Lancôme: Trésor Midnight Rose (give-away!)

i’m actually not big on perfumes. it’s not because perfumes don’t smell good, but mostly out of sheer laziness! however, i’ve taken an interest in fragrances lately because every time i go overseas, my mom keeps on bugging me to buy perfumes for her from DFS, so i spend a really long time sniffing at all the various brands until i find one that i like! :S

Lancôme held a cosy bloggers’ gathering at Group Therapy, a cafe along Duxton, to introduce their latest fragrance to us: Trésor Midnight Rose! We had an interesting session, learning about the history of Lancôme’s fragrances, and trying to identify the different elements used in the fragrances! though me and JY were pretty bad at it. LOL. we were like.. “hmmm. smells like some kind of flower” or.. “i can’t tell what it is!” LOL #fail! we still had a lot of fun regardless! BUT i did learn one thing: every single one of Lancôme’s Trésor fragrances has a Rose note in it, it’s their signature trademark!!

The theme was Black and Purple, but almost everyone wore black -__- i was sticking out like a sore thumb.. luckily Bea appeared in Purple too 😛

some of the pictures from the event: the cafe was done up very tastefully with displays of the Lancôme fragrances, and we were even served food in the theme of purple, there was a grilled chicken thigh thingy with purple mash and purple rice D: as well as vanilla ice cream with purple raspberry toppings on it! all the Lancôme ladies present had a huge purple rose on them as well! kudos to the well themed event!

so anyway…. guess who’s Lancôme’s latest ambassadress: it’s the stunningly gorgeous Emma Watson!!! trivia: bet you didn’t know that although Emma Watson is English, she was born in Paris! 🙂

she looks damn good in her pixie cut!!!

and check out how Emma Watson looks in this playfully romantic commercial for Trésor Midnight Rose, isn’t she gorgeous? the commercial is set in France, and it’s done so tantalizingly and beautifully!

“A scent that is sweet floral, mischievous and addictive… an overdose of femininity. 

When a charming, mysterious, mischievous woman makes a man fall so madly in love with her that he will do anything to prove his love and to capture her heart!

Trésor Midnight Rose is the passionate temper of an extroverted rose, the delicious addiction of a raspberry and blackcurrant explosion, the bite of vibrant woods –
This a pulsing rose, a Midnight Rose.”

i love how the end of the commercial leaves the story hanging like that. heh. but i can’t stop gushing over how pretty she is! her features are sooo beautiful. and she’s like hotness personified.

here are the notes you’ll find in the Trésor Midnight Rose:
Raspberry and Blackcurrant – A sweet burst of fruit that teases the senses
Rose Absolute, Jasmine, Peony – A sensual, mysterious floral blend
Vanilla, Musk, Cedar – An addictive mélange that lingers on skin

it’s really a very seductive scent that lingers on after the initial fruity notes have dissipated, leaving a sweet vanilla musk scent 😉 even YZ liked the scent, and you know how guys can be very particular about perfumes!

you girls are in for a treat, cos Lacôme has been super generous, and they are sponsoring two bottles of  Trésor Midnight Rose especially for you readers!!! here’s your chance to get a bottle of the lovely Trésor Midnight Rose for your very own….

all you need to do, is to leave a comment on this blog entry, telling me your most romantic moment/ the sweetest thing a guy has even done for you, and the best TWO entries will win themselves a bottle of 50ml Trèsor Midnight Rose Fragrance, that retails for $100 SGD!

Contest deadline: 15th November 2011
*only applicable to local (Singpapore) addresses!*

so just leave a comment on this entry with the following:

#your name
#email address
#your most romantic moment/the sweetest thing a guy has ever done for you!

and remember to check back after 15th November, cos the most interesting/best two entries will win themselves a Trèsor Midnight Rose Fragrance each!! 😀 😀 😀 I CAN’T WAIT to hear all your amazing love stories!!!! heeee.

okay, i shall start off by sharing one of my most romantic moments, which was how YZ first held hands with me *blushes* we weren’t together yet at that point of time, but he had already expressed interest in me and we were sort of dating… 😛

so one warm night, we were sitting along East Coast Beach, on one of those tide breakers facing the sea and just enjoying the sea breeze, listening to the waves crashing onto the shore, chatting.. and you know how those first few dates feel like. thrilling, sweet, and incredibly romantic! we were just sitting there in a comfortable silence, and suddenly my phone beeped with a new text message, and when i looked at it, it was a message from YZ, who was sitting right next to me! wondering what he was up to, i opened the text message, and it read…

“Can i hold your hand?”

hahaha. i laughed when i saw the message, cos it was so funny that he was next to me, and yet he texted me!! awkward much! and hello my virgin hand has never been held by any other guy (in a romantic manner) before okay cos YZ is my first boyfriend!!! didnt know whether to reject him or not. so i looked at YZ, and asked him, “How am i supposed to respond to that?” and he just looked me in the eye for two seconds, and then without a second word, reached for my hand, holding it tightly with both hands and leaving me with no choice…. 😛 up til now, i still find it incredibly sweet, the way he asked to hold my hand through a text message, cos he didn’t dare to say it out loud too, either. HAHAHA. anyway, YZ says that was the shiokest moment of his life. LOL. holding my hand for the first time!!

and that’s one of my most romantic moments to share! *shy*

start penning in with yours, because i’m sure all of you have way way way more romantic and touching love stories than i do! 🙂 don’t worry about bad english or anything of the sort, cos the criteria is not how awesome your essay writing skills are, but simply just for you to share your sweetest/most romantic moment with us! 🙂

(comments are moderated, so don’t worry about your email address!)

i purpose took a picture with a cute lil hat on my head, since that’s one of the themes Trêsor Midnight Rose‘s commercial revolves around. HEHE 😉

and yes i has ring light nao. woohoo!!!

PS. i loooove my new hair and hair color courtesy of Salon Vim!!! can’t wait to share more pictures of how gorgeous it is, soon! 🙂

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