there are so many feelings i would love to express but don’t know how to on such a not-so-personal platform as this, so i will make do  with ending it off here.


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