dinner date at Timbre!

don’t remember when’s the last time i put YZ’s face up here but i’m sure it’s been ages, cos of a few reasons: we’ve been too lazy to even take pictures, and we haven’t been going on any proper dates for the longest time! usually just hang out for comfort food at hawker centers and etc. plus, YZ’s been working hard to pick up his business again (he’s a property agent!) after a short break when he took part in the Giant TV show.

oh, and he’s so damn vain now after his whole weight loss thing. TSK. he actually kept on looking at the pictures after we took them, with the sole purpose of self-admiration -.-

we pigged out at Timbre@substation, two of us finished one huge pizza and 2 sides entirely by ourselves! D: mad stuffed afterwards. the pizza is really shiok, though the roast duck one can get a lil bit jelat cos of the sweet sauce! complemented the italian half nicely since that one was savoury.

took the chance to test out my new baby as well since the lighting at Timbre was pretty dark! all pictures taken with the E-P3, and the flash is surprisingly flattering! doesn’t wash out the skin tone which is awesomeeeee. woohoo!

our bill amounted to a very affordable $46.70 for having fed two pigs. definitely worth it, and even better if you have a small group of maybe 4-6 people, you can order more variety and it’d still be cheap!

the new cross stitch shoulders blouse that i’m in love with. wore it over a tank dress to dress it up a bit!

and here’s a close-up of the cross stitch details. so intricate and neat! I’m a sucker for embroidery yes i am :X


received Lancome’s Virtuose Drama mascara together with the revolutionary Visonnaire Advanced Skin Corrector, so i decided to try the mascara since i’ve heard so many rave reviews about Lancome’s mascara! (all the above pictures are with the Virtuose Drama mascara on!)

Lancome Virtuose: 100° lash curve with divine length all day!

sleek looking little tube, it was fairly easy to apply on and didn’t clump much!

it was indeed very lasting, and didn’t smudge as well! wore it out the entire day with no problem.

Lancome Virtuose Drama retails at Lancome counters for SGD$50 if i’m not mistaken! 🙂

i’ve also started using the Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector, which is supposed to be amazing! shall wait a week more before i review it. i’m pretty sure i can see improvement in my skin already! so excited for more results to show!


the case i ordered from Gariz on gmarket finally arrived yesterday!! friggin’ expensive but omg it is super chio, love it! though it only protects the bottom and sides of the camera. the top is still exposed! ah well. handle with care.

& a hot pink USB cable for my iPhone bwahaha. #bimbo much! you can apparently get this off gmarket too!

went for iS clinical’s launch event yesterday with Evonne and made a couple of new friends, Gen & Cher! 😀 two pretty girls!! and Evonne bought me goodies from Japan too, hohoho. show them off soon!


anyway, YZ just did something totally lame. he asked me, “where’s your phone?” then fiddled with it, and disappeared outside the room. awhile later, my phone rang, and this is what showed up on my screen:

i was like, WTF? then i picked it up, and a male voice said in a low voice: “我是神。。。。”


so i just WTF-ed and hung up the call and checked my call history to realize that it’s my stupid boyfriend. after which he appears back in the room and is hysteric cos he cannot stop laughing at how funny he is.



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