at pizzeria mozza

work has been taking a lot out of me lately, and i haven’t been seeing friends for so long, i feel like a hermit 🙁 the only people i’ve been seeing are my fellow blogshop laobanniangs, minions, suppliers & my boyfriend! sounds quite depressing right 🙁 you’d never think that so much time and work goes into running a small online business. shan’t elaborate, some day when i have a lot of free time, i’ll sit down and maybe write a long long blog post on TVD.. how it started and how i ended up doing what i’m doing now! haha. freaking long grandmother story.

neways.. finally got to meet my three girls for dinner, it’s been eons since our last dinner! like some time in May lor… pre-Poland. lol. which also reminds me that i’m only halfway through my Poland travelogues. i am so so so so slow. i’ve been seeing Fish a lot now that she’s working for LRH, but Woon & Aini are also busy with work, finally managed to find a night that everyone could take time off to have our dinner date!

this time round, we went to MBS.. so atas right! bwahaha.

to an Italian joint called Pizzeria Mozza! 🙂

just for your info, the whole menu is in Italian okay. so it’s probably better to consult a waiter to decipher it for you. haha.

they served these cheese crackers thingy, i like!

all their pizzas are made-to-order, and the waiting time is like 45 minutes! super worth the wait though!!

Woon & Aini

Fish & me!

i still had to launch on the day of the dinner, omg, had to do up the entry with LJ’s new freaking annoying entry editor in like half an hour! *panic mode* fortunately managed to launch on time, the girls had to wait for me while i wrapped up the launch before we could concentrate on dinner! love my macbook air cos it’s so awesome, i carry it around all the time and don’t feel the weight at all!

on to the food! we waited quite a while before they started serving the food, and the restaurant was extremely crowded! shows how popular it is.

calamari. why i mentioned you should consult the waiter before ordering, cos smart alecks us just saw the word “calamari” and interpreted it as deep fried squid rings, lol but we were presented with this whole squid on sticks! it was very yummy though! well marinated and tender, not too chewy or rubbery!

and i just have to rave about the pizzas. they are sooo sooo good!!! the crust isn’t doughy and thick, it’s a little chewy, thin and so damn good i had to resist from finishing it all up! :X diet plan, you see. can’t take too much carbs 😛

magherita pizza, just tomato and cheese goodness. the tomato was very tangy and it tasted awesome! the fresh herbs complemented the pizza well and super not jelat unlike some other pizzas i’ve had. VERY GOOD.

and my LOVE. al funghi pizza omg omg omg look at it it’s covered in mushrooms!!! super not stingy with the mushrooms, and they were so juicy and tasty! dammit. salivating already. imma super big fan of mushrooms in my food! definitely must try. every bite is mushroom heaven.

we also tried the bone marrow anti pasti, this one was interesting! first time trying bone marrow, lol suaku much. it just tasted very oily to me.. must have came from a very well fed cow! Fish couldn’t really stomach it though. hahaha. she said she couldn’t stop imagining the poor cow while looking at the bone…

camwhoring through out, but the lighting’s quite dim in the restaurant so it’s not really a good place to camwhore!

Fish trying very hard to dissect her pizza crust.

me devouring pizza. YUM YUM YUM.

i ran into an old friend, J at the restaurant too! 🙂 from church. we were wearing the same shade of blue! coincidence coincidence.

our meal for four came up to about 80 dollars or less? i can’t remember, but the pizzas cost like $20 over ish per pizza, so it was pretty affordable! 🙂 i googled online and read a few reviews, it’s supposed to be one of the best pizza places in singapore, and apparently you’d need to make reservations for the weekends! highly recommended for pizza/italian food lovers.

Osteria & Pizzeria Mozza
2 Bayfront Ave #B1-42/46
The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Tel: +65 6688 8522


the above photos are all taken with leme cam, i think! cos a reader was asking about it in the previous entry! 🙂

so we decided not to take dessert at the restaurant, and ended up wandering aimlessly around for a bit.. we walked to the river side and the view was really pretty!

Fish & I posing with the LV window display. i looove LV’s window display! so whimsical and pretty. Fish is wearing LRH’s upcoming skirt & i’m wearing TVD’s cape toga romper! both pieces are mad love! 😀

awesome cityscape

two insane girls. hey Woon is in full TVD too! weekender skinny trousers & checkered shirt from TVD hehehehe.

a nice bokeh shot of Aini taking a picture of the view. whee. still taken with my E-P1 btw cos this was before i bought the E-P3! 😛

in the end, we cabbed down to the only place that was probably still open with desserts: 2AM dessert bar at Holland Village!

they have really awesome cushy seats, and i haven’t been there for ever cos Holland Village is so out of the way. but once the Circle Line is fully open, it’d be a lot more accessible to me! woohoo.

definitely maxed out my calories that night. we ordered four different desserts to share zomg! all very good. especially the chocolate tart with strawberry ice cream!!! great place to pig out over desserts and chillax. went home at 1am, full (guilty) stomachs and happy hearts.


absolutely adore girl dates. sighhh. thank you girls 🙂 love you all long time!

i love my BF and our boy/girl dates too also okay. just to clarify, if not later YZ’ll get jealous 😛


everyone knows that girl dates without the men are always much fun-ner, what’s better if you get to unleash your inner shopaholic coupled with champagne, canapés and giggles right! 😛

if you don’t already know, Les Affaires is a French-inspired sleepwear label for women, and it has just launched its Fall/Holiday 2011 collection which includes gorgeous new designs made with lush, organic fabrics that are perfect for the tropics.

Les Affaires has kindly invited myself and three of my readers, to a Les Affaires’ Girls’ Night In, at its boutique store at Wisma Atria, so be prepared for a fun girly night with champagne & canapés all ready for you! we’ll get to look at the wonderful new Fall’11 collection, try on every single piece if you wish, or just relax and sip champagne! 🙂

if you’d like to join me this Friday evening, 23 September at

Les Affaires Boutique

@ Wisma Atria #03-09

from 7-9PM,

simply send in an email to,

with the subject header: Les Affaires’ Girls’ Night In,

and provide me with the following information:


Mobile number:

Tell me why you wanna come!

by Thursday 22nd September, 12 noon and i’d be picking three readers to join me on Friday night! 🙂 what’s more, each reader will get to pick out and take home a piece (worth $60 or less) from the new collection, courtesy of Les Affaires! sounds fantastic alreadyyyy i can’t wait!!! 😀 come come come and join me!!

find out more about Les Affaires via their Facebook page here!


it’s already past 3AM! gonna go head off to bed now! have a slew of appointments this week, very eggcited! 😀 gonna do my hair, and going for a slimming treatment. LOL. this slimming thing is never gonna work if i don’t control my appetite. TSK!

good nightttt!!!

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