Product Review: Amethystory!

you might have seen this brand that’s just been launched at Watsons/Guardian of late: Amethystory!


is an amethyst, which is a kind of violet colored quartz! it’s believed to be a natural tranquilizer for dispelling intoxication, relieving stress, soothing irritation, balancing mood and inspiring the intellect.. well known as a natural aid for our body. It produces small, detectable magnetic field and emits beneficial far infrared radiation and negative ions that enhance circulation, promote anti-oxidation and rejuvenate skin cells, all of which are essential to help smoothen and beautify skin! sounds mythical, doesn’t it!

 i did a google search on it, and found a really interesting bit of history on the amethyst:

Crushed amethyst was used by the Ancient Romans as a way to ward off intoxication. They word amethyst comes from the Greek word “amethystus” meaning not drunken, or intoxicated. And there is a Greek legend of how amethyst got its purple color. Once, Dionysis (diety of wine and mischief) was so annoyed by Artemis (a virgin huntress and Lunar deity) that he set his sacred tigers upon a maiden attending her shrine. To preserve the maiden, whose name was Amethyst, Artemis petrified her in sparkling quartz. Lamenting this virgin’s demise, Dionysis poured a the contents of his cup over the statue, which immediately became infused with the purple of the grape.

back to Amethystory: it’s a new skincare range that incorporates REAL amethyst in its products, in order for us to benefit from the many properties of the amethyst! i was sent three products to try, the Mineral Bubble Face Wash, Mineral Aqua Gel and Mineral Aqua Whitening Enhancer!

the bubble face wash is similar to the Biore’s Marshmallow Whip that i tried previously, but somehow this one feels better for me, it feels cleaner and more gentle on my skin! 🙂 just one pump is enough for a nice dose of bubble creamy foam to cleanse your face thoroughly!

i really really love the Mineral Aqua Gel! it’s amazing! can’t believe how much dead skin cells came out after using it, it left my skin feeling totally soft and smooth! the best part is that it’s so gentle it doesn’t irritate the skin at all! i would suggest using it after cleanser, cos i don’t wanna feel like i’m rubbing all the dirt into my skin if i use it before cleansing… :X highly recommended product!!

last but not least, the Mineral Aqua Whitening Enhancer! hehe, the word Whitening jumped right out at me, i’m a sucker for anything that claims to be whitening!!! this one has the texture of a toner, and i think it’s supposed to be used as a toner after cleansing! it’s watery and light, and leaves a pleasant cooling sensation after application! haven’t tried it enough to see any whitening effects yet, but it sounds promising! 😀 😀 😀

and in line with the violet theme, here’s my Face of the Day with violet eye makeup! nice right. goes nicely with my new hair too! (which i will be blogging more about next)

Amethystory is available at most beauty stores like Watsons and Guardian! the Mineral Bubble Face Wash costs $14.90, Mineral Aqua Gel costs $24.90 and Mineral Aqua Whitening Enhancer $19.90.

you can try Amethystory as well, by redeeming free trial sized samples for yourself, by simply clicking on the link above!!! 😀 don’t say i never share good things. remember to try the Mineral Aqua Gel!!!!

had a terribly busy week due to rehearsals and performances for choir, so glad that the week is finally over!!!!! SUPER HAPPY. now i can concentrate on working and blogging -_- i have like 13342 blog entries to update!!! bleh. i’m soooooo slowwwwwwwwww.

and it’s been pouring non stop the entire day, spoiling my plans for tonight…. it’s a secret. tell y’all more soon. bwahahahaha.

hope the weekend was a good one for you peeps!! i can’t wait for next week to roll around!

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