a friend in need is a friend indeed

you know people always say like owner like pet.


but they are sooooo sooooo cuteeeee. love them to bits and pieces.

just entice them with a bit of food…. hahahahaha. SO CUTE.

QQ only knows two tricks: to “sit” and to “turn” and she knows “gai-gai”, when she hears that and sees us holding out a bag she will scramble into it in excitement! bwhahaha. super mad cute.

Baby is just very fat. don’t know how she got so fat, probably from all her sleeping and lying around! she didn’t use to be so sedate and lazy.

pictures are taken with my olypmpus E-P1! 🙂 still my favorite camera for on-the-go and candids though the DSLR performs better in terms of clarity and low light. but it’s bulkier and harder to carry around! can’t just whip it out in the middle of let’s say a shopping mall if you want to take random shots.


ok anyway,

want to share about Salon Vim’s new campaign!

you know there are lots of marketing campaigns out there.. mostly targeted to increase popularity and customer base, but this time round, Salon Vim’s new project is really a heart-felt one! and i really like it that they’re doing something for the community with this simple campaign 🙂

i’m sure all of us have friends in need, and at times i feel helpless too, that i can’t be a better friend, or offer more help in time of need. honestly, that feeling really sucks. this may seem insignificant to those facing huge issues in life that we can’t help with, but hey, a good hair day has never made anyone feel worse, right? 🙂

with Salon Vim’s project, we can now help in a small way, to a friend of ours who needs that confidence booster in her looks, and her life 🙂 this is really a sincere call-out for you girls to take part in this campaign and hopefully change a dear friend’s life for the better 🙂

” The world goes around in a cycle and one thing leads to another.”

what comes around, goes around.

karma is an easy concept to understand, but it’s the putting words into action bit that’s a lil more difficult!

Salon Vim would like to offer a complimentary hair service for yourself and a dear friend of yours, as a way of giving back to the community in the best way that they know how to! 🙂

The world goes around in a cycle and one thing leads to another.

A kind act will continue to go around the world changing lives.

Do you have a friend whom you wish to help?

Let us know.

Here’s how you can help with 3 simple steps!

1. 1. Post a photo of you and your dearest friend.

2. 2. Tell us why you would like to help your friend.(eg, have she always wished to visit a hair salon but do not have the money to do so?Does she have very low confidence?)

3. 3. Tell us how we can change her life because it is the driving point behind this project.

No votes are required, and Salon Vim will choose the winning entry whose plight/story touches them the most.So start typing away, tell us and help us touch lives with a heart for everyone!

This project will start on 16th of September and end on 30th of September

Check back at their FACEBOOK for more details!


launching this chiffon keyhole top tonight in the new pastel palette.


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