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today, i went for my first visit to the orthodontist, as recommended by Eils baby and SM, who both visit the same orthodontist! can’t believe it, 老娘我明年就25岁了,现在才要绑牙!

actually, i’ve considered getting braces done previously, but cos i was a scaredy cat, i thought that OKAY WHAT my teeth are not that crooked and my smile is still quite acceptable so AIYA don’t do la!!! but now… the more i thought about it, why shouldn’t i have perfectly straight teeth when i can achieve it with braces? also, more and more of my friends around me were getting braces too at my age, so i decided that 要美就是现在了!!!

(also partially cos i want my face to be smaller/sharper so that i look better too HAHAHAHAHA)

it was actually just a consultation session, and i woke up all bright and early for my 9am appointment at the clinic. very exciting leh! and after Dr Cheng asked me to open my mouth, close my mouth, bite, don’t bite, open again, close again, for many times, he said.

“HMMM. i think we need to extract four teeth. do you want to do extraction or shall we try non-extraction?”

i am so bimbo. while weighing the pros and cons in my head, i was thinking.. “OMG later extraction very pain how? but good! i can jian fei!!! but later want to do extraction need to wait longer than can put braces… how ah? extraction still need to pay more money! hmm…..”

after which Dr Cheng said, “Actually, let’s try without extraction first, i shall attempt to be heroic and do it without extraction. i think it’s possible.”

HAHAHAHA. make me think so much for nothing. so i was like, OKAY! let’s do it without extraction first, (也好, save me some pain and money). and he asked me if i needed to go back and think about it first, but i was like come on let’s just do it!!! so there and then, we did the moulds, took X-rays, and put in the separators in between my molars already!!! can’t believe i’m so brave. just go for consultation straight away say do already.

JENGJENGJENGJENG. now i have four rubber thingies in my mouth. it’s supposed to feel uncomfortable/achey, but so far, i don’t really find it very painful yet. LOL. gosh, there goes my plan to jian fei with braces! 

a lot of my friends told me, “Your teeth look fine what! Why do you want to do braces!!!”

OMG. hahahahha. show you a picture of my crooked teeth!!!

my bottom teeth are damn crooked. and you can’t see it here, but my top row of teeth ain’t that straight either, the sides dent inwards instead of curving in a nice arc -_-

my next appointment is next Wednesday, and i *think* i will be getting those braces on then. the real question is.







Metal: can put cute colored rubber bands and is slightly faster than ceramic, BUT it’s super conspicuous! BUT it’s a good 700 dollars cheaper-ish!

Ceramic: almost invisible, BUT it’s quite abit more expensive and may take longer than metal….

how how how how!!!

i can’t decide if it’s really important to me to spend the next 1.5 years of my life with metal on my teeth or not!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 will i look stupid in pictures? will i be able to smile properly?? but i think my friends with braces on all look fine!!

decisions decisions.

helpppp anyone??? 1.5 years is a long time! ._. 

regardless, i am REALLY REALLY EXCITED to see how i’d look with a perfectly straight set of teeth!!! omgggg. this is almost like doing plastic surgery. HAHA. CAN’T WAITTTTT!!!!!!! googled some videos on youtube, and it’s like how super amazing the way the teeth are straightened into position with the braces! like the whole jaw shape can change kind!

cool shit!!!


i hope my jaw becomes smaller after the braces. and maybe my witch chin will not be so protruding as well cos i have a bit of an under bite.

ahhhhhhh *_*

ok but anyway, i still have a ton of entries to update with pre-braces! 😛 so you won’t be seeing the caged-up-teeth-with-metal me so soon yet. but wish me best of luck!!!!

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