Salon Vim: i has curls!

i love visits to Salon Vim cos every time i go, it’s a fresh new look for my tresses, and after almost 10 months of my regular trips to Salon Vim, Steph and I decided that it’s time for me to perm my hair at long last!!!! i’ve been growing it out for ages since i started going to Salon Vim and it’s finallyyyy long enough! y’know how tricky curls can get, too much and you look damn auntie, too little and it’s like limp maggi mee!! i’ve previously permed my hair a couple of times before, but uh, the end results are always not what i imagined it to be like 🙁

i super trust Salon Vim & Steph, cos i know my hair are in good hands with Salon Vim! so i took the plunge and gave Steph the green light to do whatever she wanted with my hair. LOL. well, anyway, we did what’s called a texturizing curl to get me those pretty curls, and the end result are fresh looking curls that don’t look too crimped and stiff, they almost look like i tonged my hair cos they are really soft and natural!

it was a long session at the salon, we started off by trimming my hair, before setting it in the curlers and then hooking them up to the machine, followed by chemicals to make the curls stay and a 2-step treatment for curled hair! phew.. sat from 5PM all the way to 9PM! the end results were definitely worth it, i love the gorgeous curls especially now that they’ve loosened up after a couple of weeks and look really awesome!

you might have noticed that i actually got straight bangs cut again, lol. but in the end i decided to stay with the side swept bangs cos i couldn’t take how girly and dolly the bangs looked with curls! what say you? :S

curls do take some getting used to, cos it looks perpetually dressy! it looks great tied into a side swept ponytail if you’re going for a more casual look though 🙂

picture from Bea’s blog! lol Steph is giving some funny face in the background. tsk!

ran into Bea at the hair salon too so we had each other’s company for awhile! darn, she was all ready to leave already before i barely got started D: 

Gary, who’s telling us about the Autumn/Winter Color Collection and explaining what it’s all about!

introducing Salon Vim’s new Autumn/Winter Color Collection!

Beauté Originelle (Original Beauty) attributes to everything pure & wild that nature has instilled in us, and expresses a vital & instinctive force that reveals our true nature. As such, the representations of Time Master, Guardian of Light and Legendary Amazon (as seen below!) resemble iconic figures that are the modern embodiment of the wild and purified spirit. 

i love how the new collection’s tones and color/highlight styles are tribal and earth-inspired, they look really gorgeous! Salon Vim has always been well known for their distinctive and ground-breaking methods when it comes to creating new looks with color, and i think that this collection is no different! so excited to get it done on my hair real soon!! 😀 😀 😀

nah, give you another huge ass photo of my gorgeous curls with my new Look-of-the-Day! just twisted two strands by the sides of my head into quasi braids to match the jappy inspired make-up i did.

so if you’re planning to pay a visit to Salon Vim, remember to quote my name to get 10% off hair services! my hair stylist is called Stephanie too, if you’d like to engage her to do your hair for you! 😀


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 PS. if you like my make-up in the above pictures, i’m gonna be sharing a step-by-step next entry about how i did the make-up for this look! and at the same time reviewing the Skin79 Lovely Girl BB Cream and a couple of other new make-up products i’ve been trying out lately, which i used for this look as well! teehee. love the natural and radiant coverage it gives. stay tuned! 

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