happy birthday to the november babies!

as Farah and Cher’s birthdays both fall in November, i thought it’d be fun to plan a surprise birthday dinner for both of them, teehee. in fact, Cherri’s birthday was last last Sunday, and poor girl had to wake up special early just for TVD shoot! but cos Farah was away in KL, i decided to wait for them both to come back before celebrating together hohoho. 

and so last Sunday night, i sneakily tricked Cher by telling her that we had a night shoot, and asked her to meet us at Katong in the evening, then i told Farah that we were planning a surprise birthday dinner for Cher, and thus tricked Farah into coming down too LOL. don’t know why both of them so stupid never suspect a single thing one HAHAHA. good thing for me, cos it was almost too easy to bluff them :X

this Cher, made me panick cos she was whatsapping me and then she said she was so hungry she ate McDonalds before coming for “shoot”! -__- and guess what, she had a McSpicy burger meal complete with upsized fries lor. WIN LIAO. i was like, oh shit. but never mind.. cos i know Cher’s appetite can one. HAHAHA.

i got them to wait at Everything with Fries at Joo Chiat, and even told Farah to bring a dress for the birthday girl, lol. still cant believe they just blur like sotong went along with everything i said/instructed. and while they were waiting, i went over to Awfully Chocolate first (it’s just across the road!) to get the birthday cake together with YZ, and then walked in on them with a birthday song!

yay! Awfully Chocolate dark chocolate cake!

and when we walked in with the birthday cake, the two of them were like :O :O :O

one candle for each birthday girl!

still made them wear stupid hair pieces cos they special, birthday girls ma!

Fish came down to celebrate with us too!! heee.

YZ came down for the food. LOL. just kidding.
oh yes, you noticed that i changed into a different top. hahahahaha. i figured since we were gonna be taking pictures, i might as well ask Farah to bring me a pretty new top from office to wear! ๐Ÿ˜›

we ordered a lot a lot of food! nom nom nom. all the four different flavorings of fries, all shoe string! personally don’t like the straight cut fries cos the flavor doesn’t seem to go as well. i LOOVE the salt and vinegar flavor as well as curry!! my two favorite ๐Ÿ˜€

skinny wings, favorite side dish at EwF! perfect portion for 4-5 people.

one egg soup. i love the deep fried egg white bits together with the tasty cream soup!

chargrilled charsiew. this is da bombz!! damn guuuud. soft and tender, not too fatty and comes in yummy garlic sauce!

tandoori chicken sandwich, love this one as well, it’s always a must every time we dine at EwF!

Wild NZ King Salmon with breaded crust, it’s one of the house specialties on the menu! not too dry and the salmon meat was moist and tender.

we even had space for two desserts, woohoo!!! can’t miss the desserts at EwF

hot banana butterscotch pudding with ice cream NOM NOM NOM. first time trying it, i love the butterscotch sauceeee.

and.. Nutella Tart!! how to miss this. it’s honestly the best chocolatey dessert ever. perfect with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!!!

cake cutting time! ๐Ÿ˜€ after all that food, still must stuff in the cake somewhere in the tummy.

Cherri + me!

and my dear Farah ๐Ÿ˜€

we decided on just quartering out a slice of cake, and all five of us attacking it with a fork ๐Ÿ˜› SO FULL I TELL YOU OMG.

and we did a REALLY COOL birthday song. bet you will never get such a awesome birthday song cos we are so awesome. HAHAHA. but awesome until i NG. oopsss.


and the best and last attempt!!! HOHOHO.


shitty group picture with weird lighting ): but it’s the only group picture we took!

oh, and Cher went home in her new birthday dress too! hee. DO YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. you better!!! โ™ฅ

hope you girls were pleasantly surprised, and enjoyed your night! love you two girls! ^___^ so glad and thankful to have you two as part of TVD, always sacrificing your weekends for shoot, and being so hardworking to wake up early for the morning shoots (though we always always always end up late LOL), baking under the relentlessly hot weather and feeding mozzies. TVD FTW!


and some out-takes/behind the scenes from our shoots for the cheongsam mandarin collar dress.. it was our first night shoot, and it was hilarious, cos we were shooting on halloween night, and no one actually gave a hoot about us cos they probably thought we were just playing around for halloween or something… :O

we went to food republic beer garden right outside St James, where all the ghouls were partying ๐Ÿ˜›

ngoh hiang that we felt obliged to buy cos we were posing with the stall/food! wah the food there is expensive :X but tasted quite good!

there was an old school stall selling stuff like lollipops, these bubble balloon thingies we used to play with as kids, and other nifty toys and sweets! so nostalgic.

probably a sight you don’t want to see in the middle of the night.. long black haired girl in long white dress. hahahahaha.

look who’s scaring who! so funnyyyyyy.

we couldn’t shoot all five colors of the dress for the night shoot, cos the color wouldn’t stand out at night, so we carried on the shoot the following week, on a humid morning, at Chinatown! attracted a lot of stares from the tourists and weird old uncles -.-

bwahahaha. at least it wasn’t raining!

Farah wasn’t around, so i was the sai hang warrior of the day ;D

Cherri in the nude pink color! i love this pose, so pwetty and elegant! Nude Pink has been selling really well at Kissjane!

take a look at some of the accessories Cher brought along for the shoot, they’re real vintage earrings (clip ons some more!! last time ppl got no ear piercing one) and necklaces! she borrowed them from her mother’s closet!

random candid shot of Cher looking cute. haha!

the ่ถ…ๆž chio lace brolly we used for the shoot!!! loooove it so much. and we’re gonna give it away for the collection! think i will go and buy another one for myself. HAHA. it’s so dainty and pretty!

barang barang box! easiest to bring around for a shoot, for suitcases, you have to keep on zipping and unzipping it open/close to get stuff!

Susu, our photographer! :)))

ended off the shoot with a DOUBLE McSpicy, Chicken McGrill, and McWings. fwah. FATTENING OR NOT.

anyway, the Mandarin Collar Dress comes in five colors! Wine, Navy, Daffodil Yellow, Nude Pink & Pure White and comes in three lengths, 30″, 32″ and 34″ ๐Ÿ˜€ fits a UK6-10 comfortably! i ่ถ…็ˆฑ and it’s been selling super well on the racks. guess everyone’s started doing their CNY shopping already. haha! so don’t miss it tonight, 9PM sharp! 

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