Feature: Cocoquettes!

i haven’t been doing advertorials for some time now, but i have a blogshop to introduce today!

you might have heard of it already.. Cocoquettes is owned by Priscilla & Shisi, and the two of them are really nice girls!

Cocoquettes has been around for some time now, it used to sell handmade accessories/jewelry, but they’ve since branched out into apparel, and you’d be happy to know that most of their apparel are self-manufactured, which means you can be assured of quality workmanship as well as unique designs! πŸ™‚


i’ll let the pictures do the talking, and introduce a few of their latest self-manufactured designs! very delightfully girlish and feminine apparel, with a good mix of casual & work wear so every girl will definitely find something they like!

the Lace Panel Garden Dress: a sweet pastel frock that would look fab for dates & even for work with a blazer over! πŸ™‚ i particularly like the Lilac & Red colors, very unique and not too saccharine sweet for my taste πŸ˜›

the Lace Waterfall Top: perfect for pairing with pencil skirts for work and so easy to wear cos flutter sleeves are the best for hiding flabby arms πŸ˜› love the contrast lace trims, very classy!

Buttoned-Down Flare Skirt! love the floaty looking chiffon layers! super flattering cutting and flare skirts are all the rage now! i love the color blocking they did with the blue color, so nice!

Anchor Double-Flap Blouse: another good basic for tucking into HWS! awesome detail with the anchor emblazoned buttons!

last but not least.. Crystal Pleated Work Dress! simple work dress with crystal button detail and very well-done pleats on the flare skirt! πŸ™‚

all the above pieces are all self-manufactured, and you can find them on Cocoquettes already! check out their What’s Available page which has an automated cart system so you don’t need to wait for an invoice! πŸ˜€

join their mailing list here to be privy to special discount codes included in their mailers from time to time. πŸ™‚

i nearly forgot! quote YINA when placing your order, to get free shipping/postage from now til 26 September! πŸ™‚

Main website: http://www.cocoquettes.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/cocoquettes (bite-sized updates!)

Facebook: http://facebook.com/iloveccq (‘like’ the page for sneak peeks)

Blog: http://cocoquettes.tumblr.com/ (for behind-the-scenes shots and more)

Contact email: orders@cocoquettes.com


had a chill weekend resting at home & then attending a birthday chalet on Sunday night. opened my inbox on Sunday and there were over a hundred emails staring at me, super stress πŸ™ so i sat down for a few hours and cleared it down to 20 emails, but today i opened the inbox and it was 70 emails sigh πŸ™ whyyyy no rest for the weary! ok not whining. i lurve TVD and lurve working on TVD.

spent a lot of time camwhoring during chalet hahaha nothing else to do :X
tried to act cute, but it’s obviously not my forte! :S whattheheck right. i need more practice. LOL.

super cool hello kitty cake customized by Han’s cafe! it was mega huuuuge with black forest inside. yummy!

and i had horlicks mcflurry consecutively for three days cos of the 1-for-1 promo. sinful max! promo ended already so i won’t touch it again! :X love the taste of horlicks though! now i feel like buying a tin of horlicks, just grab a spoon and eat it straight out of the tin. awesomezzz!!! #dietveryfail


lastly, a little shout-out for SK!

if you don’t already know, Odorikoya is now defunct, and MerryMolly has now taken over its spot! they just launched their first collection last night,



so if you’re one of those wondering where Odorikoya disappeared to, it’s now called MerryMolly! go and join their mailing list and Facebook page nao! πŸ™‚


okay. very sleepy after pilates. i think i may be PMS-ing cos i keep on thinking about fooooood!

πŸ™ diet definitely not going well. what with three nights of horlicks mcflurry. boohoo.

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