Skin79 Lovely Girl BB Cream: Look of the Day!


i’ve been using BB cream since years ago, ever since i first discovered this super long and informative thread on cozycot forums with many girls raving about how fantastic BB cream is, and since then i’ve been hooked onto BB creams! 

i love it that they’re not as heavy as liquid foundations, but provide adequate coverage without looking like i’ve got a shitload of makeup on. of course, having skincare properties (which is what BB cream is all about!) definitely help as well, and i was delighted to receive Skin79’s latest BB cream: Lovely Girl!

i don’t think i need to introduce Skin79, it’s one of the leading brands of BB cream in the world, and i remember back in those days when BB cream was not widely available in Singapore, we could only get them through online sprees only, and they were so damn expensive!!!! thankfully, BB creams have now invaded our local markets already and it’s easy to find them in stores like Watsons, Sasa etc.

so i thought i’d do a simple step-by-step pictorial post of my look of the day.. the emphasis is on natural but flawless looking skin, with the eyes being the main focus 🙂 i think it’s a look suitable for day events or dates 🙂 you know, when you don’t want to look too glamorous with smokey eyes and whatnot but you still wanna look chio and made-up!

it’s just a general walkthrough and not very detailed so if you have any more specific questions you can leave a comment or ask a question on formspring and i’ll try to help! 🙂

ps. the BB cream only comes in one shade! when i apply it on my face, it looks slighter fairer than my skin tone, but blends right in after a while 🙂 it has a nice fragrance to it too! hehe.

i’ve only just started experimenting with contouring more, lately, so i bought Canmake’s contouring powder for the face and brow as it’s cheaper! 😛 any white eyeshadow will be good to use as a highlighting powder. i just try to define my nose a little by shading the sides of the nose, and using white to highlight the tip! and of course try to give myself a smaller jaw line and cheekbones using the face contouring powder. more on that next time, when i’m better at it :S

and the end result…..

i super looooove the eyes. SO (FAKE BUT) NATURAL LOOKING. kind of.
leave your lips bare with just a layer of lip balm for that natural look.

add on geeky specs for that i’m nerdy but cute look. LOL.

makes my eyes look bigger somehow. hmmm

love it!

Lovely Girl BB Cream 50g, $21.90.
Exclusively available at selected Watsons stores.

makeup is so fun!!! can’t do without it man. no makeup = ugly ):
anyway, i didn’t elaborate so much about some of the other products i used, but cos i generally use my favorite few products, they’re pretty much what i’m using in this entry here!

oh yes, please remember to cleanse thoroughly after using BB cream! i’ve read about girls getting clogged pores and breakouts from using BB cream, so even though it has skincare properties, it’s best to cleanse your face thoroughly to make sure that no traces of BB cream and makeup remain cos it’s really bad for your skin!!!


moving on… can i just introduce you to 我爱台妹 cos i swear it’s the best crispy chicken cutlet you will ever have in singapore. it is super OMFG soft, tender and tasty!!! YZ & i are so hooked onto it which is sooo soooo soooo unhealthy and bad.

but we’re not the only ones?! the queue is always mad long! this is the outlet behind bugis street by the way!

i recommend number 2, extra crispy chicken!!! together with seaweed fries or sweet potato. ZOMG. to die for. and then add the caramel grass jelly pearl milk tea. calories overload.

looks very deceivingly normal but it is THE BEST crispy chicken cutlet, man.

we tried the yakult green tea… i think it’s nice but YZ says like cough syrup like that. bwahaha.

sweet potato with sour plum powder SHIOK MAXIMUM

we had 2 sets of crispy chicken cutlet + side order + drink. cos we only ordered one set initially, but it was so damn good we couldn’t resist ordering a second set after demolishing the first. fattening like nobody’s business.

which is probably why i was spurred on to start jogging again lately, i am so aching all over cos i’ve been exercising consecutively for four days!!! D: D: D:

sunday = jog, monday = pilates, tues = jog, wednesday = pilates.

gonna take a break and go jogging again on friday. the plan is to try to attend pilates 1-2 times a week, and jog x 3 a week. though knowing me, you know my attempts to exercise regularly and eat healthily never last longer than 7 days. HAHAHA ): i need to lose a couple kilos to get to my regular, healthy weight!

geez. come on everybody let’s stay healthy and lose weight and keep fit together!!!!!!!


random photo booth pictures from a random stripy day. wah, my boyfriend 几帅一下! he super onz now about working out and toning his bod. me, i don’t really care how many packs he has. LOL. he happy 就好. and most importantly, HE CANNOT BE SKINNIER THAN ME. if not i am so gonna break up with him.

just kidding.

we had a super silly fight last week :S all’s good now though.

gonna be attending an event tonight with JY!!! damn long never see her liao. egg cited very much!!! 😀 😀 😀 and the theme is.. purple. my favorite color. now i need to go and dig out something purple to wear!


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