Jipaban.com: It’s Black Friday!!!



it’s BLACK FRIDAY SALE this Friday, at JIPABAN.COM!!!

yes, online shopping just got sweeter!!! Jipaban.com is going to do a BLACK FRIDAY SALE on the 25th November 2011. 12.00am to 11.59 pm!

some of you might not have heard of Black Friday, it is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the US, and traditionally begins the Christmas shopping season!!! Most stores in the US offer special promotional sales to kick off the shopping season, and some retailers even open as early as 4AM on this special day!

this Black Friday, Jipaban.com brings to you the following great discounts you don’t want to miss!!!

this sale ends in 24 hours time, so don’t hesitate, and hurry on to Jipaban.com to start shopping now!!! Christmas is just around the corner, and you’d be amazed with the variety Jipaban.com has to offer… definitely a good place to kick start your gift shopping this season without burning a hole in your wallet!!!

here are the top five picks on my shopping list from Jipaban.com that i can’t wait to get my hands on this Friday!!!

#1 Vintage Plaid Shirt
female apparel online shopping is easy, but it’s much harder to find nice guy stuff! there’s quite a selection on Jipaban.com for male apparel, and i think guys look damn smart in plaid/checkered shirts, so i love this one… buy for YZ! 😀 with the 25% off for apparel, it’s only gonna cost $29.25! what a steal!

#2 Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography
the hottest biography off the shelves, of the genius Steve Jobs! definitely gonna be an inspiring read, and with 10% off books/gifts/dvds/blurays, i can have this at only $35.91!

#3 Hello Kitty Fridge Set

LOL.. the moment i saw this, i knew who i’m gonna get it for: Eils baby! she’s a super Hello Kitty freak and this would be the perfect addition to her HK collection! and it’s also on 10% off, so that makes it a super affordable $16.11!!!

even comes with miniature food items inside…… CUTE OR NOT YOU TELL ME! i think Eils will go crazy over it!

#4 Table Display Polaroid Album

another handy gift for any fuji instax lover!!! this album not just stores your polaroids, but you can display them on your desk as well!!! perfect for me cos i tend to throw my instax pictures all over the place 🙁 with this cute polaroid album album, i can keep my polaroids nicely now! and after discount, it’s just gonna be $6.21 omfg that is crazy cheap!

#5 M-Cups (Measuring Cup)

this is really just too adorable…. measuring cups in the shape of little Russian Dolls!!! would totally love this as a christmas present 😀 and it’s only $13.90!!! take 10% off, and that makes it $12.51!!

awwwwwwww. i’ve got a soft spot for Russian dolls! 😛

SHOOO cute!

so what are you waiting for??? Black Friday only lasts 24 hours from 12.00am to 11.59 pm, so don’t miss this great opportunity to shop your hearts out on Jipaban.com! quick go shortlist your items, and click on add to cart once it hits 12 midnight tonight!!! 😀 hurry on down NOW to start shopping!!!



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