i love Red Mango!

good morning! it’s monday morning again D: just a short post before i head off for Pilates, woohoo.

the Slim Cut Chinos that we’ve previewed on Facebook and got lots and lots of inquiries for! i am so not into pants, cos they generally make me look fat & stubby due to my wide hips and big thighs T_T wish i had small hips and thighs so that i could carry off long pants better!! so i totally love the chinos cos they’re really flattering on the thunder thighs and hips! :X


they’re full length, but i like to wear them cuffed up, cos it makes my lower body look more proportionate because i’m like a potato on sticks, wide hips, big thighs, and skinny ankles/calves 🙁

this is Teal Green, and i’m wearing a size M! comes in XS, S, M & L. it’s made of a structured cotton polyester blend with a slight sheen to it, very classy and expensive looking fabric! comes in four colors so you can check out the preview pictures on Facebook already!

anyway, i’ve been keeping to my exercise routine pretty well for the past week, and i’m proud of maself!!!! hohohoho. though i don’t see any difference on the weighing scale -__- but psychologically, i feel slightly thinner and healthier! 😛 been alternating jogging and pilates, so i went to jog on Sunday, had pilates on Mon, jogged on Tues, pilates on Wed, took a break on Fri, and jogged again on Sunday!!! 

how hardworking am I. hopefully i can actually keep up the regular exercise, at least 4-5 times a week for the next few months!!! jogging is so torturous. 

on the diet side, i’ve been trying to eat less, and cut down on carbs in general!!! so happy cos later after pilates, we’re gonna go for my new favorite froyo: Red Mango!!!

Yami Yogurt is like obsolete now. you need to try Red Mango 😛 i’m a convert! i still love Yami, but now i’m also a fan of Red Mango!!


lunch crowd.. all the health conscious ladies lol.


lots of fruit toppings and granola/nuts to choose from!!! 

and check out the nutrition facts. pretty low in calories for per serving, which doesn’t quite work for me..


cos i always order a Large. LOL. that’s almost the same calories as bowl of rice!!! but healthier and definitely more shiok, or so i like to tell myself :S i always have mango topping, and either almonds or nata de coco!!! 

SHIOK. even the large is not enough for me, i can finish it in like 15 minutes flat! the staff at Red Mango can recognize me already :S wahaha. i’m a froyo freak!!! usually take the flavor of the day + original twist ;D Wednesdays are my favorite cos it’s Mango flavor!


for the Carlo Rino event yesterday, i thought i’d go for a different look.. and i did a centre parting.


LOL. looks pretty retarded right? after contemplating, i changed my parting back to side la, but it looked pretty spastic already too, cos my hair was already very flat and limp from trying to centre part it. ZZZ.


uber in love with both top & skirt, coming to you on TVD real soonish! HEARTS PRINTS!!!! you don’t know how far and wide i’ve sourced for this hearts prints, and finally found it. bleh.

paired with black stockings and brown oxford heels! ;D going for the slightly preppy look. wooo.

super adorable basic top with tux collar details and skinny straps. ♥♥♥

gonna be off for pilates now!!! i feel so damn healthy 😀 😀 😀

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