red lipstick (only for concert. i cant carry off red lipstick at all!)

rehearsal. esplanade concert hall!

stage lights!

centre parting. hahaha! why is my forehead so big!!!!!!!!

the eye makeup i did for concert! i quite likey.

i’ve been MIA-ing the last week, cos of the yoKOso! concert by the SYC Ensemble Singers together with Ko Matsushita, an amazing composer/conductor from Japan, and we had rehearsals every day for the whole of last week! i sing until i want to die, man. but it was a superb concert!!!! love love love the post concert high, heh. not to mention the food during post concert party :X glad that it’s over, cos now i get 3 weeks break from rehearsals!!! (YAY)

i so need a break!

now that LJ is up and working again, (Hallelujah!!!!!) we’re back in business tonight on thevelvetdolls.livejournal.com!!!
there are LOTSSS of items for tonight’s launch and they are all fantabulastic!!!

i’ve already previewed quite alot of items from the launch, hehe so i shan’t go on and on already. go to our Facebook page to check out all the items available tonight! Lampshade Skirts (extras from BO) will also be up for grabs as well. direct all inquiries to Formspring alright! 🙂

oh yes! we’re still giving away free masks from ma3querade in this collection for the 1st 25 customers to make payment! all you need to do is to “Like” & “Share” our Facebook photo album!

i’ve tried the masks and they’re really good!!

love love. off to prepare for launch nao!

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