marshmallow goodness

i don’t think i need to introduce this product: it’s been reviewed to death by so many bloggers already! aaaand i got to try it too! yay me!

HELLO Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash.

(randomly, i used to think marshmallow was spelt marshmellow but now i know i was wrong)

did you know that foam is of utmost importance when it comes to cleansing?

it’s the secret behind effective and gentle cleansing! a consistent smooth fluffy foam helps to clean better with finer bubbles, and also cushions the cleansing stree from hand to face! the ideal foam is consistent, dense, smooth and bouncy, with very small bubbles!

RANDOM FACT: every bottle contains 150 pumps of fluffy marshmallowy goodness!

that means a bottle will last you for 2 months if you use it religious day and night. super wu hua for the price!

the foam is ultra dense and super fine, and it’s COLLAGEN ENRICHED!!!

what ever’s good for the skin, i like.

it’s so easy to use the product, just release 1 pump of foam onto your hand, then gently massage thoroughly on your face for a minute and rinse off! no need to lather up at all.

everyone’s been buzzing about excitement with H&M’s newly opened store, and here’s your chance to win you some H&M vouchers ($300 worth!!!)

simply by playing Biore’s Spot & Win Game on Facebook!

click here:

it’s mad fun by the way!!! hahahahaha.


Biore Marshmellow Whip Facial Wash is available at major supermarket and medical stores, retailing at $13.90! (refill pack available at $10.90 too)!


in other news,


super impulse buy but not really cos i’ve always loved my e-p1!

uh huh uh huh uh huh. comes with touch-focus, faster AF speed, and built-in flash this time.

next to my E-P1. i’m gonna be selling it off i guess, it’s in super good condition some more!

random #camwhore

dinner dates with my girls

i love chunky necklacessss!

Nic & i. brought her to Spa Rael with voucher!

my vainpot boyfriend and i.

can’t wait to play with my new camera, i’m so egg cited! *jumps around* next, i need a ring light. EVONNE. gimme yours. HAHA.

gonna be a hardworking blogger! with my new baby woohoo. i’m sucha geek.

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