TheVelvetDolls at KissJane CityLink!

i’ve already shared the good news on Facebook and Twitter.. and i hope it’s as good news for our customers and friends as it is for us, cos i’m so egg cited about it: TheVelvetDolls now has a retail space at KissJane, CityLink and we are officially in business starting from today!!! πŸ˜€

KissJane is not a foreign name to the regular shoppers, i’m sure, they house all the top brands of the local online apparel industry and we’re now under the same roof as some of our other friendly brands such as LittleRedHeels, LilyPirates, MomoTeapots and etc!

we went down last night to hang up our stocks for the very first time, four huge bags of stocks all up for display at our huge rack! teehee.

i am so loving how the logo looks on the sign board, it’s acrylic cut out and looks so so so nice!!! *proud of myself*

took quite awhile to hang up and arrange all the stocks nicely, there are almost one hundred different designs, including different colors and sizes stocked in at the rack! πŸ™‚

at least 80% of the items stocked in are all under our own manufactured label, spot our dolls on the clothing labels!

our signboard looking all pretty and nice framed on the front of our rack πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

huge selection of different colors and designs, quite a few of the designs are not even available online yet but you can check them out at KissJane first already!

our rack is right in the middle of the shop, so you definitely won’t miss it! πŸ˜›

yay to TheVelvetDolls at KissJane, and megamassive huaaattt ahhhhhh!!!!

so here are the two locations you can find TheVelvetDolls apparel stocked at:

KissJane @ Citylink Mall


Tel: 6884 9219

FirstDay @ Plaza Singapura



feels really really gratifying to see an entire rack filled with gorgeous apparel under your own label.. πŸ˜€ it feels like we’ve come a long way from when TheVelvetDolls was just started up, and all we had to our name was a .livejournal domain and a logo made with love.

how did TheVelvetDolls start up? Gina and i both left our jobs and had too much time on our hands, HAHAHA. i initially was only helping out with designing the website, the logo, as well as helping to model, but along the way (1 or 2 months later actually) Gina found herself a full time job, and i found myself heading the operations and working on TVD full time, and it has been one and a half years since Feb 2010, when TVD was started.

now we have our own range of manufactured apparel, much loved and loyal customers, physical signages and retail space, even our own little tiny and crowded office, teehee. the feeling is indescribable πŸ™‚ we’ve worked so hard for it, and seeing the fruits of our labour and love… it feels like you want to laugh and cry at the same time. all thanks to so many so many people who’s showered us with love. our hardworking suppliers, our gorgeous models, our tireless staff, our loyal and supportive customers, our fellow blogshop owner support group HAHAHA. wah i writing speech like machiam winning award like that! but i think.. we are so blessed, every single day.

it’s just a small thing. our second retail rack πŸ˜› but i promise it will be the first of many more big things to come, cos we’ll keep on working at it πŸ™‚

may TVD prosper long long and huat many many!!!!!


enough of reminisces and weepy talk, my outfit of the day to share! a simple little dress perfect for casual dates. has a paper bag skirt effect with contrast waist, and two huge pockets which makes it look fun and playful!

paired with suede fringe bag and simple accessories πŸ™‚ the dress comes in sizes S & M, and four colors! still deciding if we should launch it next XP

and the perfect shoes to go along with it, my new rainbow wedges from Manila, i am so so so in love with the wedges cos they’re so happy and colorful and comfy all at the same time, i hope i don’t spoil them too soon from over usage cos that would make me really really sad!! :'(

love love. it’s a super thick and stretchy fabric that requires minimal ironing, and feels really good quality! πŸ˜›

i’m still suffering from post holiday syndrome, and there’s so much to catch up on at work and on the blog! stay with me and be patient cos i will be back in full force! πŸ˜›

meanwhile, treasure and savor what’s left of the weekend, spend more time with your family and your loved ones, and stay happy! life’s worth living when you keep yourself surrounded with love and happiness.

peace out!

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