a day at ikea

i had this brilliant idea of having a photoshoot at IKEA, cos i remembered seeing a couple of pictures from Karen & Joseph’s pre wedding shoot that were taken there, and it looked so fun! haha. so yes. the TVD & friends team trooped down to IKEA one fine thursday morning to have a shoot there!

anyway, it’s quite amazing, i reached IKEA at 10am, and there were people streaming in already??!! why do these people go to IKEA so early!! shen jing bing. weekday some more! glad we didn’t have to do it on a weekend, we were attracting enough stares already! :S

the two suaku birds Cher & Woon have never been to IKEA Tampines before!!! tsk. so it was their virgin trip there! haha.

awesome part about IKEA is that there were so many different styles and showrooms with props and soft toys and etc, i think we were behaving like grown-up kids playing masak masak lor hahaha! and we had a huge ass trolley to just dump everything (shoes, clothes, bags, accessories etc) and wheel around with ease! shiokness.

love the blue + red colors together, the colors really pop! we had Woon to help, so i thought i’d join in the photoshoot together with Cher to make some of the pictures look more interesting! usually, we’re sitted down if not i have to make Cher wear flats cos she’s bloody 8cm taller than me!!!! sucks to be me.

i’m in the Rivera Mesh Back Cardigan in Ultramarine Blue while Cher is in Cherry Red! the books were all in swedish btw. we didn’t know how to read a single word. LOL.

& i think this Cher shen jing bing one? she was like, “okay i pretend i pour water for you okay?” HAHAHA so silly! we were trying to act domesticated ๐Ÿ˜›

…then we spotted a sewing machine so Cher thought she’d try her hand at tailoring some TVD clothes hahahaha.

Woon took this legs long long shot of me! whee. if only my legs lagi so long IRL.

wedges definitely help. these pair are from junction 8, bishan! some random shoe shop next to swensens. bought them cos they were on sale!

dunno what’s with Cher and her posing with soft toys obsession lol. we went to the kids section and adopted a bunch of soft toys to play with! โ™ฅ

my pick is the cute strawberry plushie. apparently i was holding it upside down all the while… bwahaha. those black thingies were its legs!

soft toys fight!

another two colors for the cardi, Rust Orange & Irish Green! ๐Ÿ™‚ kept these two colors for myself!

we look so childish! bleh. Cher’s expression is priceless haha.

what’s with this pouring water thingy…. i just don’t get it! us trying to be domesticated again. haha yes everyone was giving us weird looks.

lol…. sitting on the display toilet bowl!! this IKEA showroom really very convenient, it had a display shower area with shower curtain in a corner, so we just made use of the curtained area to change. LOL.

say hello to Farah! and our huge trolley that was oh-so-convenient! lovely. if only every shoot was like this!

this height difference is really ridiculous when Cher’s in heels and i’m in flats! i is midget. boohoo.

taking turns to push the trolley around.. hehe. fun fun!

we took a break for lunch at 2pm and we were all famished omg! you don’t see Cher & Woon so skinny, these two skinny girls can eat an entire cow i think… we ordered 30 meatballs, 6 chicken wings, 1 baked salmon, 1 smoked salmon plate & 4 daim cakes!!!!!!!!!!!

i love meatballs. SO YUMMEHHHH.

Woon and Farah!

all ready to dig in!

check out the demolished plates of food. *shakes head* we were SO SO SO SO full. at least i was…. i think Woon wanted to order another 15 meatballs. i had to physically restrain her from doing so. hahahaha. just kiddin’.

thank you to the two hard working girls behind the scenes! never possible without y’all.


leaving you with a parting shot!

glad that i’m surrounded with awesomeezzz girls who are always so game for anything and willing to scale mountains (or actually cardboard boxes on crates) for me! love love. eternally grateful and oh-so-blessed ๐Ÿ™‚ don’t you think my model is getting prettier and prettier! bwahahaha.

wore the cardi out a few times already, it’s mad comfy!

my favorite color: rust orange! ๐Ÿ˜€ it’s damn unique and really very nice!

paired it with a mustard belt! the cardi comes with a chiffon sash btw ๐Ÿ™‚


another OTD!

Pleated Bandeau dress in Black from Gipsyscarlet! ๐Ÿ™‚

very figure hugging dress that’s super flattering! only recommended for UK6-8 though, hehe. i had a hard time squeezing into it!!

it’s under their exclusively manufactured label and comes in Pink, Grey & Khaki too!

quote GSYINA to get 5% off! ๐Ÿ™‚

by the way,

i’ve changed my email address for inquiries/advertorials to ask.yina(AT)gmail.com cos the other email account is way too cluttered! ๐Ÿ™ so please don’t direct your emails to yinagoh(AT)gmail.com anymore! ๐Ÿ˜€


Biotherm is having an event at Raffles City Garden Court for Skin.Ergetic from 7th โ€“ 13th September, (three more days left!!!) and it sounds really awesome because of all the ongoing deals are extremely attractive!!!

e.g. Bring home a Source Therapie Sheet Mask and a Skin Vivo Sheet* Mask (worth $38) when you purchase a Skin.Ergetic serum ($99). Also, enjoy a complimentary 3-session True Yoga pass and an exclusive waiver fee for True Yoga membership worth more than $600*.

read more about my experience with Skin.Ergetic here!

hoping to share more stuff on this space soon next week! quite a few events to blog about and all. heh. oooh. and on a side note, i just went to see a new derm last week… hoping that my dull tired skin with clogged pores and breakouts will soon become flawless and glowing!!! *fingers crossed* results in 1 months time i hope! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ and, i only attended 1 pilates session this week and i feel fat. ate too much! next week must go for 2 sessions!!! my jiggly tummy, arms & thighs are staring at me, i’m guilt-ridden.

last but not least… ็”Ÿๆ—ฅๅฟซไนahbond!!!

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