we are velvet dolls

just finished another shoot and i’m back at office now to rush for tonight’s launch! heh.

anyway.. follow me on twitter/instagram to get firsthand updates and sneak peeks cos i always post up pics on instagram/twitter! πŸ˜€ we shot another two upcoming manufactured pieces today which we all loooove! drape mesh back cardi, perfect for school/office πŸ˜› and super nice drape toga romper. anyway, will blog about abt that another day, cos gonna talk abt tonight’s launch now!

i really love the items for tonight’s launch, though they look so basic, both have really unique details which makes each piece stand out! πŸ™‚ previously i already showed pictures of myself in the selfridge dollhouse blouse in coral and sea green, i love fuchsia as well!

sea green paired with skittles skirt πŸ˜€ love the combination!

in peach pink, with candy empire shorts!

extremely versatile top! i prefer it worn tucked into shorts/jeans/skirts πŸ˜€
the fabric is really awesome! it’s a chiffon polyester blend with little shimmers in the fabric that’s damn pretty! comes with inner lining too, so it’s super comfy πŸ™‚

as for the other self-manufactureditem, it’s a very gorgeous maxi skirt! i hardly wear long skirts, but the cut of the obi sash maxi skirt is sooo flattering, i kept two colors for myself! cerise pink and tangerine! πŸ˜€

i wore it in cerise pink for my birthday dinner last month but didnt get a chance to post up the pictures!

comes in sizes S & M, and size M fits me well. the length is great for me, and i think even the more petite ladies (155cm and above) won’t have any trouble with the length of the skirt and pulling off the look! πŸ˜€ luuuurve the skirt. the linen material isn’t the scratchy cheapo sort, it’s really expensive! πŸ™ comes with inner lining as well, and each skirt comes with its own matching contrast sash :))) hehe.

more preview pictures on Facebook here!

and here’s some instagrammed pictures from today’s shoot!
hehehe. we went to IKEA for today’s shoot and had alot of crazy fun lol. luckily no one came to stop us :S

polaroids during lunch!

vvvv hungry after shoot and 4 of us had 30 meatballs, 1 salmon, 1 smoked salmon plate, 6 chicken wings and 4 daim cakes!!!

how to diet like this you tell me πŸ™

upcoming cardigan that’s super super nice!

we did lots of stupid looking things…… -.- or i made Cher do them!!! HAHAHAHA.

Woon helped to shoot!

so happy we had a huge trolley to put all the barang barang!!! wooooo. it was mad convenient. wahaha.

the showrooms in ikea really quite pretty!! haha. we were happily choosing locations to shoot πŸ˜€

check out my nice toned legs from pilates. LOL.

even shoot with the toilet sign. LOL.

more to update soon! πŸ™‚ once i get over this super mad rush hour week, i will sit down and blog properly πŸ™
ciao miao!!!!

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